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Wasted in the Coming Year Part III

Discussion in 'Wasted' started by Robertthegoat, May 30, 2017.

Wasted in the Coming Year Part III
  1. Robertthegoat Developer

    Howdy folks!

    I feel its high time for another small community update!

    I'm pleased to announce that, at long last, work commences once more on bringing a Wasted gamemode back to Shotbow. 1.9 put a hold on much of the development work over the past year, and I myself found it necessary to take a temporary leave due to real-life issues. For the time being, I will be acting as the community liaison once more. I am also very pleased to announce I'm joining forces with Doc to develop the Wasted gamemode family!

    I return to some previously stated information, which I'm afraid I must amend to be completely honest and upfront. The goal of releasing Sandbox's successor was, originally, Summer 2017. This date, due to the delays, is unfortunately quite optimistic now. This is not a cancellation of a successor gamemode to Sandbox, nor does it nullify any aforementioned plans discussed over potential features for any eventual gamemode.

    The fact remains, Wasted is a mighty gamemode, and to do it right, will require extensive coding. And we fully intend to do it once and do it right.

    So, where does that leave the Wasted community for 2017?

    Many of you will recall during the fall of 2015, we successfully carried out a series of play-tests of Wasted: Control (henceforth, just "Control"). If you missed out on that experience, Murgatron made a great video of some gameplay for for you to enjoy!

    In summary, the game was, in fairly rough state at the time, extremely well received and well liked by those who participated. The structure is much different compared to Wasted: Sandbox, trading gear persistence and long server-life (a MineZ-esque structure) to a fast paced, kit based strategy shooter.

    In an effort to produce a Wasted gamemode in the near future, we plan to switch priorities for a time and focus on producing a fleshed out, stable version of Control (including new features, not just an UTD build of the original gamemode).

    I know this is a change from our original plans. I do apologize for those of you who were looking forward to a hasty return of a Sandbox-like gamemode as much as I was, but I am convinced it is in the best interest of the community and Shotbow as a whole that we return the Wasted experience to Shotbow as soon as possible.

    This offers several advantages:

    - Much of the code needed to revive Control will also contribute to Sandbox's successor's code-base

    - Short and aggressive matches should help attract new players to the gamemode, which in turn will contribute to Sandbox's successor's player-base down the road

    - Control offers a suitable platform to experiment with new features and ideas, including class abilities, jet-packs, guns, and emplacements/structures to name a few...

    - Control already has a map, which reduces the urgency that would've been placed on a Sandbox-esque map, a more time consuming project which will now have the benefit of greater time investment and overall quality as result

    - Releasing a Control prior to the Sandbox gamemode allows us the chance to get direct community feedback on new, largely untested systems, helping perfect systems that will eventually power the higher-stakes Sandbox mode

    - Clans (an often requested feature *cringe* for Sandbox) and a competitive function (think SMASH competitive) may be possibilities too

    Ultimately, this is the plan going forward. To highlight a main point: this is not a cancellation of the Sandbox successor gamemode!

    I hope to hear your questions/comments/concerns over this matter. While the team is enthusiastic to follow this new plan, I do not assume that to hold true for the entire community. Post a reply or send me a PM, I'm happy to discuss any aspect of this plan that might have raised concerns. Above all too, start throwing out your thoughts on Control: what you previously enjoyed, what you'd like to see changed and/or implemented, what worked/what didn't... heck, even if you want to see me burned at the stake!

    I think we have a great opportunity to make something really special, that pays tribute to Wasted's legacy, and also sports systems that set these gamemodes far apart from anything else. Wasted has so much potential to realize!

    Thank you all for your enduring patience with us. Its easy to say it'll be worth it in the end, but I'd rather we make it conducive for you to make that conclusion for yourself.

    You guys rock!

  2. Eggspert7820 Regular Member

    I'm fine with that
    Any chance you could give us world download for the old map?
    eco33 and JperAssassin like this.
  3. captain_marwick Regular Member

    Just a suggestion for when the sandbox map is being made, not as dense forests.
    Idk about anyone else but I remember trying to go in for a landing with a jetpack and rather than hitting the tiny bit of ground at a slow speed
    You just smack into a tree and lose all your stuff, also driving through forests was the worst.
  4. Robertthegoat Developer

    Rest assured, the community made sure that was parameter #1. :wink:
  5. Robertthegoat Developer

    Afraid I cannot, as it is property of Shotbow. We could, perhaps, use it for events down the road though, so that everyone can revisit it.
  6. Broooce Regular Member

    I do indeed like this a bit more since you're releasing something that is much more tidy than a wide scale sandbox game, which by all means I do really want back, but this is also pretty nice to have. The game looks pretty fun as well, just as control was promised to be. I hope this is a great start to the rebirth of Wasted.

    Thanks for the progress report Robert, and thanks for being a good developer.
    KoenigApfel likes this.
  7. ForgottenDevil Platinum

  8. HypeTrains Regular Member


    So Control is coming this summer?
  9. Surfdog1 Regular Member

    If wasted comes back it will never be the same i am requesting one thing and that is to KEEP THE MAP THE SAME because the city 17 battles were a huge part of wasted and i hould hate to see it go.
    ItzRemi likes this.
  10. Eggspert7820 Regular Member

    There will be a completely new map, but Robert just said that they might use the old map for some events
    eco33 likes this.
  11. Eggspert7820 Regular Member

    Quick question:
    Will there still be the thing where if you drop your class item it stops refueling your jetpack/gun? Because that was basically the only way to have good jetpack fights with 2 jetpacks
  12. Robertthegoat Developer

    We will be experimenting down the road with jet packs. We have a few ideas to try, so consider those pretty fluid. Certainly not opposed to that though.
  13. Tdiaz5 Silver

    So there's a lack of a new map for the wasted sandbox gamemode, and shotbow can't release wasted sandbox before it is created. I don't understand this, since there is already a map available. Unless the sandbox gamemode mechanics are to be changed dramatically, I don't see a problem with using the old map. Although it is quite an old map, it is not outdated (as far as I'm concerned). Even if it just functions as a placeholder for a new upcoming map, it would speed up the process probably without a loss of quality for the gamemode.
  14. Robertthegoat Developer

    Short answer, new core planned mechanics rely on map components. The old map is incompatible.
    Broooce likes this.
  15. Eggspert7820 Regular Member

    Map suggestion:
    People have said that they wanted to have city 17 in the map, which will not happen. My suggestion is that you make an impotant merchant city on the new map, with the same layout as city 17, just tweaked to the style of the new map
  16. HypeTrains Regular Member

    are you guys putting coordinates in the code and not in a yml file (a config)? That's what it felt like for the old Wasted
  17. Eggspert7820 Regular Member

    Also what happened to gungame? Last time i played it (in 1.:cool: there were bugs with spawning outside the map, and it never got released with the 1.9 update. The reason I am asking is that there is no thread for gungame
  18. Robertthegoat Developer

    Because the general Wasted overhaul includes a new gun system, there was deemed little reason to update Gun Game on the old system.
  19. Thomas_Dorland Obsidian

    one day wasted will return,

    Our hopes and dreams will pierce the HEAVENS...

    hi everyone
  20. FleeAsF___ Regular Member

    Wait Robert there's a new map? And when will it prob be out ?

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