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top 5 in dbv

Discussion in 'Death by Void' started by akitaboy2, Jul 22, 2018.

top 5 in dbv
  1. akitaboy2 Regular Member


  2. Unhinge Platinum

    Top 5 ? There is not enough players for there to be one
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  3. Maashg Silver

    1.8 Shotbow lobby has more players than DBV
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  4. Manaea Platinum

    In a random order:

    1. Jiren_
    2. Krawd
    3. GsoMan
    4. kyaco
    5. MO_MAMBA

    Probably others can be considered good as well. There is no consistent top 5 but these guys consistently fight for the top time.

    This is false.

    Playercount does vary from day to day but most of the time there are +- 50 doing the daily course every day.
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  5. Mistiie Retired Staff

    Sigh... back when i used to play 4+ hours straight to get the most perfect time, using every single short cut and double jump abuse, to beat the EU no.1 Jossie :lmao:
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  6. jiren74 SMASH Mini Admin


    and dying 2 platforms before you reach the goal... :neutral_face:
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