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uhh, huge problem

Discussion in 'Slaughter' started by Fizzyy240, Oct 22, 2020.

uhh, huge problem

do you hate slow chickens???

uh, yeah 1 vote(s) 33.3%
no... 2 vote(s) 66.7%
  1. Fizzyy240 Regular Member

    i have been experiencing a detrimental bug, as with other players - at a certain point, around wave 12, buying items doesnt work anymore, making it impossible to progress. you can still unlock doors by clicking a hundred times, but you cant buy a single item from the item frames. you cant get very far with just trusty and leather boots. please fix this, i really enjoyed this game.

    wheres the fun in having slow chickens?
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  2. JonnyDvE Platinum

    I believe that the bug is due to buying health potions, try to avoid that then it should work fine
  3. Feeshosaurus Regular Member

    That worked for me a few days ago, but now I can't buy any items from the start.
  4. jmiester07 Regular Member

    I ran into this bug too, and nothing seems to fix it. I tried disconnecting and reconnecting, restarting my game, trying different maps, but nothing works. I love this game and am so sad that I cant even play it anymore.

    Fix anytime soon?

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