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Suggestion Wasted: Control flags=xp

Discussion in 'Wasted' started by BrassBuilder, Feb 1, 2016.

Suggestion - Wasted: Control flags=xp
  1. HypeTrains Mini Builder

    I had an idea that when you cap a flag for either team this message shows up in your chat feed:
    Flag captured: +10 Shotbow XP

    And when you check your XP transactions it lists it.

    Because there are many players (including me) on the defending team (or attacking team) that sit back and just camp the flag without actually going into it. Kind of an incentive to try to get the flags rather than just shoot people. HOWEVER:
    • This only takes place when at least 10 players are on any team and on the server
      • to remove XP farmers with alts trading spots on an empty server
    • XP may increase with the size of the server
      • so for every 10 players the XP goes up by 2
      • if there are 20 players +12XP
      • 30 players +14XP
      • 40 players +16XP
    • It's a low number because flags get capped multiple times, and there are multiple flags. Not just and idea to make people scream P-T-F-O MUDDA ********** in the chat. lol
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  2. Cahillguy Regular Member

    This is a great idea, since it actually encourages players to PTFO! Right now, the only way to get XP is to kill people, which is not the purpose of Control.

    To add on to your idea, I suggest a ticking XP count when capping. When the flag reaches a point at each quarter of the distance between the flag and the ground, +1 XP should be granted to anyone present near the flag.
    Capturing flag: +1 Shotbow XP

    Also, if you kill an enemy player near a flag, or while you yourself is at the flag, you should get 4XP per kill instead of the normal 3XP (correct me if I'm wrong). This is to encourage attacking and defending near flags, further promoting the objective-based gameplay of Control.
    Offensive kill: +4 Shotbow XP (when the flag is under the enemy's control)
    Defensive kill: +4 Shotbow XP (when the flag is under your team's control)

    Finally, at the end of each game, the teams should get XP based on how far the Subjects got. These are my initial suggested values, feel free to change them:
    HRC Lockdown (Stage 1): +25 Shotbow XP
    HRC Lockdown (Stage 2): +20 Shotbow XP
    HRC Lockdown (Stage 3): +15 Shotbow XP
    HRC Lockdown (Stage 4): +10 Shotbow XP
    HRC Defeat: +5 Shotbow XP
    Subjects' Defeat: +5 Shotbow XP
    Subjects' Loss Stage 1: +10 Shotbow XP
    Subjects' Loss Stage 2: +15 Shotbow XP
    Subjects' Loss Stage 3: +20 Shotbow XP
    Subjects' Conquest: +30 Shotbow XP

    Of course, to prevent freeloaders (i.e. AFKers, late joiners) from getting unearned XP, you must have earned at least 8 XP in "capturing flag" points (which can be earned just by capturing at least one flag the whole way through), as well as having killed at least 5 enemy players.
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  3. Robertthegoat Developer

    XP will be implemented, don't worry. Some really great ideas here though, that I'm certain at least will be implemented to a degree (several of the conditions overlap our plans already)! Keep the ideas coming!
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