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The Year Ahead: 2019 + Dentril's New Moon February 2019

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Mistri, Feb 2, 2019.

The Year Ahead: 2019 + Dentril's New Moon February 2019 | Page 2
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  2. Mysterious_Seven Platinum

    To whom it may concern: Yes, this is common English and no you need to swallow your pride and look up the definitions if you cant explain them simply. Failure to do so will result in me laughing at you for not knowing what nescience means.
    Objectively false. I can play Annihilation at 120fps during peak US times, games start and end seamlessly enough with the occasional database backup (since japan is now a majority playercount). There is also a very loyal community of which I am apart that I am certain you are unaware of.

    Unplayable only really defines games that are in the garage. Essentially Shotbow's inner workings work much like Steam Inc., work on whatever game you wish. However, due to this being a volunteer powered server and has a small sample size of developers, some games have no interested developers and as such are moved to the garage. Shotbow itself has not made any visible decision besides providing locations to discuss these "version locked" games. Its already been noted that they cannot pay for more than the US servers, so launching more servers on an older version to bring these games back would divert attention from more core games and not be popular enough to stand on their own, likely resulting in stagnation or decline. (And this is excluding all back end improvements that keep the server much more hacker and bug free.) So I can say with reasonable certainty that Shotbow likely did nothing to "kill" or otherwise harm their games. Given that Shotbow back in the day was the pioneer of this subgenre of minecraft server, where no competition existed, it was able to ride the coattails of the zombie survival fad as well as being unique in its own right. Its absolutely amazing that they've managed to stay afloat for this long. However, the server is still populated, admins still ban regularly, developers still update, leadership still hold events and all of them still care about the server in general.

    I'll say Shotbow or any of its games are dead when I can no longer get into said game with fluidity and play with earnest opposition or enjoyment after trying to play for no less than a week.

    Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening and Good Night.
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  3. zoomninja3000 Regular Member

    Well said. Well said.
  4. Mr_3141592653589 Regular Member

    You mentioned the chat filtering system, wouldn't it be possible to just do a regex on all chat messages entered and if they satisfy that regex just do the expected warning/banning/kicking mechanism? Obviously such a system would be limited mainly by context as words like "Salt" can be used in other contexts, but more often than not will simply be used to get people annoyed. Java has the power built into its standard library and since message events in bukkit/spigot give messages in strings(I recall this correctly right? It's been some time...), it really shouldn't be difficult to implement. Might've gone a bit too technical here- the short of this is that it's not *that* hard to implement a chat filter with regex right?

    Anyway, If you guys want my opinion I feel that this style of monthly news is much more transparent, honest and interesting rather than the copy pasted style that was(is?) literally a report of how the server is doing. Sure some people are interested in that information for statistics, but it's certainly not very engaging.
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  5. notswipe Jr. Developer

    yea they censored def pretty easily
  6. Mysterious_Seven Platinum

    Says who?
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  7. Mr_3141592653589 Regular Member

    Compare Dentril's New Moon Jan 1st with Dentril's New Moon Feb 1st, or even older ones if you want.
    Here's the link to check it https://shotbow.net/forum/threads/dentrils-new-moon-january-2019.391345/

    You can also easily measure the engagement by another way of checking how many people view, comment or even just read through the pages of it(Though how to get views I don't know because I don't work with forums). So says me because it logically follows from empircal evidence :zcool:
  8. Mysterious_Seven Platinum

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  9. _RunningKing_ Platinum

    watch your profanity
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  10. rasmus_tiger0622 Gold

    Wasted is what will bring people back! Trust me
  11. Igla99 Regular Member

    I wonder what stops them to start from beginning. Server for 10k ppl when there is max 250?
    Maybe get smaller ones for US and EU and start gaining new players.
  12. Mysterious_Seven Platinum

    Go Vote.

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