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Suggestion Unlockable Lumberjack

Discussion in 'Annihilation' started by Andy0132, Jan 29, 2014.

Suggestion - Unlockable Lumberjack
  1. Andy0132 Regular Member

    Here's my idea, plain and simple. Make lumberjack unlockable by chopping 1500 logs, same as miner.
    Now for the fine details.

    Q: This makes builder underpowered, have any ideas to fix that?
    A: Why yes I do! I will borrow Gizcow's idea(thanks to him). The builder now gains wool in their resource pack, and they spawn with shears.

    Q: I bought lumberjack, did I just waste my Xp?
    A: Yes, you did, but have no fear! The admins are able to cancel transactions.

    Q: What are my thoughts on lumberjack?
    A: I think it should be a weaker version of builder, as having two Xp classes that do the same thing is kind of redundant.

    Any other questions?
    Please comment your opinion below, flame posts will be deleted

    DISCLAIMER: I in no way hate lumberjack. I simply believe that it is redundant to have 2 Xp classes with the same purpose.

  2. Mr_Sudetsu Emerald

    Lumberjack is really good class, i bought it like my fifth and i love to play with lumberjack. Stop saying that lumberjack is bad class, before doing theese threads first buy lumberjack and try it.
  3. Robobot1747 Regular Member

    We, the people of the Annihilation Community, respectfully decline the invitation to join your hallucination.
  4. Friend1908 Regular Member

    LumberJack isn't a bad class!
    I don't think andy claimed it was a bad class. Rather it and builder were too similar
    Are you able to do delete them?
    Andy0132 likes this.
  5. Andy0132 Regular Member

    Asking a mod/admin if it does happen
  6. Friend1908 Regular Member

    Ah ok. I am looking forward to seeing what they do if people start being rude arrogant etc.
  7. ExpertDash Platinum

    I own Builder, and I've used Lumberjack in the Sandbox server. It was meh, and I personally like Builder alot better.

    The difference between Builder and Lumberjack:
    Lumberjack - Spends a long time mining wood to get a large amount of it and then makes huge walls and such
    Builder - Gets a constant stream materials in a smaller amount with which to expand upon bases over time

    And to answer your question I do infact want Lumberjack to be unlockable. I've made suggestions to this twice and a thread over it.
  8. Robobot1747 Regular Member

    I know. Nobody said lumberjack was a bad class. Mr_Sudetsu was saying to stop saying it was bad, even though Andy did not say it was bad, hence the hallucination remark.
  9. Andy0132 Regular Member

    So many statements, yet I've only got one opinion (two if you count mine).
  10. MrNomNom111 Regular Member

    Lumberjack isn't bad.

    It's just not worth 25000XP

    It would be much better as an unlockable, and would round out the unlockables,
  11. Andy0132 Regular Member

  12. Megaplaylist64 Platinum

    Maybe make it buyable for 15k XP??? Look how funny it would be:

    Classes: 25k XP.

    LumberJack (In the corner of hate): 15k XP.
    MrNomNom111 likes this.
  13. Andy0132 Regular Member

    True, but as MrNomNom111 said,
    Rounds' dem out

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