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Discussion Vampire, Berserker and Robinhood

Discussion in 'Annihilation' started by Mysterious_Seven, May 10, 2022.

Discussion - Vampire, Berserker and Robinhood
  1. Mysterious_Seven Platinum

    EDIT: For those that saw this post earlier, I completely removed Skill from the class scoring system as it was too vague and had nothing to do with the classes themselves. Investment was renamed Farming and I added (built in) Nerfs/Debuffs to better differentiate what was lowering a classes score. Everything gets scored pretty accurately now.

    After ranking 3 areas for each class; Power, Utility and Balancing (Farming and Debuffs/Nerfs.)I decided to offer suggestions that would bring the lowest scoring classes a bit of relevance. More info on the AQR in my signature under 'ClassScaling'. Given these classes reputation there is virtually nobody to upset with the changes going forward, so without further ado:

    • (Slightly Offtopic) Bandages and Stims are commonplace for good reason in many games and either of these additions would add a bit of healthy reward for skilled players. Either give all players a health potion after getting a kill streak or only give it to Vampire, Berserker and Robinhood. Additionally, add a refilling health potion to replace the spawn kit HP pots, as disengaging a fight at low HP should be rewarded for less mobile classes.
    • Vampire is admittedly a harder fix because of the classes name. Give up on the Day/Night mechanic of Vampire. It's purely form over function and it's terrible. Anything from revealing enemy teams resources to cursing their lands to increase their ores respawn times would do. My suggestion is allow it to curse other players with Sanguine (Bad Luck) which reduces their critical damage and arrow velocity.
    • EDIT: You could decide to implement racials like human, elf, vampire etc. Probably a better idea than class and subclass as this would just give you a few small adjustments to team comp and build. Maybe each team has a race? Maybe teams vote on their race?
    • Reduce the penalties for death on Berserker and Robinhood while playing them, remove the death penalty while not playing them. These are likely the first steps to having them see legitimate play.
    • EDIT: Add cutoff points that act as the new floor for farming kills à la "Who wants to be a Millionaire."
    • EDIT: If the penalties are not changed, at least change it so getting killed while not worth sbxp does not decrease class effects. Spawn killing a Berserker or Robinhood should NOT reduce their effectiveness.
    • Give Berserker an ability called Blind Rage that resets their horizontal velocity to zero when hit. It doesn't ignore knockback, it just shrugs it off. While in a Blind Rage give resistance 1, speed 1 and heal 1 heart per kill obviously subject to respawn rules. I personally think it would look cool during Blind Rage if they were blind and all enemies had the glowing effect (while still allowing them to sprint and crit despite the blindness.)
    • Give Robinhood a KB sword in their starting kit. Make Robinhood's entire set of gear level up with them. Custom enchantments / unenchantable variants are encouraged.
    This INTERACTABLE CHART will update every 5 minutes as changes are made. This does not mean that it has been necessarily updated.

    P.S. If you would like to critique the 'ClassScaling' sheet, right click a cell and make a comment. I can track these and resolve them later.

  2. squallythewally Obsidian

  3. Ringowhs Regular Member

    The client checks if the player is inflicted with blindness and stops sprinting and critical hits, so blinding the berserker while allowing that is impossible without modding the game.
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  4. Mysterious_Seven Platinum

    C'est la vie. I think it'd work just as well paired with the darkness effect, but the class doesn't need any step toward even hinting a nerf. Need to make it relevant before balancing it anyways. In the future perhaps.
  5. Mysterious_Seven Platinum

    Added a couple more ideas to the main post.
  6. Cupu Platinum

    Add this to your Premium Vote idea, maybe you could spawn a variant of anni or a new mode
  7. Cupu Platinum

    I like all your ideas about changing the classes, but how high would Robinhood's armor go?

    I used to think it was a usesless class, obviously I'm just not good with a bow. Someone had their bow almost max in Phase 1 a few weeks ago when I played, and if Robinhood gets buffed like this, I could see Robinhood becoming the next meta class.

    I think the armor should stay leather, base iron at the most.
  8. Mysterious_Seven Platinum

    If this is not implemented, at least change it so deaths while not worth sbxp does not decrease class effects. Spawn killing a Berserker or Robinhood should NOT reduce their effectiveness.
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  9. YUMMiR Platinum

    As a Robinhood main, here are my thoughts. The Robinhood class is a fun class for harassing enemies without the hassle of gearing up. The Robinhood class is a ranged class that is the complete opposite of Sniper. It is a class best suited for short-ranged bow spamming. The bow of justice allows and arrow refund lets the Robinhood keep up the pressure without returning to base. The abilities makes it best suited for close range battles. However, it has two main weaknesses:
    Outmatched in Melee Combat:
    Robinhood is a ranged class, but it can be given some help with knockback. When I use Robinhood, I rely on quick bowspam combos to kill the enemy. But, once an enemy dodges past the bowspam, the Robinhood is outmatched. A knockback addition would help for disengaging. Maybe add the knockback enchantment on the bow? This allows the Robinhood to smack their bow and start a new bowspam combo. Perhaps start at knockback I and it increases to knockback level 2 at a certain tier.
    Viability loss:
    As the match continues, the Robinhood class loses its value. It is much easier to enchant bows than it is to work towards a killstreak at the later stages of the game. To add some value to Robinhood the "Arrow Refund" should be expanded. As many know, Robinhood was an underdog hero. I think the "Arrow Refund" ability should be determined by the armor points of the enemy. For example, shooting a enemy with full diamond armor will yield a 90% arrow refund chance. This proposal increases the value of Robinhood while also staying true to its gimmick.

    Overall, the Robinhood class rewards skill, but it loses value as the game continues. My proposals attempt to capitalize on the already existing strengths.
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  10. Mysterious_Seven Platinum

    Lets say this range? We could cap the EPF at 8 total and keep it all leather and get 51% flat. Which would mean if you enchanted level 1 iron you could get 15.4% more damage reduction. (All calculations are without resistance.)
  11. Mysterious_Seven Platinum

    It's worth noting that weakness 1 is actually only -0.5 per level, which isn't much and definitely doesn't mean you're outmatched or even at a disadvantage.
    The classes viability is lost at the same rate as every other class, fresh spawns cannot compare to full diamond gapple rushers. Taking out the nerfs or at least lessening the blow might make this class competitive. As is always my goal, and not to ignore your main, I focus on things that might bring a class no-one would consider because of it's inflexible nature into a competitive space. If death was punished as harshly as this in lets say CoD they'd completely ruin the flow of the game because even a 2 KD ratio is an uphill battle. Getting kills with a bow takes more than skill, it takes strategic positioning and especially finishing blows. The comparative death requires merely being outnumbered and with no mobility options and a need to be on the frontline constantly attacking enemies- your options are limited and as well by your class being posted to the kill feed every step of the way.

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