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No Prefix VOTE: New MineZ Alts Update!

Discussion in 'MineZ' started by 21k, Jun 12, 2019.

No Prefix - VOTE: New MineZ Alts Update!

Do you like the new MineZ Alt Update?

Yes 30 vote(s) 35.7%
No 54 vote(s) 64.3%
  1. 21k Regular Member

    Since the shotbow staff don't care to listen to or ask the community about things, I will do it for them! Vote about how you feel about the new update!
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  2. Flexicution Platinum

    inb4 LOCKED!
    Clip and Sacrificial like this.
  3. Carrying Emerald

    i agree with the no alts rule
    ItsSoular, ccbas, HellionX2 and 2 others like this.
  4. Ian8705 Silver

    Alts are a necessity in this game.

    Despite me not being highly active in PvP, I can emphasize with the fact that completely prohibiting alts from the game is not a step in the right direction.
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  5. Escape_ Obsidian

    alts rule Seems to make more edge for outnumber fight,30min maybe too long.
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  6. 111kittycat111 Platinum

    R U G G E D I N D I V I D U A L I S M
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  7. HellionX2 MineZ Mini Admin

    If you read the policy, you might see that alts are not being completely prohibited.
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  8. szth Silver

    especially with your team :wink:
  9. Meifot Silver

    I see alts as a utility (storage, multiple places to be), logging them in on to fight a weakened opponent you lost to is kind of lame, it means whoever wins the first fight has to win a second fight with less gear.
  10. Meifot Silver


    But I think as an addendum to my original post, I haven't seen this pushback by the community in a while, I think that whole Axle possibly getting staff debacle.
    connor564 and Sacrificial like this.
  11. connor564 Platinum

    Notice how only staff and people who disagreed with the combat alts only care about your original post

    selective listening in its finest. if you had made this all one post, you wouldn't have gotten the like :/
  12. RoseFredricks Platinum

    I think using alts for combat is no different than using hacks or mod. It's something no one has by default and provides a clear combat advantage. If you die to someone, they earned your loot. If you want it back, your gonna have to hunt them down for it. Because of this, banning combat alts is something I completely support.

    Using alts to for death retrieval is honestly something I never thought of but doesn't seem very useful anymore. I mean, zombies, including player ones, die in lava and fire now and if you died in a dungeon, your alt is going to have a tough time getting to your death point. Because of that, I think a ban of retrieval alts is unnecessary, but also not a big deal.

    Getting aid from alts to get through dungeons is a necessity in this game if you are a solo player. Like the policy post says, some dungeons are designed to be done by multiple people. Yes that means they have more loot at the end, but that also means they are way more difficult for a solo player to complete. If someone uses an alt to get past the entrance to Shrine of the Dusk and then completes the rest of that dungeon completely on their own, they've earned every last chest in that loot room. So long as some dungeons are impossible for one player to complete, players should have the option to challenge themselves and use alts to get past artificial road blocks created because the devs aren't able to implement scaling difficulty. This is the one part of the policy change I disagree with and I wouldn't be surprised if people disregard :wink:

    Finally, using alts for storage is a necessity in this game due to legendary items essentially being trophies. That's why they are allowed now under the policy change and should remain allowed for the foreseeable future. Perhaps that will change once banks are released and are available to all players, but we'll have to just wait and see on that.
  13. Sacrificial Gold

    Like you said before, Alts are something no one has by default meaning that its unfair to the other solo players
  14. RoseFredricks Platinum

    That's why I would much rather the dev's make dungeons have scaling difficulty and/or not add sections that force you to have multiple players. But until that happens, some solo players having access to endgame is better than no solo players having access to endgame. And it's not an unfair advantage because the other solo players can still access these dungeons without alts, they just need to stop being solo players for a little while. It's not ideal, but it is an option. Using an alt, they can avoid this, but that doesn't give them an advantage. If anything, it gives them a disadvantage because now they have to complete the dungeon on their own. Using alts for dungeons is not comparable to using alts for combat.
  15. ItsSoular Obsidian

    I agree that the alts rule is necessary, and it should stay. But goodluck to Shotbow enforcing the rule because I doubt they'll be able to do so efficiently if at all. Its great to make rules to follow, but the staff have a history of lacking in the policing department. I'm interested to see how they'll do here.

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