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The Year Ahead : 2018

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Murgatron, Jan 20, 2018.

The Year Ahead : 2018
  1. Murgatron Network Lead



    Hello everyone, and welcome to 2018!

    For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Murgatron and I am the Network Lead of Shotbow. So what is a Network Lead you may ask?

    The Network Lead is responsible for the day to day running of Shotbow - from helping out in the support email, to giving direction, structure and leadership to the various teams that make up Shotbow (development, administration, etc). Giving me a hand with all this is Navarr, our resident Web Developer and Lead of many, many teams at Shotbow. We’ve been doing these roles for the past 3 months or so behind the scenes, planning what we want to accomplish for the year ahead!

    But before I reveal our plans for the coming year, first a reflection on the year past:

    2017 was the year Shotbow made it’s transition to a 1.9 base. This enabled us to continue development work on our core modes such as Annihilation, SMASH and MineZ with new features, mechanics and performance tweaks. During this time we even managed to re-release one of our oldest modes from the Garage, Ghostcraft, back into our offering.

    Sadly we had to retire our EU region server in June. This was due to a combination of the new EULA taking effect and the EU population slowly playing on the US regions as it declined.

    Throughout the year we hosted some seasonal events, such as the Summer Festival, Halloween and Christmas. We were really pleased how the community received them.

    At Christmas we released our first new batch of cosmetic content exclusively for players who support us directly via Buycraft. The response has been fantastic and we hope that this will help ensure Shotbow’s stability for years to come.

    So now for the bit you’ve all been waiting for - the plans for the future!


    As Minecraft’s demographic becomes younger and younger we’ll be putting more emphasis into making Shotbow a friendly place to play and creating shorter but still Shotbow unique experiences.

    To improve conduct ingame we will be introducing an opt-out tiered filtering system, allowing players to choose what language they want to see. Racist and phobic language will never be permitted on Shotbow and we plan on enforcing this filter rigorously.

    Today I’m happy to confirm that development on Gold Rush is underway! Work began on it back in Winter of 2017 and significant progress has already been made. For all you Obsidians and Emeralds out there keep an eye out on your forum PM’s for details of upcoming early alpha playtests in the year (with the beta being open to all other premium players later on in the year!).

    Plans for the return of our Wasted series are also underway with the first mode Wasted Control hoping to make it's return during the course of this year. We'll have more to share on that venture in the coming months!

    Back in 2017 we announced our partnership with DDG. Progress has been going on behind the scenes and we are now hopeful of public releases in the coming year. More details will be posted closer to the time.

    As mentioned earlier we’ve seen fantastic success with our seasonal events and our new cosmetics (Balloons and Player Icons) as well as the old favourite pets. Work is already underway to create the next batch of cosmetic content and we are planning to host more seasonal events throughout the year, so stay tuned.

    It’s not all just new content however! We are looking to host an Annihilation Tournament early this year thanks to the responses we received from clans registering their interest. Work has wrapped on a plugin that should light the builder's way for MineZ: Origins - Part 2. More details will follow shortly in the respective gamemode forums, so keep an eye out!

    Next month marks our 6th birthday! Thanks to everyone who has flown with us past or present - we’re looking forward to the year ahead and hope you’ll stick around for the ride.

    Thanks for flying Shotbow, see you all ingame soon! :)

    PS - Have an XP Code on us - YEARAHEAD

  2. DJ_Pedro Administrator

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  3. Maashg Silver

    Please make Shotbow is 1.12 for better PvP and other cool things :)

    Also this server really needs an EU server :(
  4. InfinityAura Gold

  5. LegendaryAlex Platinum

    Very interesting, I always say "first see then believe." So don't disappoint me Shotbow, show me this year that there is more to you guys than I have already seen. :wink:

    Good luck with everything.
  6. DutchBartje Emerald

    From patrolling in Annihilation games together to Network Lead. Great job! :wink:
  7. ACringyWeeb Platinum

    Congrats on being the Network Lead, especially since we got a more active guy :)
    This was missing a lot of information on what happened in 2017 but I understand why some of it wasn't added since we should try to stay on the positive side, and also the main things that heppened.

    Oh gosh, 2 more gamemodes to come? I mean I understand why Wasted is coming back, really fun, but i'm just worried that Gold Rush, maybe Wasted idk will have like a 5 player average, looking at where Ghostcraft is right now.
    I said this before, Wasted might have a bigger fan base and yes, it's really fun and cool but still...
  8. Manaea Platinum

    First things first, congrats on Network Lead @Murgatron!

    It's good to see Gold Rush and Wasted come back! Both were fun gamemodes to play and I can't wait to get into them again.

    To be fair I really don't think the partnership with DDG will work out. It's not that I don't want it to, but Shotbow and DDG are completely different, with an entirely different playerbase. I just can't see these people play more 'advanced' English games like MineZ and Annihilation. Smash might / might not work out, time will tell. Good luck with the project regardless, and I'm looking forward to what is to come.
  9. Navarr Network Co-Lead

    DDG also contains advanced modes like Minetopia and Battle Royale.

    I have no concerns of it not working out. I think there's a lot they can contribute even without modes

    Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
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  10. Upside_Down Regular Member

    Will Shotbow support 1.12.2 soon?
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  11. Hingey Platinum

    Hey KounterattacK was right. Welcome to club penguin!
    Gee if I didn't know any better I would have thought this post was from the beginning of 2017 because most of this was told to be happening last year. We really haven't seen forward progress in wasted or the DDG server. Why should we expect these things to be happening this year?
  12. Navarr Network Co-Lead

    It's very high on our to-do list, it's just taken a back seat to some other high priority issues.

    Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
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  13. Navarr Network Co-Lead

    The filter is opt-out. It seems to be a highly requested feature from the Anni community after the latest round of changes :wink:

    As always these are our plans. Depending on how the year goes depends on what we manage to do. We're fairly confident right now.

    On DDG, partnership announcement was early on in the decision. We're still working a lot with them behind the scenes and things are really progressing right now.

    I've had way more meetings than normal.

    Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
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  14. Upside_Down Regular Member

    Alright, thanks for your time.
    - Axyy
  15. Anthobot Platinum

    Soon guys, soon.
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  16. LegendaryAlex Platinum

    Mhmm I wonder why :thinksaboutdef:
  17. Upside_Down Regular Member

    That's true, I've played MineTopia and Battle Royale and these game modes are crazy.
    Actually, there is one big difference between Shotbow and DusDavidGames, DDG only uses the language Dutch on their server. Shotbow does have some Dutch players but still, they all talk English on Shotbow. That's because the Dutch players Shotbow have are 15/16+? The players DDG have are 11/12?(Not all of them) That's way too young to understand the English language, and I really don't see them playing either MineZ or Annihilation.
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  18. Nokah Retired Staff

  19. Foxbuscus Silver

    *whispers: china numbah one*
  20. FixGoldNameTag Obsidian

    Kingey and InstantLightning both called me a liar and were incredibly rude to me for saying Murgatron was Network lead :/.

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