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Warband Alpha Changelog

Discussion in 'Warband' started by notswipe, Jan 13, 2021.

Warband Alpha Changelog
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  1. hiddenbun Retired Staff

    Update: 01/15/2021 (Alpha 1.1.2)

    --- GENERAL ---

    - Multiple visual updates, added tablist header/footer, Shotbow ranks now visible in lobby. Player relationship tags are now visible in the tablist and on players.
    - Other tooltip changes! Swipe is lazy and won't list them all.

    Update: 01/14/2021 (Alpha 1.1.1)

    --- GENERAL ---

    - Added a short period of levitation for players below the clouds in order for players to trigger their elytras properly.
    - Re-added hit sounds.
    - World chunks are now loaded prior to the game's start.
    - The elytra is now only added and enabled at a usable y-level.
    - Sends notification of available elytra use on game start.
    - Admin/Background framework.
    - Fixed glitched out blessings.

    --- KITS ---

    - 6 Steak added to Basic's inventory.


    - Reduced the cooldown of "Smite" to 25s (was 35s).
    - "Smite" now briefly ignites players.


    - Changed the class item to a blaze rod (was a stick).
    - "Push" now pushes the user in the opposite direction upon use. This can now be used defensively to save players from a fatal fall, or get more distance from another player.
    To negate the self-push, hold down sneak when using the ability.


    - Fixed a bug where Scribe would add the same enchant twice to each book.
    - Reduced Scribe's cooldown to 50s (was 60s).

    Update: 01/13/2021 (Alpha 1.1.0)

    --- GENERAL ---

    - Doubled tribe reputation buff increase requirements.
    - Fixed a bug where class items and trackers became unusable after reconnecting to an ongoing match (this is the base for allowing players to re-join during Grace with no penalties).
    - Modified fire and lava to immediately set players on fire upon taking damage from it (to align with 1.8 mechanics).
    - Fixed a bug where fire would never despawn.
    - Re-added fire spread at a reduced level.
    - Changed some tooltips and action bars.
    - If deathmatch ends and no winner has been declared, the alive player with the most kills (regardless of tribe status) will be the winner for that game.
    - Blessing Flares now cost 20 runes (was 12).

    --- THE PIT ---

    - Players who lose in the Pit are now automatically re-added to the queue.
    - Fixed a bug where players who had their Pit partner disconnect before the pull would remove that player permanently from the queue.
    - Added music to the Pit.
    - Fixed a bug where certain scenarios would add a player to the Pit twice.
    - Pit Loot crates now go directly into your inventory.
    - Removed wooden sword for duelers in the Pit, replaced with a sharpness bone.
    - Respawned players from the Pit are now only invincible for 15s (was 20s). The elytra also stays on for 15s and a more pronounced sound notification is played.

    --- KITS ---

    - Fixed a bug where kit menu items would be enchanted when not selected.
    - The kit menu now closes automatically upon selection of a kit.
    - Added an ability cooldown completion sound.


    - Removed Shotbow from Ranger.
    - Ranger now spawns with a Punch 1 bow and 12 arrows (was 6).


    - Removed fire circle from Flame.
    - Flame's ability, "Blaze" now breathes fire at enemies as a skill-shot similar to Vanilla Blazes.


    - Removed health boost from Scribe.
    - "Study" now spawns two books (was 1).


    - Reduced Mage's cast cooldown to 20s (was 30s).
    - Increased Mage's spell-switch cooldown to 5s (was 4s).
    - Removed random-offset from "Comet".
    - Fixed a bug where the particle effects of "Comet" now no longer lingers in the air forever.
    - Increased the "Push" effective range to 60 blocks (was 50).


    - Increased Druid's active ability effect to 35s (was 20s).
    - The Maul proc from "Bear Form" now does 10% more damage on activation (was 9%).
    - The Maul proc from "Bear From" now has a 50% chance of activation on hit (was 25%).
    - Players now receive a message when Maul procs activate.
    - "Ocelot Form" now has Jump Boost II on activation (was Jump Boost I).
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