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Discussion [Unofficial] New Achievements

Discussion in 'MineZ' started by Fridge2177, Nov 21, 2017.

Discussion - [Unofficial] New Achievements
  1. Fridge2177 Localization Lead

    Hey everyone! So the other day I was thinking abut how to bring back old players, keep the interest of current players and as well bring in new players. So I thought for a while, and I remembered how much people would play in MineZ 2 just to get achievements, build houses and gather resources - there was a goal and in order to achieve that goal you had to put in a lot of time and effort (maybe too much for MZ2)

    We already have a bunch of achievements but I noticed that a lot of them are the same and some are very outdated. This post is going to be very long because Ive listed ALL the current achievements + ones that I feel should be added (marked in orange).

    Another part that I feel needs to be reworked are the rewards for achieving these landmarks. Unless you want to complete the achievements there is no motivation to complete them - so Ive added a few rewards that I think the community would want (marked in pink)

    What I want to make of this post is I want to hear from YOU! I want to know what you guys want to see from the achievement system - what rewards you want (in spawn kit or temporary items, XP or maybe bonus attributes (like bonus health or perks). Try to read through the coloured achievements so you don't double up on anything when making a suggestion but if you like a certain suggestion, comment and let me know so we can see what is popular.

    Ill update this post and add your suggestions in here as well :D

    Drinking Achivements
    • Mmm. Water
      • Drink your first bottle of water
    • Thirst Quencher
      • Drink 100 bottles of water
    • Is this Water Boarding?
      • Drink 1000 bottles of water
      • Water Bottle - Permanent
    • One with the fishes
      • Drink 10,000 bottles of water
    Healing Achivements
    • Teamwork! Hoorah!
      • Bandage another survivor in a single life
    • Lending a Helping Hand
      • Bandage 10 survivors in a single life
    • Did I Hear Someone Yell Medic?
      • Bandage 50 survivors in a single life
      • Shears - 24 hours
    • Have No Fear, A Medic is Here!
      • Bandage 100 survivors in a single life
      • Bandage 250 survivors in a single life
      • Red Dye - 24 hours
    • Field Medic
      • 500 career survivors bandaged
    • Doctor
      • 1,000 career survivors bandaged
      • Shears - Permanent
    • Surgeon
      • 2,500 career survivors bandaged
      • Green Dye - Permanent
    • Master Surgeon
      • 5,000 career survivors bandaged
      • Red Dye - Permanent
    • I’m helping the cause!
      • Stop the infection from spreading by healing 50 players in a single life
      • Milk - Permanent
    Location Achivements
    • Visit Evergreen Manor
    • Visit Frostbain Catacombs
    • Visit the coastal City of Romero
    • Explore the depths of the Romero sewers
    • Visit the former Capital of Grimdale
    • Visit the Yawpton Military Barracks
    • Explore the abandoned Fort Erie mountain outpost
    • Visit the Camp Kharj military outpost
    • Visit the run aground Pirate Ship
    • Visit the famed northeastern City of Al Hasa
    • Visit the snowy Town of Frostbain
    • Visit the coastal military encampment Camp Bell
    • Visit the mysterious Island Spire
    • Discover the mysterious Floating Islands
    • Visit the coastal fishing village Portsmouth
    • Visit the mysterical Stonehenge
    • Visit the small Village of Hunstgrove
    • Visit the coastal grave yard
    • Visit the snowy Town of Whitehaven
    • Visit the grand Castle Byesford
    • Visit the secret laboratory underneath Castle Byesford
    • Discover the secret Fire Shrine
    • Discover the Abandoned Farm in the depths of the canyons
    • Discover the abandoned Logging Camp
    • Explore the jungle and locate the Tree Tops Shelter
    • Find the Ghost Ship
    • Uncover the secret Library of Axis Mundi
    • Cross the bridge and see Hell Tree
    • <Need Title>
      • Travel to 15 locations in 1 life
      • 2 carrots - 24 hours
    • Wanderer
      • Discover 5 locations in MineZ
    • Scout
      • Discover 10 locations in MineZ
    • Trailblazer
      • Discover 20 locations in MineZ
    • Explorer
      • Discover 30 locations in MineZ
      • 500 XP
    • Cave Explorer
      • Visit 10 underground towns
    • Every 1000 step journey starts with 1 step
      • Take your first steps in MineZ
    • Where's my walking stick?
      • Travel ____ m by foot
    • I think I'm going to need new shoes soon
      • Travel ____ m by foot
    • Where's my walking stick?
      • Travel ____ m by foot
    Loot Achivements
    • Loot!
      • Find your first loot chest
    • Show me the money!
