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Suggestion Wasted; Dream or Reality?

Discussion in 'Wasted' started by Nyan_Cats_Rule, Apr 4, 2017.

Suggestion - Wasted; Dream or Reality?

Would you like to see Wasted added back to Shotbow?

Yes 31 vote(s) 81.6%
No 1 vote(s) 2.6%
Yes, with changes 6 vote(s) 15.8%
  1. Nyan_Cats_Rule Regular Member

    As Time presses on, one can only hope that the Wasted Mine-craft Game might possibly come back one day.

    I've tried many games, heard many stories on the threads about Wasted. This, even if it was on mine craft, goes in my top three most favorite games of all time. Currently I am 15 (i know sad to still be playing mine craft) but the only reason I even liked mine craft was for the Wasted game. If you know anything about PC o gaming is that games revolve around 3 things, community, game play, and intensity. Wasted, could not have done a better job of this. Community, just reading these threads is one of the best communities I have ever come across and what I can remember from In game was that it was pretty good too. Game-play was smooth and, I mean, we're talking Mine-craft here so how bad could the game play be. Then there's intensity and how much you really care about the game. How good it feels to kill another player or secure a drop zone is what makes a good game great.
    But First I watched the wasted community die, and then the network slowly die. From an average of 3000 players to now, well, basically 400. Heartbreaking honestly, too see one of you're favorite games die. My three most favorite games by the way were Black Ops Two Zombies, Counter Strike Global Offensive, and The shot bow Networks wasted.
    So I write to you Shot bow, for the off, off, very off chance that possibly you read this and go "hm, maybe we should bring it back, I mean, the servers dying anyway and who on earth plays Gun-Game so sure"
    I actually had to log into my brothers account to then re-make a shot bow account just so I could at least attempt to bring back wasted, but possibly and probably, I'm too late..

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  2. Unicycle43 Retired Staff

    I don't know if it will be coming back or not but the first step is updating to 1.9, once that update happens there is a chance it could come back, looking at beta 1.9 gun game at least is listed there although the servers are not up, so there is hope. I'd also like to see it come back c:
  3. LegendaryAlex Platinum

    Idk why thats sad, doesnt make sense. It really isnt sad dont worry :lmao:

    But yea I miss wasted too, good times :)
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  4. MuffinMinister Platinum

    1.9 first, games in the Garage second.
  5. HypeTrains Mini Builder

    Why wasn't wasted fixed the year and a half before it was put into the garage? Why was it left to die? Like Nyan Cat said, Wasted was why I played minecraft and didn't become a console peasant. I play one game really. Rainbow Six Siege. That game updates every 1-2 months. Wasted updated once every 3-6 months. And already R6 looks like it's going to last a lot longer than Wasted ever did, even as a sequal. And what's more dissapointing, Wasted never left "alpha" since it launched. That message, "Wasted is in Alpha, talk about it on the forums *link*," has been in my chat logs till the day the game died.
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  6. Robertthegoat Developer

    The actual reason Wasted was put in the garage I believe I stated previously. The code that governed cars was changed on the Minecraft side, having to do with the mob AI. Though hours of work was put into resolving the car situation, a solution was not reached, and I recommended the game be taken down. Trapping players with cars was unacceptable. The lack of cars ruined the core mobility and pace of the game, thus it was placed into the garage.
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  7. HypeTrains Mini Builder

    I wasn't asking why it was put into the garage. I was asking about why nothing was done when the early bugs appeared until most people lost their patience and left Wasted. All that I ever saw talked about in the weekly arrow was Annihilation this and MineZ that. I always felt like there was no care for the games except the big two. I am asking why the hell that happened, that Wasted was treated like a fifth wheel, if it broke off noone would care. The ignorance that was given to it has been infuriating since the game started losing players.
  8. Robertthegoat Developer

    There were always two kinds of players on Shotbow: those who wanted existing games to continue to see updates and changes, and those who desired new games as quickly as they could be created. Shotbow tried both (there were updates done to Wasted in between), but the sparsity of updates can be attributed to the exhaustion of development resources that Shotbow reached at that point. Its in everyone's best interest to see both goals realized, but the ideal mix is a goal, and one that's still under work to optimize and expand on. The important part of the rewrite is that maintenance should be much easier in the future. Though, we're always fighting Minecraft itself, to see what the next update will break lol
  9. Leatherdevil Regular Member

    There will always be these type of people in a server community such as Shotbow, variety is always wanted. However as the rule goes, quality rules over quantity, why was the goal reversed? Greed?

