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Unbalanced/Various Bugs

Discussion in 'Slaughter' started by jonathan781230, Jul 2, 2019.

Unbalanced/Various Bugs
  1. jonathan781230 Regular Member

    So I'm gonna rant real quick about Slaughter

    I decided to take a look at this game, and it didn't take long for me to realize how neglected it is, not only player-wise, but also developer-wise. And I gotta say, maybe it wouldn't be so neglected by players if developers helped make sure the game wasn't completely broken. I didn't have any friends to play with at the moment, so I decided to run solo for a few games. Round 2 killed me faster than an enraged bear could have. The farm animals are just straight up fast. I also later realized that, when approached diagonally, they have the same attack range as players. Then there's an issue with mobs sometimes launching you incredible distances without dealing damage.

    Eventually, I found a map where I could cheese everything because I could exploit the farm animals' speed in my favor. Once I got through the issue of the animals being way too fast, the game got so much easier. The farm animals are so fast that their AI can't even control it properly- if any of them have to turn and jump at the same time, then they will continue flying for another block and fall of any conveniently placed ledges. So I camped until all of the chickens, pigs, and cows were gone, and then I fought the rest of the mobs by myself. Going solo, I managed to reach wave 10, and I lost on the wave that skeletons started spawning. All of that just by filtering out the farm animals- and it's not like it was hard to reach that point. That was my first try after discovering the exploit.

    Now, I'd like to compare Slaughter with Hypixel's Zombies minigame. Hypixel Zombies has guns and such, but I'm not gonna talk about that- I want to talk about how such an important part of that game is managing the horde of mobs, and trying to maintain distance from them so that you don't get torn to shreds. The game is fun because you are blocks away from a wall of death at all times, and it's a struggle to push it back and run away from it. The builders for Zombies also made sure that their maps weren't crowded and there was wiggle room for players, but not too much to just allow them to run in circles around mobs. In Slaughter, it doesn't matter where the hell you are in comparison to the horde of mobs. If there's a chicken, it's gonna snap your ankles. They are so much faster than you when you are walking, and players cannot sprint for very long at all. Chickens, cows, and pigs WILL outrun you and crowd around you. There is no way to strategize around them unless if you use some cheap exploit like I did, just because they're so unnecessarily fast. There is no skill or thought to fighting the farm animals, your only defense is clicking fast. They have all of this ridiculous speed, crazy knockback to quickly corner you, they spawn like there's no tomorrow, and yet the game progression treats them as if they are somehow easier to kill than zombies and spiders. With the rest of the mobs, spacing actually matters. It is legitimately possible to fight them without getting hit, if you make sure that you maintain enough space to not get hit while still being able to reach them. The spacing doesn't matter with the hyperspeed farm animals and your only option is to go nuts with clicking fast. The issue with the farm animals being fast is even worse when combined with all of the maps having rough terrain and thin walkways. In the case of Zombies, the builders created the maps to be just large enough to give players wiggle room to create gaps in the horde to run to while not giving them too much space to just straight up run away. They also created smooth terrain that almost always has stairs, so players won't trip over blocks and be overrun by the horde while walking backwards, which is something that you will inevitably do while fighting a horde. A horde will be consistently pushing players backwards, forcing them to retreat by absorbing all of their attacks and pressing forward. The issue with Slaughter is that retreating just flat out doesn't work. You run into all kinds of things, mobs spawn unpredictably around you, and the farm animals are just too fast. They force you to retreat even faster (to no avail, because they will outrun you anyways) and you eventually run out of map to run to.

    Another thing that I would like to point out is how gold is in general. Every single mob killed (At least that I know of) drops only one gold. This isn't much of a problem until you work your way over to bows. The bow costs 20 gold, and that's reasonable. The arrows are sold individually for 2 gold each, and that's the problem.