      • Find 100 loot chests
    • I love loot. Loot, loot, loot!
      • Find 1000 loot chests
    • Mad lootz
      • The z in Lootz means you’ve found over 10,000 loot chests
    • Obtain ALL the Loot!
      • Find 100,000 loot chests
    Time achivements
    • Play MineZ for 10 min
    • Barely Breathing
      • Survive in MineZ for 10 minutes in a single life
    • Survivor
      • Survive in MineZ for 1 hour in a single life
    • Master Survivor
      • Survive in MineZ for 6 hours in a single life
    • Unkillable
      • Survive in MineZ for 24 hours in a single life
    • Invincible
      • Survive in MineZ for a week in a single life
    Zombie killing achivements
    • 1 down 999,999 more to go
      • Get your first Zombie kill
    • Learning the ropes
      • Get 10 Zombie kills in 1 life
      • 100 XP
    • 50 Dead Zeds
      • Get 50 Zombie kills in 1 life
    • Stackin Zombie Corpses
      • Get 100 Zombie kills in 1 life
    • Zombies? What Zombies?
      • Get 250 Zombie kills in 1 life
      • 1,500 XP
    • A Trail of Undead
      • Get 1,000 Zombie kills in 1 life
      • 3,000 XP // Iron Sword - 24 hours
    • A Hero of the Land
      • Kill 5,000 Zombie kills in 1 life
      • Speed Potion - Permanent
    • Gravedigger
      • 1,000 career Zombie kills
    • Zombie Slayer
      • 10,000 career Zombie kills
    • Zombie Hunter
      • 50,000 career Zombie kills
      • Stone Sword - Permanent
    • The Hero
      • 100,000 career Zombie kills
      • Stone Axe - Permanent
    • The Legend
      • 500,000 career Zombie kills
    • The Saviour of Humanity
      • 1,000,000 career Zombie kills
    • Woah! Arrows kill Zombies?
      • Get a single kill with a bow and arrow in a single life
    • Ranger? Yes please
      • Get 10 kills with a bow and arrow in a single life
    • Right in its undead eye
      • Get 50 kills with a bow and arrow in a single life
      • 5 arrows - 24 hours
    • Melee? Melee is for suckers
      • Get 100 kills with a bow and arrow in a single life
      • 15 arrows - 24 hours
    • Silent but deadly
      • Get 250 kills with a bow and arrow in a single life
      • 15 arrows - 24 hours
    • This is my BOOM stick!
      • Get 500 kills with a bow and arrow in a single life
      • 15 arrows - 24 hours
    • Apprentice Archer
      • 1,000 career archery kills
      • Bandage - Permanent
    • Archer
      • 5,000 career archery kills
      • Grapple - Permanent
    • Expert Archer
      • 10,000 career archery kills
      • Grapple - Permanent
    • Master Archer
      • 25,000 career archery kills
      • Water Bottle - Permanent
    • Grandmaster Archer
      • 50,000 career archery kills
    • A Different Kind of Zombie
      • Kill your first Giant
    • The Harder They Fall
      • Kill 10 Giants in your career
    • Toppling the Heavyweights
      • Kill 25 Giants in your career
    • Slayer of Goliaths
      • Kill 50 Giants in your career
    • Experiment Gone Wrong
      • Kill your first Zombie Pigman
    • They've multiplied!
      • Kill 10 career Zombie Pigmen
    • <Need Title>
      • Kill 50 career Zombie Pigmen
    • <Need Title>
      • Kill 150 career Zombie Pigmen
      • 500 XP
    • [Daily] The Grind is Good
      • Kill 10 zombies in a single session
    • Stop Sprinting
      • Die of starvation 100 times
    • Fire Priest
      • Burn to death 100 times
    • Water! I need water!
      • Die from dehydration 100 times
    • What a Prick
      • Die from a cactus
    • Life, Death, Rebirth
      • Die 2,000 times in your career
    • Atop the Spire
      • Reach the top of the Spire
    • <Need a Title>
      • Reach the top of the Floating Islands
    • Jacsebalon must die!
      • Kill Jacsebalon
      • Speed Potion - 24 hours
    Dungeon Achievements
    • A Taste for Adventure!
      • Complete 1 dungeon
    • Dungeoneer
      • Complete 5 dungeons
    • Master Dungeoneer
      • Complete 15 dungeons
    • Elite Dungeoneer
      • Complete All the Elite dungeons
    • <Need a Title>
      • Complete Paluster Shrine
    • <Need a Title>
      • Complete Anemos Sanctum
    • <Need a Title>
      • Complete Desert Canyon Sanctuary
    • <Need a Title>
      • Complete Frostbain Catacombs
    • <Need a Title>
      • Seal away Dentril by completing Shrine of the Dusk
    Bandit Achivements
    • What have I done?
      • Kill another player
    • <Need a Title>
      • Kill 5 players in your career
    • <Need a Title>
      • Kill 20 players in your career
    • <Need a Title>
      • Kill 50 players in your career
    • <Need a Title>
      • Kill 100 players in your career
    • <Need a Title>
      • Kill 25 players in 1 life
      • Sugar - 24 hours
    This is a bit different but I'd also like to see the leaderboards updated so that they are actually useful and or something I would want to work towards.

