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Discussion Wasted is in my heart!

Discussion in 'Wasted' started by zilone94, Apr 2, 2017.

Discussion - Wasted is in my heart!
  1. zilone94 Regular Member

    Hi guys! I can't believe I found password from my account on this forum. I have a long story for you to tell. Sorry, if I have any mistakes, I am Russian.

    In 2013, my friend told me about Shotbow. He really liked playing GhostCraft, and so I am. But someday I wanted to try another mini-game, because on Shotbow there were many of them! Actually there were 3000 players online! Server was really popular. And here starts my story of playing Wasted...

    I was playing with my friend only, because it was so fun. It was a new experience for us, we felt like we played a new game.

    At first, we made attention on cars and bunkers (ender chests which build a cover for you). We really liked the idea, and guess what? We decided to make a base of bunkers! We drove to a city, took as many bunkers as we could, and started building a base! Our goal was to make a base without enter to easily control some buildings of the city and to kill other players. At a moment, a player from our team has somehow entered the base, and then more our allies wanted to get into it. We didn't like to play in team (I mean Team Cobra, and so on), so we made the base enterable only if someone destroy any bunker from inside. So when I needed to check whole city for loot, my friend was staying in base. Actually, there always was a good view from it, we really liked our bases. The most interesting idea was to build a base on nuclear power plant near Gunnison. There was one hole in walls of the power plant, we repaired it with bunkers and captured THE WHOLE NUCLEAR STATION. We totally owned it.

    I began playing without my friend, because he was busy. I knew there was such item as jetpack and you needed like $1500 to get it. It was really rare item for me. I was trying to kill as many people as possible and then buy a jetpack on collected money from kills. It's really powerfull thing. After a few weeks of playing, It became a common item for me. I used to have 2 jetpacks because you can recharge one of them while flying with another. The most powerful gun for me was Scar-H. Big cities like Mona were dangerous, but not for me, because I could fly from one skyscraper to another. I used to kill people really easy, jetpacks were quite strong in my opinion.

    One day, me and my friend noticed a message about Drop Zone. We wanted to try something new than bunker bases. We flew with our jetpacks to the drop zone and there were like 3-4 people hiding in forest to get drop and not get caught. After some hours of gameplay, we successfully found some drop. There were some good guns, jetpacks and something else. We also tried to get a Mech. I actually can't remember how to get it, but I remember it could jump very high and it was shooting like rocket launcher.

    Ah, old times. I really hope developers will revive Wasted this summer.

  2. Broooce Regular Member

    Good old memories of the Wasted days.

    Hopefully Wasted shall be revived!
    NotSwipe and Nyan_Cats_Rule like this.
  3. Nyan_Cats_Rule Regular Member

    I completely agree with you man, I remember waking up before school when no one would be on and trying to get a drop zone before having to go to school. It was heart-racing, even though that was years ago I still play CS:GO, H1Z1, and PlayerUnknownBattlegrounds with this game in heart

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