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Suggestion Update revert.

Discussion in 'Annihilation' started by Sehtarik, Aug 20, 2019.

Suggestion - Update revert.
  1. Sehtarik Obsidian

    Hey, I've been a player of shotbow since wayback (1.5.2), and started to play since a short time again.
    What I've found to be the problem to "192/10000 players online" =

    • Only US servers.
    • PvP-based gamemodes have to be played on 1.12.2
    • Server lagg
    • Not listening to the community AT ALL
    I mean why would you host a "Community based" server, and NOT listen to the community at all?
    I've seen many players requesting many things and those things to be denied,
    If you're going to stay on 1.12 fix your server lagg and EU servers?
    But please for the love of God, find a solution that befits all players around the whole world, it should not be that hard if you have owned a server for this long?
    For the Adminstrators on this community platform:
    • Be active, not only as an Admin, but also as a player so people can level with you.
    • Be active on the forums, read and acknowledge what the players want, for where you're the only connection for us to the owner(s)
    • Have more events planned for ALL the gamemodes, MineZ (not only SS or even YS), on Annihilation for prizes to be won.
    Rebuild this community please.
    Kind Regards, Sehtarik.

  2. karabear04 Regular Member

    It will take a shotbow admin 2 months to respond
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  3. Sehtarik Obsidian

    I know, and that's exaclty what I ment with "Be active"
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  4. VictorLight Regular Member

    Shotbow staff members have always been ahead of themselves, a few YEARS ago they said they would release Gold Rush, to this day we still don't have it released to the public.
    There are also a lot of great ideas to improve all gamemodes and yet no one bothered to implement them into the actual game.
    Anni is the only thing keeping the server alive so far and look at the glitches you face when you play.
    I love Shotbow but it's gotten very frustrating to deal with all of this.
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  5. LKnightO Platinum

  6. ralphypuppy Regular Member

    I don’t think they’re NOT listening to fans...

    But, I mean... They would gain a TON of their playerbase back and new players if they just updated to 1.14/13 and stopped living in the 1.9 days. There are just too many features and mechanics they are missing out on, and while they’ll have to update some Anni maps to fit the big new mechanics like in 1.13, they could just... y’know, do it. Hell I’ve even made suggestions on how to incorporate 1.13 mechanics in Anni and I suck at PVP!

    They’ve already modified 1.9’s PVP to resemble 1.8’s, and while it isn’t perfect or exactly 1.8- combat, I mean... They’ve already done it. Combat hasn’t changed much since 1.9, so why is Anni still 1.9? Just update it to at least 1.12 base. And then, make it 1.13 and 14 base! 1.13 had some major code redos, so just get the code to work with that, and then the server can finally continually update from there. Easy. This way, 90% of Minecraft (the ones on the current versions) will join Shotbow. Staying this far in the past is suicide for Shotbow Network.
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  7. cokc Platinum

    shotbow's numbers are a tenth of what they used to be, as a direct result of updating past 1.7 base (and to a lesser extent, several other issues such as the DDoSers, the antiquated anticheat, and the poor quality of server hosting). even now, several other 1.7.* HCF servers have all quadrupled shotbow's player numbers (and are each far more profitable than shotbow, despite being in direct competition with each other). you're conflating updating with progress; shotbow's updates to newer versions are a clear regression in terms of the server's quality, as seen by the rampant abandonment (both by staff and players) and overall dissatisfaction.

    the removal of 1.7-ing and blockhitting in the 1.8 update made 1.7 the last truly good pvp update; specifically, the removal of blockhitting lowered the skill ceiling and made a fight's outcome much more based upon gear, while the removal of 1.7-ing allowed kiting to be far too viable an option. 1.8 is only bearable in comparison to the pants-on-head retarded timed hits of the newer updates, which lowered the skill ceiling of the game even more drastically. there's a reason why every major soup, potpvp, and UHC server (sans Hypixel) uses a 1.7 base; the pvp mechanics of 1.7 are strictly better and have a higher skill ceiling. additionally, every major clientside anticheat runs 1.7, either exclusively or as default (badlion client is the only clientside anticheat, to my knowledge, which accommodates 1.12; lunar, pvplounge, and cosmic clients are all exclusively 1.7). clientside anticheat is a relatively new innovation and is far more effective at preventing cheaters than any serverside anticheat ever could be; to argue that shotbow is staying in the past by using a 1.9 base is especially ridiculous given the fact that its NPC-based serverside anticheat is a modified version of a public nocheat plugin (lmao). to make things worse, shotbow doesn't even use a 1.8 base, which would already be subpar- instead, it uses a 1.9 base and tries to emulate 1.8, with shoddy patchwork stand-ins for certain 1.8 mechanics (for example, instead of being able to block with a sword like in 1.8, the offhand soulbound shield is used to try to fix this).

    i'm fully aware that, since the shotbow admins are hell-bent on updating their server rather than upgrading it, shotbow will never again see a 1.7 base, and will likely update to 1.12+ sometime in the future. i'm also aware that half of the remaining players never even played during the 1.7 days and only want to see new classes with crossbows, elytras, and totems in annihilation (and usually also a scout nerf). i don't even play shotbow anymore, but i still think it's worth saying how far shotbow has fallen with its obsession of updating, regardless of the update's quality.
  8. Mistri Network Lead

    I haven't seen any legitimate suggestions in this thread, all I see is "you are not listening to the community". If you have a suggestion, go ahead and post it on the forums — however, we may not respond or we may not implement it if it's one of the following:
    1. You're asking us to revert to an old version — we've made it very clear that we're going to keep up with the latest versions of Minecraft as much as possible in order to attract new players and grow our playerbase. We can't rely on our old 1.7 playerbase anymore, clearly
    2. It's something that requires a lot of code — I read this comment and laughed:
    Do you seriously think that we are simply not releasing Gold Rush to spite you? Do you actually believe that we hate Gold Rush?

