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Suggestion Tinkerer - Emerald pads problem

Discussion in 'Annihilation' started by SoulKazeX, Apr 9, 2021.

Suggestion - Tinkerer - Emerald pads problem
  1. SoulKazeX Platinum

    Hi everyone, first of all I wanna explain why I think emerald pads from tinkerer needs a little cooldown for having again that absorption hearts that literally makes you invincible if you stay above them. Today in eu morning i played a game in Coastal where two players were playing tinkerer like this:

    Time lapses (read vid's desc)

    0:05 The player just cover himself and put an emerald pad under (that makes him/her invincible if you dont break it) while 6 persons are hitting him and It doesnt matter, is just superman I guess (I almost died only by one person and i was full diamond)

    0:23 They dont even need to cover them they just put emerald pads everywhere resisting all the hits

    0:42 then his teammate does exactly the same, as soon as he sees he can die goes straight to his hole where is totally invincible and is regenerating life all the time. Pretty unfair (I have to remember he is in our own base and farming leathers without losing any heart). Oh yes, I almost died again.

    0:48 These people make their own house in our base without risk of dying and farming and farming kills.

    1:02 They think that house is not the best idea because is pretty easy to break their emerald pads so they decide to be more than a minute in a hole under our melons where they farm and farm kills. I repeat it It's totally impossible to kill them! they will just put more and more emerald pads and if you are leather you are going to be insta kill and you wont be able to break emerald pad they only have to press left click and enjoy...

    2:30 They decided to go out (probably because were breaking their armour or they would be there whole game imo)

    2:42 goes to our coal mine where they have a perfect wool spot where they can put their emerald pad (...) and finally he dies with succ after 5 minutes farming kills and more kills.

    2:50 his teammate goes again to their pretty house to farm leathers and more leathers without being harmed (ofc with his emerald pad under him)

    3:06 Yes, is like having moles in our base, he run and goes inside a spot with his emerald pad under him (yes, i was almost dying)

    3:32 here ends mole's story.

    As you can see this is pretty unfair and in my opinion emerald pads cant work like this (literally 0 damage done), players are starting to abuse it. My suggestion is to put between 3-5 seconds of cooldown to receive again that absorption hearts.

    Ty for reading and pls give feedback about what you think about this!

  2. Tobi472 Platinum

    not a problem time to get gud
  3. Tobi472 Platinum

  4. Ivandagiant Silver

    I said this before about this strategy when it first started to gain traction back in 2018:

    "Oh no, why did you make this public...

    I always kept this strat to myself because of how OP it is in certain situations. Place an archer on top of one at mid. Nobody can compete. They have to run up to the archer (which is usually a death sentence)

    Now that it is public, I hope that they add a cooldown to these blocks. Yes, you can counter it, but it's much too hard when you consider the fact that they can carry multiple emerald blocks. I abused this the moment tinkerer came out, but eventually stopped because I got bored. Tinkerer has a few other tricks you guys have yet to find out about yet."

    It needs to have a short cooldown between each refresh
  5. SoulKazeX Platinum

    Totally agree, thanks you for feedback!
  6. EdgarAuguste Regular Member

    I agree that tinkerer should have absoprtion pads, but they should have a cooldown because they can be abused. The cooldown should not be too long as to grant the class unusable.
  7. soto Platinum

  8. Tobi472 Platinum

    tbh I agree that it is op when used correctly but I dont think the vid posted above is showcasing that.
    They could just went different classes to counter it since the class changer was right next to them and they had enough time.
    There is also no way tinkerer can rush a nexus compared to the old regen 3 alc we hacve had.

    But the vid above is the prime example why ppl think its op!
    -using no brain and trying to trade = loss
    -not beeing able to regoncnize hes not killing them in their protected area = they shouldnt die in base by any chance
    -not using a single class to counter the mechanic

    This just makes me sad because they would have hadthe tools to counter it. In a clanwar the counters to this are limited and actually a real problem!
  9. SoulKazeX Platinum

    Its that difficult to understand that my whole team was full leather and stacked team went to us just for farming? (besides that they were obviously rookies and they didnt know what was that emerald pad min. 1:06 of the vid). Of course you can counter it if you have good players with you... problem comes when you are the only one person in this game that doesnt team stack at all and another teams comes to the weakest one for farming stats and thinking they are good.

    Main Problem is deep inside (queue system), but that doesnt mean that emerald pads doesnt need a little cooldown to prevent this.

    This is the most clear vid you will ever see how a stacked team can destroy a rookie team just using a single class (going over and over to the same spot, digging and waiting for noobs going for them and just pressing left click, or even building an emerald pads house... fair enough, or not?). They are ruining rookies experience and next game they are going to do the same (wait for 5 minutes to join a team) or not playing anymore because this is not funny. So, Firstly = Queue system needs a rework, Secondly = A little cd for emerald pads is needed.

    Ty for feedback though
    Tobi472 likes this.
  10. Tobi472 Platinum


    I see your point and my intention was not to completly disagree. But as I said there are mechanics to counter it, even doe it seems very unfair. I personally think that if you outgear an enemy team by a lot the classes you use to kill farm is not 2 important.
    My point is if the enemies are decently skilled on scout there would also be no way to counter it without picking the right classes.

    In the end you adress the current state of the game which means we have some players who know what they do and some who just play for fun and another section who is not interested in comback mechanics and just blame the game and quit mid p3!
  11. Walkop Regular Member

    If there are mechanics to counter it, it should not be removed.

    Removing versatility for the sake of it is just bad balancing and literally means that you should "get gud".

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