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Discussion Too Many Zombies

Discussion in 'MineZ 2' started by zyong, Nov 13, 2014.

Discussion - Too Many Zombies
  1. Yarett Platinum

    Hi. So i got on the pve server as usual. I always logout on the tents near the anvil at Asindia so i spawned there, and i saw 3 leather zombies were right below me, i wasnt afraid at first but... it attracted 3 shiny toes, 2 more leather zombies, and lots of normal zombies. I managed to kill most of them before i was pulled away and they got me to 3 hearts. I splashed a Health II pot and luckily i survived. Could you at least nerf normal zombies to hit only half a heart when you're full iron or lower their spawn rates? >_>

  2. ButterTheGiraffe Platinum

    PVE has double the spawn rate due to the lack of PVP risk. If you would like lower spawnrates, play on pvp :)
  3. RajaDavid Silver

    If you logout inside of empty (no player population) towns, the city is gonna be swarmed by hordes of zombies. So, logout outside of towns. :wink:

    Also, as Flakit said,
  4. Andrew_64_MC Retired Staff

    Just go on a Public server. Problem solved.
  5. MOAB4leader Platinum

    All of the above ^
  6. vampire_toothy Guest

    the problem is, there is still not enough :stuck_out_tongue:
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