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Video This is it.

Discussion in 'MineZ' started by Oraceon, Apr 4, 2020.

Video - This is it.
  1. Oraceon Obsidian


    My video description:

    Look, I appreciate all the work that has been put into the game throughout all these years, and I'm not going to call out anybody specifically, even though most people know who I'm probably talking about. For the last year or so, MineZ has gone completely and utterly down the drain. The servers are absolute trash, and there's no reason to play the game anymore because everytime something exciting happens, the servers give you a hard middle finger. That's not even including all the missing and/or broken features that the game is missing. The Shotbow staff really need to take a look at themselves and ask themselves what they are doing wrong because what they are doing is just not working. Sure, Anni is fine, but MineZ is this entire server's legacy - its what made the server what it is, and the love its receiving is equal to that of child abuse. I had hope the PTR would fix a lot of this, but the PTR was an absolute and utter nightmare. This isn't me being mean at the staff or the game; its constructive criticism from one of the oldest and most dedicated players on the server, in my humble opinion. I've been around since the beginning and seen this game evolve and then devolve. I implore you guys to really see what you're doing wrong. I will no longer be taking MineZ seriously anymore. This game is pretty much over for me after all these years. Thanks for the memories, guys. I might jump on every now and again if I find myself bored, but other than that, I'm out. I hope to see this game become great once again. Goodluck, everybody.
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  2. Mistri Network Lead

    Thanks for your concern, and I understand it's frustrating. However, you have to understand a few things:

    1. You are playing on the live servers, which as you know are no longer maintained. The staff team has acknowledged multiple times that there is a lag issue on the 1.9 servers, which are fixed on PTR (and will be live soon). Yesterday, we also found some extra issues with lag on PTR that have been fixed and are currently in testing.

    If you want to do your part in testing, then please join the PTR, see if there are any lag issues, and report them on the PTR feedback thread. The faster we find & fix bugs, the faster this will be rolled live.

    2. There is a second issue with lag that we've found out about, which is due to the proxy servers that we're using. We've stated in Discord (pinned to #shotbow) that we ordered 2 new servers to see if it helps. This will be coming soon.
    Again, the entire point of PTR is so we can find bugs and fix them. If you want to be constructive, please post in the feedback thread (which you haven't done).

    I haven't seen any constructive criticism here, sorry. If you'd like to be constructive, please test for bugs and report them — Doc is fixing bugs as we speak.
  3. Oraceon Obsidian


    The servers have been laggy like this for well over a year. This isn't a recent problem. Sure, maybe the proxy servers are having problems, but from the perspective of players, that hasn't changed anything. The servers have been a laggy mess for a long time.
  4. NotIntelligent Regular Member

    I was just playing minez and it was also lagging crazy for me so i immediately logged out so i wouldn't die and I was asking people at the hub why is it so laggy and shotbow just censored lag and replaced it with why is it so fun and its annoying that shotbow wont even let you ask questions about problems that there just ignoring and its also annoying that they say they dont see any constructive criticism when they censor any constructive criticism on there server.
  5. _Silver Gold

    They're not censoring constructive criticism, the server censors the word lag, and just asking about lag isn't constructive criticism - it's just criticism. Criticism becomes constructive when, rather than just bringing light to a problem, you actually make an attempt to help solve it or make suggestions to improve the problem, and none of that has happened on this thread. Now if you want to make the case that constructive criticism is ignored, it often feels like it is, but I can't say that for sure.
  6. Goliac Silver

    Hasn't it been like this since 2018 though?
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  7. Mr_3141592653589 Regular Member

    Live servers not maintained. Absolute laughing stock. Ignoring the constructive criticism that the server is lagging, making the game unfun for people and claiming it's not constructive criticism because it's not neatly contained in your feedback thread, and then ignoring that it's relevant to OP's video.

    Constructive criticism involves pointing out an issue and explaining why it's an issue and what could be done. In this case, Lag is an issue because it makes the game frustrating at best, unplayable at worst. Why is that bad? Because it's a fast track to have a user base hemorrhage.

    What can be done? Drink the kool-aid and write decent software for once instead of writing and having to rewrite spaghetti, and invest in better hardware. The former can be done by paying developers for their time(or slave volunteer labour). The latter can be done by buying decent hardware to host on(or paying someone to host for you if you like middleman fees). It's almost as if you get what you pay for isn't it?
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  8. kevory Silver

    this thread didnt age well lmao. ptr servers were only slightly better and ptr testing did little to show bugs before the official release. there were a LOT of new bugs in official release that were not in the ptr. It as if the ptr was completely useless...
  9. _Silver Gold

    Was that really necessary? Bumping an old thread just to shit on the work that's been done? The PTR server relies entirely on community testing to reveal bugs, so if a lot of bugs went unnoticed it's because nobody was playing on it. And new bugs that came from changes after the PTR server was finished are completely irrelevant to the PTR server, and it doesn't make sense to use those as an example of why it was bad. Bugs are inevitable, and are easiest to find with a large number of people testing the game. This complaint might be valid if they weren't making an effort to fix the bugs that people are reporting, but right now that was just pointless.
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