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The Weekly Arrow - Changes from the week of November 20, 2016

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Navarr, Nov 27, 2016.

The Weekly Arrow - Changes from the week of November 20, 2016
  1. Navarr Sr Web Developer


    Scheduled Events
    Note: The links below are in US Central time by default. Check the Events page for a full list of events. The timezone of that list is then displayed on the lower left of the page, and should be the same timezone you've set for use on the forums.

    Be aware! Scheduled Events are not our only events! Staff hold events constantly. The best way to be aware of current events? Keep an eye on our twitter account for event announcements!

    Annihilation All Classes Unlocked Match
    Every Saturday the Annihilation Team will be running a completely free-to-play match, where you can test out classes you don't have and find out what you might want - while enjoying some time with the Network Staff. Games will begin at 3pm Central Time. (US Central for us.shotbow.net and EU Central for eu.shotbow.net)

    (JP) View Details
    (US) View Details

    XP Code Goalposts

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    Team Updates
    • Applications: The Mine Theft Auto Build Team is accepting applications.
    • Applications: The Build Team is accepting applications.
    • Leadership: Superbob1000 became co-lead of the Report A Player Team
    • _Ahri, Patty2, and KounterattacK joined the MTA Team
    • Kingey joined the SMASH Team
    • Darth_Bachious joined the GG Team
    • Want to get your favorite map added to Annihilation? Find its thread in Build Submissions and make sure to like it! Maps with the most likes are selected to be tested and potentially added to Annihilation. If you don't like your favorite map, it won't get in!
    Weekly Numbers
    • This week our staff sorted through 8347 individual reports resulting in a total of 1125 bans over the week.
    • Note: Individual reports include all reports placed against an individual player, false reports, and automated reports.
    • Over the last week we peaked at 1004 players
    Shotbow in General
    • The PR Team continued their work across multiple social media sites, and wrote up The Weekly Arrow
    (Last Week's Arrow)

    This week's banner showcases a temporary Thanksgiving Lobby that was in SMASH built by Kingey and Athys

  2. Tonkatsu129 Platinum

    Nice lobby!!
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  3. RulingChicken Regular Member

    Basically the same as 1 year ago :(
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  4. Micatchu Platinum

    Wow! Ahri and Kounter in the MTA team, what a great addition :lmao:. Congratz!
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