    As is, with all of the farm animals being so damn fast, there aren't ever any openings to use bows in the first place. If the farm animals are dead, then you don't need the bow. You can handle everything else with a sword- ESPECIALLY if using the bow means spending two gold with every shot. It takes 3 fully charged shots to kill one zombie, IF you land all three shots on said zombie. It costs 6 gold worth of arrows to kill one zombie, and you are only going to get one gold back, so it costs 5 gold to kill a zombie like that. There is no reason why it should be so expensive to use bows, especially if they're so hard to use in the middle of the chaos already. The only way to make enough money to progress is to use swords, so bows are just about useless until you have everything else. I just ended up not using my bow at all.

    in short, game is too hard and makes me want to cry when I play solo, so make farm animals slower and arrows cheaper

    thank you for listening to my ted talk
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  2. jinl3e Platinum

    Taking away the speed of the farm animals makes the game less challenging and fun in my opinion. I mean I think that the chicken speed is fine how it is since it's iconic and you can easily just hit them for easy gold but pigs and cows are the harder part. First 5 waves are the most intense in my opinion because of it. I can tell you that many people have beat these waves solo. Even though slaughter is typically a team game. There is actually a way to strategize. Normally the first 3 waves are fine and people worry about the cows. So spend your gold wisely. Like if you are on mines, the first 3 waves should get you to the shed, if not at least the balcony area which is a "safer" area so you shouldn't buy the little extra things yet. Then on the fourth wave you'll have enough gold to unlock the shed which is totally a safe place since you can hit mobs through the doors and kite the enemies coming from the stairs. Then on the 6th wave the farm animals are gone which is a relief and basically the game is just too easy. I have the opposite direction of where you want slaughter to go, it should be harder. I and some others suggested that there should be levels in slaughter, easy, medium and hard. Easy making the enemies go slower and items cost cheaper and harder with faster mobs and more expensive items but you gain more xp from each level.
    In regards about the bow, I disagree and agree with you. The bow in my opinion is one of the last items I get because it costs too much gold in the beginning but later when you start to get piles of gold you can just take it. Sometimes you need the bow earlier to shoot at wooden buttons to unlock doors. I think the arrow price is fine, you need to use the bow wisely but yeah, the damage needs to get a buff.

    Skaughter could use some love, there are so many things that could get implemented and fixed. Like spiders hitting you through walls or the mob tracker we have all been waiting for :> or like creative things like an aid kit similar to minez, events, xp shop, a boss, achievements, ex: Mob Slayer: You killed 100,000 mobs! +10xp

    They should also add colored leather to slaughter. If you were plat you get blue leather and if u are silver, u get grey etc.
    ok this is not a suggestions thread but whatever
  3. Mohawk2 Mini Builder

    In my opinion, there are multiple huge problems in this game. I used to main this game (And even made a map for it that got added) so I know a ton about it.
    1. The focus on camping. Like the OP brought up, you basically gotta find a cheaty spot to survive. I think they might have buffed mobs to "counter" this, but really it just makes some maps far too hard and essentially forces you to stay in one location the entire game, which isn't fun. Games should reward you for not sticking to one spot the entire game. In my map "Amazon" I tried to prevent camping but adding no great spots, but inadvertently made my map near impossible without going out of bounds.

    2. The high amount of mobs late game. In order to make this more "balanced" they makers of this game probably added the resistance, which isn't a good strategy because any individual hit does basically nothing to your heath bar late game. You essentially can't die late game unless you really screw up and mobs completely surround you. In zombies, each hit really matters and one or two mobs can kill you if you aren't careful, which keeps the game tense even in late game. I think this problem could be easily fixed if they just reduced the number of mobs on the later rounds and just gave them strength so you would actually need to be careful about hits. And I haven't even mentioned that the high amount of mobs extends round times, which makes a lot of people who die earlier on not wait for a new round to start and instead just leave.
  4. jonathan781230 Regular Member

    I totally get keeping the chickens that way. They can be swatted away and killed easily, so it makes sense that they should be able to get hits off so easily. I'm actually on board for that, but I still think those cows and pigs are too fast- or at least, for how the game uses them. Maybe they should be introduced later into the game, instead of flooding the first five rounds.
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