    You also mention that there was updates done to Wasted in between but I only recall the updates that continued to slowly ruin the fun you could have in Wasted. These consisted of nerfs for classes, nerfs to jetpacking, nerfs to bullet drop. There was no actual improvements to the gameplay mechanics apart from a few buffs here and there, and there was no expansion on anything originally implemented and no ideas were listened to on the Shotbow forums. Eventually bugs became out of hand and that's when developers stepped in, and improvements were desperately tried in an attempt to fix Wasted, and that ultimately lead to its demise.

    Now we wait.
  10. Robertthegoat Developer

    If the "quality" of a server is a rated by the quality of its content, then you still face criticism from one of the two camps. "The quality of the network declined because games had bugs", or "The quality of the network declined because no new content/games came out". It is, as everything, a matter of opinion. I do not claim that Shotbow achieved a perfect balance of quality and quantity, nor do I for that matter believe it was for lack of effort either. I will however firmly refute the idea that greed somehow backed this perceived shortcoming. Note, at that time, Shotbow received revenue from XP purchases; thus, it is in the best interest of all parties that games are functioning and encouraging XP transactions. To claim that greed defined Shotbow's development efforts during that period also dismisses the viewpoints of a large portion of the player base who desired new content as trivial.

    Consider then the updates that were released. Minecraft released frequent updates during this time, which meant game development had to keep code running on new versions. You mention buffs and nerfs as well: direct responses from outpourings of complaints about game balance here on the forums. Developers would attempt to the best of their ability to satisfy the demands of the community if a large consensus was reached on a particular topic (ie. shooting midair). Obviously, not everyone agreed with this, and maybe it wasn't a great idea. But, take a moment to browse old threads, and you'll find heaps of threads all begging the same changes.

    So sure, allocation of developer resources may not have been perfect, but you also have to take into account everything else that was going on in the meantime that also demanded developer resources. Games like Ghostcraft, MineZ and LMS, Shotbow games, all running at that time received similar amounts of attention from the devs. Until Majicou's update, MineZ hadn't seen much in the way of major content updates since the expansion of the eastern region.

    My point in this is not to argue that your concerns are invalid, nor the handling of Wasted perfect. I played the game almost every day back then, and I had frustrations too. My point is, rather, there are very finite limits on what a volunteer team can accomplish in a fixed amount of time. In order to appreciate the needs of a broad and diverse community, some things will be left to lay at times while other projects have priority. As members of one community, try to appreciate the needs of other community interest groups for games that perhaps aren't your favorite. Supposing development activity declined on MineZ while Wasted was being developed, do you think the MineZ players cared about the concerns of the Wasted community?

    To cite current times, Shotbow has recognized that developer resources were spread to thin to cover the amount of content live on Shotbow, and you can see now the result: we have more devs/junior devs now than ever before. So, yes, Shotbow is listening, and taking steps to make changes, working to improve organization and work distribution, give games more updates, etc.; and that goal is not new.
  11. Leatherdevil Regular Member

    Okay yes. I do understand fully that a volunteer team of staff dealing with multiple problems in different game modes can cause some issues in what resources can be pumped out to deal with these things, and I should probably take that into consideration even more. There is also definitely some viewpoints I did dismiss on the large portion of the player base who desired new content as "trivial". However when I saw these out pour of threads on the forums I saw no feedback from developers digressing their concerns on the suggestions posted by their player base which lead to the misconception that the staff were not listening at all, which is probably not the case but if nothing is said about this then how can the players be sure? Some brief overview and discussion on their suggestions could lead them in the right direction; which you Robert seem to actually do well on when creating new posts on what you think should be posted in the sections you put up and the feedback you post all the time.

    On the other hand, at these times you're describing, the major developers such as lazertester and such were streaming their new game modes and events which didn't do anything to solve these problems and instead took advantage of the boom that Shotbow had in the previous years. Why not improve the game modes with new, quality content that would make the player base want to play these game modes at a constant rate which would keep the player base interested for a long period of time, instead of creating new game modes in an attempt to act as an appetiser to the growing numbers.

    Thank you for putting your time into this.
    :heart: Robert
  12. HypeTrains Mini Builder

    This is great and all, what's happening, but I think it's all too late. I remember when there were 100 people playing wasted when I would get on. From then to when Robert joined the party, I saw 0 feedback from the developers.

    I still haven't found out why that was.
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  13. zorbon56 Silver

    Wasted I feel will bring many new and old players back to shotbow and minecraft in general. I haven't played Minecraft in over a year and I would play the shit out of this if it came back.

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