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Valentine Statistics

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Navarr, Feb 17, 2018.

Valentine Statistics
  1. Navarr Network Co-Lead


    Hello everyone! Happy Lunar New Year to those who celebrate it, and happy belated Valentine's Day to the rest. :)

    Now that the Valentine's Day celebrations have come to an end, it's time for me to give the promised statistics (and for one person to be given Valenswine!)

    General Statistics
    All in all, Shotbow sent out 73,092 Valentines. That is a massive number.

    Of those 73,902 - the ten most "loved" players received only 3,337. That said - a total of 3,082 players received Valentines.

    But who gave them those Valentines? We'll see in a moment that a couple players were massively responsible - but they couldn't have done it without help - a total of 1,615 players sent Valentines. Yikes.. that's a lot of unreturned love.

    Most Loved Players
    10. Enif777_Xeon - 304 received
    9. No3is - 310 received
    7. kaitonn1207 and cola_and_soda both received 311
    6. karukanfosb - 313 received
    5. RoyalMilktea_ - 319 received
    4. Reaper_0225 - 333 received
    3. Kelestami - 351 received
    2. onocyan - 364 received
    1. tyem0802 - 421 received

    I can definitely say that Kelestami deserved it - they sent out a lot of Valentines. I'm personally disappointed to have fallen to within the top 50 with only 194. Come on guys - doesn't the guy who put it all together deserve love too? :stuck_out_tongue:

    Now, while I didn't receive quite the amount of Valentines I was personally hoping for, we do still all need to be exceedingly thankful for the hard work of our most generous players. These players spent a hoard of XP in order to deliver Valentines. The most generous Valentine's Day player will, as stated on our Twitter, be given Valenswine - our new seasonal Valentine's pet - absolutely free.

    Most Generous Players
    10. kaitonn1207 - 334 sent
    9. MonHunBuka - 336 sent
    8. Reaper_0225 - 344 sent
    7. Lubeso - 358 sent
    6. RoyalMilktea_ - 380 sent
    5. karukanfosb - 413 sent
    4. onocyan - 447 sent
    3. tyem0802 - 566 sent
    2. No3is - 1349 sent
    1. Kelestami - 1655 sent

    Now do you see why I said Kelestami deserved it? They sent nearly 2,000 Valentines by themselves. That's crazy. They've been rewarded Valenswine for their tremendous efforts.

    Thank you to everyone that participated! This plugin also marked our first real-world trial-run of a localized plugin. For those who play Minecraft in English you might not have noticed, but the /valentine command would respond in the same language as your Minecraft - as long as we supported it.

    Our supported languages during this event were: English, Spanish, French, Turkish, Dutch, German, Portugese, Japanese - and a hidden language: Pirate! This wouldn't have been possible without the tremendously hard work of our Localization Team. If you found any issues with the localization, please send me a PM over the forums - or file a bug in our issue tracker.

    Thanks again to everyone! Until next time!

  2. LegendaryAlex Gold

    Pirate ... really? :lmao:

    Eyo congratz to Kelestami ;3
    Kelestami, _Swipe and ChrisNT like this.
  3. _Swipe Platinum

    somebody must make a navarr appreciation thread or else no more valentines again!1!1 :0
    Dinohoot8, Kelestami and ChrisNT like this.
  4. MCDuckler Platinum

    LegendaryAlex, Kelestami and _Swipe like this.
  5. McJeffr Localizer

    Ye attempt'd t' hand o'er th' Valentine - but shiver me timbers, Navarr ain't thar t' git it!
  6. Goliac Silver

    It says both kaitonn1207 and cola_and_soda received 31 valentines. You might want to get that fixed, and thanks for the event!
    ChrisNT and Kelestami like this.
  7. Incredible_PvP Localizer

    That was a fun lil event! Looking forward to more!
    ChrisNT, Kelestami and _Swipe like this.
  8. Kelestami Platinum

    Thank you!!!
    I didn't sleep.
    It became an unhealthy compulsion to send valentines.
    Over, and over, and over...

    My goal was to give 100k xp worth of valentines, but I couldn't quite do it.
    Biggest regret? Not being able to give a Valentine to Robertthegoat who gave one to me while in /v.

    Even when I log into other servers, I still try to /valentine everyone and get an unknown command message.


    Thank you to all of you who stood still long enough for me to send you a valentine.
    I was with some of my friends for part of it, and they heard me yelling things like,
    "HA! Take that, so and so person, you were not able to escape my love."
    "YOU! I haven't loved you yet!"
    "Nuuuuuu, they evaded me! I could not forcibly love them!!!"

    I probably typed /val +tab more than 8,000 times.

    I saw No3is a lot.
    It's a shame they didn't get something, too, because I know what it takes to get over 1,000.
    I won't complain, though; I just think they deserve recognition.

    If I didn't love you during the event, I'm sorry.
    I'll try again next year, so stand still longer before joining a game!

    TL;DR: Aaaaaaaaa, thank you!!!

    EDIT: P.S. Navaar, I think you could have made the top 10 if you afked in the lobby during the peak timezones for Japan. I don't remember seeing you either night during 12-3AM central time when there were nearly 200 unique players in the lobby at once on the first night.
  9. Hingey Platinum

    Probably because there were no new votings.
  10. Navarr Network Co-Lead

    I did try to AFK in the lobby as much as I could, but reboots hampered that

    Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
    Kelestami likes this.
  11. LegendaryAlex Gold

    They don't love you enough my mustached boy :(
  12. Kelestami Platinum


    I guess it's not worth losing sleep over to relog into the lobby.
    I could learn from this.
  13. No3is Platinum


    Feels Bad Man... :c
    But however congraz to Kelestami, I know how much time this consumed to wait for new players that did not recieve a valentine yet. I unfortunatly overslept the japenese peaktimes but still managed to valentine 1349 unique Players. But 1655 players must have taken alot more time as you really had to keep an eye open to remember who you did not valentine yet. So a well deserved victory for Kelestami! :D

    Mistri and Kelestami like this.
  14. No3is Platinum

    Haha thanks, but there can only be one true champion.
    And you are the champion in the love game :stuck_out_tongue:

    In fact I have gained 25 550xp so I guess that´s prize enough :)
    Mistri and Kelestami like this.
  15. LegitNube Platinum

    Well, good for all the people in the Japanese region, and all the people without school, or life
  16. Kelestami Platinum


    Thank you!
    I love you, too, LegitNube.
    Happy late (or extremely early) Valentines Day!
    _Swipe likes this.
  17. No3is Platinum

    Only spent like 2-4 hours though and had holidays so yea. However wouldve been more if I wasn´t busy on valentines day
    Kelestami likes this.

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