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Warband Alpha - Build Submissions

Discussion in 'Warband' started by Veghetto, Jan 12, 2021.

Warband Alpha - Build Submissions
  1. JerryRowe Retired Staff


    Hello and thank you to everyone who's been playing the alpha! We've been loving the feedback from the forums and the Discord, keep it coming! Today we'd like to look to the community for some builds that we're going to be using within the game very soon!

    Custom Structures
    Warband currently generates a map with slightly varied generation rulesets. Vanilla structures still generate, but they tend to be a bit rare and underwhelming in terms of loot. Even structures like dungeons offer medial things like nametags, gapples, and saddles, which aren't incredibly useful. In order to spice up the game both above and below ground, we plan on adding in custom structures which anybody can build and submit!

    Currently, we will be using google forms for submissions, but upon release we will use this thread for build suggestions and submissions.

    Build Guidelines
    Surface Build Requirements:
    1. Build must have a theme that is in-line with the biome it should be placed in. Available biomes currently are: Plains, Forest (Including Birch & Flower variants), Spruce Forest, Mesa, Desert, Jungle, and Mountains.
    2. Large [25x25-50x50] Centerpiece Structure, 4-7 chests
    3. Medium [10x10-25x25] Supporting Structures, 2-3 chests
    4. Small [5x5-10x10] Filler Structures, 1 chest
    5. Surface structures should have 4-5 blocks of landscape, or the block pertaining to the biome below it (and around depending on the style) in order to blend well when spawned.
    Underground Build Requirements:
    1. Maximum 20x20x20 build.
    Be creative, show us your ideas!

    Submitting a Build
    All builds should be in the form of .schematic files. If this is an issue, post a world download below to mediafire or dropbox and we can make the schematic ourselves.
    Otherwise, builds should be submitted here
    Put the biome type or location where this structure should be placed in "Build Descriptions" with whatever other info you think should go there. Just to give us an idea of what the structure looks like, screenshots would be nice, you can directly upload them in the link above. Below that, you can upload the .schematic file so we can paste it in-game and have it be used by the system! If theres any issues with uploading them via the "Add File" portions, a mediafire or dropbox link can be used in the "Trouble Uploading" section.

    We look forward to seeing what you guys make, and thank you again for all the support!
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  2. Trugo Regular Member

    Tail's Tall Treehouse of Tasty Thick Pan-Fried Cakes inc
  3. Tobi472 Platinum

    I still feel like underground building should be bigger. Maybe not in size but there should be a way to find those. Maybe let them include custom mineshafts.
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  4. JerryRowe Retired Staff

    This is all in alpha so if you want to try something a bit bigger, I'd say go for it. The thing about Mineshafts is that its all randomly generated so every time you see it, it varies and its never really boring, but if you were to stumble upon the same exact underground dungeon 3-4 times, its kinda "meh". I'll see what Swipe could do about adding variation to structures so they get a little more life in them, and by proxy underground structures could be slightly bigger
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