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No Prefix Update: Small Loot Changes

Discussion in 'MineZ' started by halowars91, Jul 13, 2017.

No Prefix - Update: Small Loot Changes
  1. halowars91 Lead Builder


    A question for you all. Have you ever been looting, and thought to yourself, "Wow, it's been 30 minutes, and I haven't found any sugar, and now I'll need to resort to the MineZ black market for my sugar?". If this sounds like you, don't change the channel. Boy, do we have a deal for you! Now, exclusively in MineZ, we're bringing sugar back! You'll be able to find sugar in more places, most notably, places with mil_uncommon chests. LIVE NOW!

    TL;DR: We modified the occurrence of precious sugar, most notably in mil_uncommon chests. We'd love to hear your feedback on this.

    Coming up
    Here at the MineZ Loot Group (MLG for short), we've been taking a big look into loot throughout the MineZ world, and have decided on a few key areas of the loot tables currently, which are way out of tune. This weekend we plan on balancing some more chests. More on that later this week! What would you change about the current loot tables?

  2. JTGangsterLP6 Administrator

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  3. LegendaryAlex Gold

    I guess you can say that suger is better than ... SALT >: D
    Am I right (insert player that gets salty fast)? :lmao:
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  4. halowars91 Lead Builder

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  5. LegendaryAlex Gold


  6. SuperMasony Platinum

    Make Food_Rare chests good and not worse then Food_Commons? The food rares just produce mushrooms and cocoa beans more often, while the commons produce the more direct on food?
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  7. Meme_MC Platinum

    changes i think would be cool:

    all room chests --> dungeon ins, or massively buff them somehow,
    splash 3s should be entirely removed,
    in normal dungeons, dungeon outs --> dungeon ins, and have dungeon ins drop dungeon out exclusive loot like pies and prot helms,
    in elite dungeons, all end chests should be dungeon outs, and be non campable,
    buff dungeon outs if theyre removed from regular dungeons (arrows and nades pls),
    wizards tower is easily done, please fix. splash invs r fun and all but its annoying when you fight against 10 people with muramasas and 20+ splash 3s,
    remove smite 4s and 5s

    ALL spires should drop the gnawed bone, and one of the spires needs to drop enchanted leggings
    ghost ship chests drop useless items, and are not worth the risk. change them to be useful!

    every western and eastern location needs a buff, or all of the middle locations need a nerf (looking at you, frostbain)
    even though i just said nerf all middle locations, places such as sathara, devils castle, crymoore, etc, need a huge buff
    every spawn town except geuten is filled with food chests, allowing very easy gear to run to a dungeon with (portsmouth)

    mil common shouldnt drop bandages
    remove cacti or make them placeable again

    idk im sure some of these are contradicting and/or stupid but some of them have to be good
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  8. SuperMasony Platinum

    Your whole first chest idea makes no sense and just makes the game harder then it already is.
  9. Meme_MC Platinum

    as much as i like abusing wizards and devils, they need to be nerfed. making dungeon outs in normal dungeons makes complete sense as long as theyre buffed, as to prevent god gear from only 2 dungeon runs
  10. Valkyrion_ Regular Member

    While I don't have any suggestions regarding changes to specific loot of certain chests, I would just like to point out the location aspect of where to find chests. Good loot in certain places means more popularity towards a previously not-very-well-visited area. It's encouraged to explore in the MineZ world - perhaps towns that nobody ever goes to anymore need a buff. Essentially, make locations feel more unique and interesting with their loot.

    tl;dr consider the locations of these chests when changing up loot tables, ya heckin' dingus.
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  11. ACrispyTortilla SMASH Mini Admin

    can u make barathrum not trash for how far out of the way it is?
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  12. Mistri Art Team Lead

    Drug reference? :zanonymous:

    On topic: this is great :D
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  13. Goliac Silver

    More buttons
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  14. Goliac Silver

    Also, people are saying Frostbain needs a nerf.A good idea would be replacing the mil_mythic at the top of windmill with a mil_epic.This will also give a reason to climb Statue Of Agni.
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  15. Typuzer Platinum

    buff grave looting?
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  16. Talef Mini Builder

    give iron shovels damage again. finding weapons in the south is ridiculous until you have the spawn axe or sword so you end up punching zombies to death.
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  17. Nalacion Mini Builder

    MineZ Looting Overhaul

    Part One: Weapons and Armor

    Currently, the weapons are far too numerous in terms of quality and quantity. You have, in increasing order for zombie slaying, Wooden Sword, Stone Axe, Stone Sword, Iron Axe, Iron Sword, Smite I, Smite II, Smite III, Diamond Sword, Smite IV, and Smite V.