    We all think it's an amazing game, but you clearly don't understand that creating a good, functioning game requires a LOT of work, which we simply don't have at the moment. For the millionth time, all of our developers are volunteers, and there's not much we can do about our slow development process.

    Yes, we totally want Shotbow to have TONS of the suggestions that we see on the forums, but we're not going to implement all of them straight away — it takes time when 100% of your code is produced by volunteers. Want to help out? Apply to be a developer.
  9. VictorLight Regular Member


    And you clearly don't understand me.
    Where did I say you hated gold rush or you're just teasing us? I'm saying taking +4 years for one gamemode that isn't guaranteed is way too long.
    Working on anni would've been way better because it's shotbow's savior.

    Also something that requires a lot of code?
    I DIDN'T ask you to create a whole gamemode as I wanted, all I said was gold rush should've been done by now.

    Read comments more carefully instead of laughing next time.
    Have a nice day.
  10. Saviour Regular Member


    Ok, well thats not exactly true lol. The biggest minecraft server that has an average playercount of 75k has 1.8-1.14 compatibility. Not only that but the owner of this server tweeted out "More than 53% of out server are using 1.8, a 4 year old version of Minecraft" [IMG] https://imgur.com/a/f5w2lD8. I do think that updating your server does allow for growth and such, but excluding 1.7/1.8 was a big mistake. Literally, your 2 most popular games revolve around PvP and its no secret that 1.7/1.8 is superior in terms of combat. So why you would just completely get rid of 1.7/1.8 is.. i dont even know. Its just stupid in my eyes.

    And the whole "Listening to the community" thing. https://imgur.com/a/hAQuxjD... :(:(
  11. Mistri Network Lead

    People will get tired of games, just as they have with Shotbow's. We need to make new games in order to survive, especially short-attention-span games like Gold Rush to appeal to the younger crowd.

    Gold Rush has taken a long time, and the staff team is also frustrated that it's taken so long — but there's nothing we can do to help it. Lazer started coding the game right before he left, and it's been recoded quite a few times since then due to the version changes and changes in leadership. We're doing our best.

    You can't compare Hypixel to Shotbow, they simply have the popularity that we've never had, due to the fundamentally different structure of the company. Hypixel could pretty much do anything and still retain their playerbase.

    1. Less than 100 votes on a forum thread is not representative of the full community
    2. That option won by 18 votes. We literally can't satisfy anybody, and everyone will complain that we don't listen if their opinion of what's best isn't chosen.
    3. I made a 1.13 poll to gauge the community's interest a while back. We do listen and make our decisions with community feedback in mind.
    4. For the final time, any suggestions related to the version of the game will be considered but we have the ultimate goal of attracting new players.
  12. Saviour Regular Member

    Ok, maybe Shotbow hasnt exactly had the exposure that Hypixel has had. After all they have a large staff team who gets paid. Simon (the owner) treats it as a business. Thats fair. But im not exactly saying that Shotbow should try to be just like Hypixel. Im just saying that the most successful server on Minecraft accommodates for almost every playstyle. By allowing 1.8-1.14 they are attracting competitive players who want fast paced and intense games, aswell as bringing in players who may never have played Minecraft before. As I said 53% of their players are on 1.8. so if they excluded 1.8 they would just be decreasing the quality of their competitive games. How so? I think there have been many threads already explaining how 1.8 is superior to 1.9 but ill just say it again, 1.8 has alot more pvp mechanics which makes the skill gap larger. Anyways Im not a server owner, but I think that if Hypixel were to update to ONLY 1.12.2 (like Shotbow) they would loose a considerate amount of players. Enough where it would be wiser to keep 1.8.

    Last thing. No that poll might not be the most accurate thing, but there was never an official black and white official poll asking "Would you rather have 1.8 or 1.9". Not only that, but I feel like the Shotbow forums are kind of dead. Its just people complaining about premium benefits and about how teaming is unfair in minez :lmao:. I think that if the Shotbow discord had a channel where the staff could ask the community a question and the community could react with a check mark or a x if they want it or not. Im not saying that if 2 people say no and 5 people say yes, you should do it. But if you get a large enough input you could consider listening to the community. Reasoning behind Discord > Forums is that because Discord is more modern. People are constantly on discord every day for several hours. While some people (like me :)) only check the forums maybe once a week.
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  13. zoomninja3000 Regular Member

    But what about people like me who don't trust discord?
  14. Saviour Regular Member

    what do you mean... ?

    And they could still have polls on the forums, just also take input from discord.
  15. zoomninja3000 Regular Member

    I don't like all of this new stuff. However, I don't really mind the version.

    Edit: World of color will spice some things up...
  16. Hollow_Leg Gold


    I gotta say, I haven't seen many people complain about Shotbow not updating versions.
    But worry not, they are getting around to setting the base version of the server to 1.12, and then sometime down the line they will probably update further.
  17. Saviour Regular Member

    yea but they are now getting rid of 1.9-1.11 so im not sure how thats really "updating". They are just changing version... :vv
  18. zoomninja3000 Regular Member

    Higher base version = more available mechanics/blocks i.e. concrete or shulker box.
  19. LKnightO Platinum

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  20. cokc Platinum

    literally no one is paid on this server lmao, how much do u really think shotbow makes?

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