    Leaderboard updates
    • Remove anyone who is an admin from the boards
    • Add ranking for most heals
    • Add ranking for distance travelled
    • Add ranking for total deaths
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  2. Goliac Silver

    This idea has been suggested a few times.I'm glad to see it's happening.
    Also i would like to see some sort of achievement where you have to kill pigmens.
    Fridge2177 likes this.
  3. JTGangsterLP6 Administrator

    It's a good initiative, but 3 points have to be considered:
    • While obtaining a second bandage requires you to get 1,000 career archery kills, this post suggests only 50 heals in a single life to get a permanent milk bucket in one's spawn kit.
    • Any kind of bandit achievement with a reward will cause players with better gear to camp spawn towns for kills.
    • Many players suicide to get their desired spawn point. A leaderboard which ranks the total amount of deaths would be meaningless.
    Other than that, I would like to see the grenade or the bow as reward for 50,000 career archery kills, as I have already suggested here. :)
  4. Lomrun Platinum

    I do agree that there should be more achievements or some changes, I do wanna point out some things.

    For the dungeon achievements:
    Even though I would love to see them, I don't think it would be good of an idea. Dungeons change, new ones get added or some might even get removed. Meaning the achievement wouldn't be fair across all players, as depending on when they did the dungeon. Dungeons aren't consistent hence why it would be to much trouble to keep updating them.

    For the bandit achievements:
    I don't think we should encourage people to bandit. As being your argument for having more achievements, is to get old players back, keep the current player base entertained, and even try to get more people to play. I don't think people will like being spawn killed over and over, simply because people want to farm their achievements. People might even alt kill. Adding this would make the south in a giant pvp chaos. This will just turn off the new commers.

    My suggestions:
    Achievements are something you do for the long run. Its also kind of, one of the few things you can do in minez for the long run. It encourage people to play, to just to play the game. Having the x kill zombie achievements is a good example. Some people even take it to far to actually make it their goal, while others do it more passivly. It rewards people by just playing the game a lot.
    And in my opinion we should try making achievements that rewards people that just play the game for a long time. One way would be adding more spawn kits, some permanent but will take a very long time to get. (The perm milk for only 50 heals seems a bit to easy to me), and make the temp kits last longer. As people who do achieve them survive longer then 24 hours, meaning they don't actually get to use it (or make it you get it on the next mz spawn rather being a timed thing). A lot of achievements currently don't give a spawn kit, and aren't repeatable. Unlike the 10, 250, 1k zombie kils, and 50, 100, 250 , 500 archery kills. Maybe having a repeatable giant killing achievement with a temp spawn kit would be good. Having a temp kit for surviving x amount of time would be good too, etc. This way people won't feel like that it was all a waste if they survived for that long just to start over al again.
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  5. Talef Gold

    Please add a milk somewhere because I always get infected in spawn towns before finding a milk (yes i loot all the civ chests). You spawn with a bandage by default but I think infection is more common than bleeding (when you're getting hit solely by zombies).

    Achievements for every dungeon just makes sense, they are something you want to complete every one of and show off and having a universal checklist is nice. I don't care if the reward is something puny like 10xp per dungeon.

    (Edit: Maybe give fire priest reward a fire prot 1 spawn chestplate? not enough to be useful but shiny and fire themed)

    Also please make the 24 hour rewards in game time instead of real life time.
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  6. Typuzer Platinum

    remove achievements you can not get anymore as well (killing jacsebalon)
  7. shannonclan Gold

    Some more achivements:
    - Kill X number of pigs/cows/chickens
    - An achievement set for killing skeletons
    - Some more weapon related achievements (zombies killed with grenades, kill 5 zombies with an axe in one swing)
    - Place X number of buttons
    - Loot the hidden chest under the lake in Tristitia
    - Visit all 4 spires in one life / Equip a full set of spire enchanted armor

    I don't know if all of these are even possible to track but I'm just throwing my ideas out there.
  8. mines Regular Member

    I really like the the ideas Fridge and would love to see the leaderboards updated and healing added to it :stuck_out_tongue:

    I personally believe the 1 day temporary achievements are a little wasted and don't really incentivise putting in the effort. If the reward lasted a few days, maybe 3 - 7 that would be very much welcomed by me (interested to hear what anyone else thinks on this in replies below).

    In addition an achievement for 10,000 heals would be amazing to see and is something i've wanted for a while, perhaps a spawnkit green enchanted unbreaking chestplate or a perminant green nametag or something to reflect the work put in. Those ideas may seem a bit too overpowered, but having healed and played for such a long time, very few players would ever reach this making the rewards justified in my option. In addition it would incentive more players to help and heal to reap the rewards. I'm nearly at 5,000 heals, and that's been really difficult to get, it'd be really nice to have 10,000 to work toward. If 1,000,000 career zombie kills is an achievement, I don't see why 10,000 heals couldn't be.

    Anyway thank you for your time, any additions on the achievement front would be very much appreciated. I'm really glad you brought this topic back into discussion Fridge, I look forward to seeing any developments!

    - Mines
  9. AsianLittleKidd MineZ Mini Admin

    Id heal just for that green nametag lmfao +1
  10. LegendaryAlex Platinum

    You shouldve added a poll.
    It makes it clear if most people liked it and/or disliked it.
  11. Thomas_Dorland Obsidian

    Banditing is part of the game? Like????

    Why is there a bandit tag then. Besides that, if people are too bad to PvP than they shouldn’t be playing a game that considered itself “HARDCORE”?
    LegendaryAlex likes this.

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