    I propose having the zombie health weakened by 5hp (five health, 2.5 hearts), so that you can remove Smite IV and Smite V from the list. The Smite I's would end up being akin to the current Smite III, and should have the same rarity as one. The Smite II's would end up being the equivalent of the current Smite IV, and would be reserved for Mythic chests. Same for Smite III (which would be like a Smite V), they'd be in Mythics.

    Lowering overall zombie health by 5hp (five health, 2.5 hearts) would also bring back Bow/Arrows for PvE. You could one-shot Zombies almost 100 percent of the time, which makes up for the pitiful spawn rate of arrows in the south.

    As for armor: make leather spawn at higher durability so they actually have value. It's very bad right now against zombies (which is fine), but it already has the worst durability ever. Boost the durability to where it's over half for each piece, because then people can easily use it until they get higher-tier armor. Find a way to make iron helmets worth it (either by increasing the maximum possible durability or re-adding headshots while making iron helmets headshot-immune). These two changes fix a terrible amount of problems with the current armor tiers and armor looting.

    Part Two: Potions

    As many have said: remove Splash III's from the game entirely. Remove Drink III's as well. With the proposed zombie changes, a Splash II would be all that would be required, while still being weaker than a Grenade. Splash I's will be meaningful again. Remove potions from dungeon_outs because dungeon_outs should be reserved for military loot.

    Part Three: Food

    Similar again to what others have said, make the rarer food chests not contain crafting implements. The rare food chests should be available to provide instant relief for starvation and should be reserved for the places that don't have a ton of food chests in the surrounding area. Save the crafting stuff for the middle-ground chests, as they provide some of the best food items in the game but require a ton of inventory space.

    To combat the current complaints about "too much gear in dungeons", mix in a dungeon_food chest that contains a certain amount of full stacks of either 8 cookies (hardened biscuits that never go bad) or 3 bread (crackers, basically, but preserved). These are the two best foods for dungeons, and make sense to still be fresh inside dungeons. Put pumpkin pies in the rare food chests alongside cakes and whatnot.

    Part Four: Miscellaneous

    Have graves give full durability chain gear pieces with stone axes in the south, and graves give full durability iron pieces with iron axes in the north (adds a small amount of lore, and gives a better way to get iron axes). Keep the current rate, but only give that kind of stuff and the potential for a zombie (with potential for pigmen in the north).

    Put iron hoes in northern tool chests as opposed to wooden hoes (it really looks bad to have a flimsy thing that's basically a nice item to have, and they already spawn in abundance anyway). Up the spawn rate for buttons in northern tool chests.

    Remove glowstone if you remove III's.

    Make Depth Strider enchantment be on pants instead of boots.
  18. Cromagna Retired Staff

    • Smite simplification = good. I agree there are too many Smite levels that are barely noticeable from one tier to the next (Smite I and Smite II are very similar, so are Smite IV and Smite V, etc).
    • I think your armor suggestions are quite nice, especially the headshot reintroduction + iron helmets protecting against them.
    • Personally, I don't mind healing III's being reserved for dungeon chests ONLY. Remove them from pot_rare chests.
    • I would love bread to be in dungeon chests. As the best food item in the game, it's fitting. Pumpkin pies should definitely be in food_rare or food_uncommon chests alongside cake.
    • I think graves should give low-dura chain since you could assume that whatever armor a dead person was wearing will have been well-worn and left in the ground for who-knows-how-long. I don't think graves should give iron armor at all, but mostly because it seems like a terribly inefficient way to gear, so no one would use it... therefore, no reason to put it in.
    • I think stone hoes in the north would be great. Assuming they still spawn in abundance, stone should be perfectly fine as opposed to iron. The wood -> stone jump makes more sense mechanically than wood -> iron imo.
    • Up the spawn rates for buttons in rare tool chests! Yes!
    • Please make Depth Strider pants rather than boots. It still makes sense and would create a full set of enchantments - helmet, chestplate, pants, and boots.
  19. FixGoldNameTag Obsidian

    This would be a really good idea if they changed splash II's and splash I's back to their original healing values
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  20. Lomrun Platinum

    If you really want people to scatter around more and explorer more. Program a counter that checks how often each chest get looted in towns/locations. Every week the loot tabbles will be adjusted to that number (multiplier). Meaning towns which are looted more often, will get lower tier chests, and locations which barely get looted will gain a tier in chests.

    This would make sense as it will give the sensation that the location is already "Raided". Also increase the spawnrate when the locations are looted more often. Because zombies "follow people" around to populated areas.

    This requires people to think more strategicly. Because every week you have to think which towns are probably raided alot and the towns are also more dangerous. This will cause people to switch location roads every week and requires you to have knowledge on how the playerbase is most likely gonna to adjust.

    This will keep gearing atleast interesting because it will never be the same.

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