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Warband Alpha - Feedback

Discussion in 'Warband' started by notswipe, Nov 1, 2020.

Warband Alpha - Feedback
  1. notswipe Retired Staff

    Put all your feedback from the play-tests (bug reports, quick suggestions, nice-to-haves) here! For class suggestions and gameplay changes, feel free to make your own thread on this forum to show it off/get feedback from others.

  2. AntonsMom Gold

    Hi swipe, it’s me boog, you probably don’t recognize me because my name isn’t boog but I swear it is. I have class ideas but I sell for money my PayPal is PayPal.me/joshshorten. I’m sure we can make a deal on someone of my classes.
  3. AntonsMom Gold

    Hi swipe I has I dea. Wait hold on I forgot..last one standing buff gives you resistance 2 when you are the last outcast against 1 warband.
  4. AntonsMom Gold

    Hey swipe it’s me boog! I got you classes!!, you might recognize them because I send you in dms but because you are sooooo famous I post here where I know you find!!!!! Ok good idea. The the tank class: has weakness 1 and resistance 2-3. Can be a complete tank but also doesn’t deal very much damage. Can have the weakness increase to balance if needed. Meant for big warband fights where having a tank takes out a section of the dps to opposing team.

    Miner class: spawns with iron tools and a fortune 2 pick with limited uses

    Metabolism class: spawns with 10 magic steak the steak give saturation of 20

    Pyro class has a chance to light someone on hit or when being hit the effect can affect multiple people who aren’t in the warband in a 5 block radius.

    Phantom blade has a chance to launch you at someone when hitting them so gettign away is really hard. Idk how the classes work but make a Phantom class that can launch at people when hitting them. maybe have cooldown of 3 seconds. maybe have a right click to activate/deactivate, but make sure only launch when hitting someone.

    The Weir class: more of a experienced player class every combo of 3x+ will give a level(idk how you keep track of levels without xp ) 20 levels and you get a 20 second berserk buff with strength and speed 2. The effect has a loud noise/ particles to people are aware of the buff.
  5. AntonsMom Gold

    Hey swipe it’s boog! I’m doing great thanks for asking! I have quality of life ideas!!! Make it so you don’t have to pick a class every time and instead it saves the last one you picked. Make light bikes in the lobby while we wait for you to do ur magic! Saturation until grave period over and just better saturation to begin with. Anti X-ray/good anti cheat(so I’m only full diamond) make warband only 1.8 so you have to get on 1.8 to play it. Fix your terrain generation, it’s complete garbage and makes me wanna throw up. More trees less mountains bigger lakes and not the deep lakes. And also maybe a flat area of 0,0 or near it.
  6. Tobi472 Platinum

    first things first: Great man great game! I really enjoyed the last playtest, still I have a lot of ideas :D .

    General ideas:

    higher diamond spawn rate (was implemented in the last playtest) - due to a higher spawnrate dimonds become a central and more accessible meta ressoucre. Basicially if you dont have any diamonds your on a bigger advantage than having half diamond gear vs full diamond gear.

    Maybe make biomes smaller. I feel like jungles seem not fun at all to pvp in and we had very big jungles. Also it might be better to have more biomes bc some ressources become easier to get.

    Custom recipe for Golden apples. Make them only cost 4 gold blocks.

    The nether! But if the nether gets intrduced the grace period should be slightly longer. Maybe 12 to 15 minutes or atleast dont let the border shrink that fast at the start. And make the netherfortress generation higher! Ppl dont want to waste 5 minutes + to find a fortress. Even consider a custom generated nether which is not big but has everything you need.

    Upgrading gear:

    If you dont have access to an enchanter you may put 2 iron boots in the crafting table and it becomes prot 1. I am considering to remove the anvil or make it cost only iron ignots as iron spawn rate is very low but I think it should stay like this.


    Left clicks with your tracker will track the latest blessing.

    Maybe make more blessings depending on the players amount.

    I only heard about some items being in it. This is a gernal list of useful items which could be cool and I know some of them are already in it.

    Some enchanted books: prot 2, sharpness 2.
    Not breakable enchanter/ anvil.
    Books, sugar, lapis, obsidian, gold, diamonds, sand, food, tier 1 potions, arrows.


    There should be some classes focusing on getting loot and some should be pvp based. I believe that recruited outcasts should still be able to support its warband with their class bound abilities.

    Miner: Passive: chance to get bonus gold out of gold ore.
    Active : Diamond rush: 30 to 60 seconds cooldown. 5 to 10 seconds duration. You picaxe works like a vanilla fortune 2 pickaxe or just gets doubble the diamonds.

    Enchanter: passive: chance of getting exp bottles or/ and bonus exp
    active: A enchanting table which can be placed but only be used for 2 enchants after that it will return to your inventory and has a 60 seconds cooldown.

    Obesity: passive: Looting 1 on all his swords, all food he collects gets smelted as it enters his inventory.
    active: 80 second cooldown. Get a random cake into your inventory.

    Berserker: passive: he deals bonus damage to players.
    active: 60 second cw, 10 to 15 second duration. He gets strenght 1. Later this can an are of effect ability so this warband gets the buff aswell.
  7. Jarool Emerald

    I just realised this is Shotbow Games 2.0. I can't wait.
  8. Tobi472 Platinum

    Ok this is for the scribe class:
    The active healthboost is cool but what about absorption?...

    For the books part:
    There are a couple of books which are not useful at all and some are way stronger than others.
    I would like to share my point of view:

    S Tier: Infinity, Fortune
    A+ : Punch
    A: Flame, Fire Aspect, Sharpness
    B+ : Protection
    B: Thorns, Power
    C: /
    D: Frostwalker, Depthstrider
    E: /
    F: Unbreaking, Mending, Fire Protection, Prjoectile Protection

    I hope I covered all the books.

    I dont suggest any changes bcs the structures might have a big impact on the enchant/ ressource game.
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