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The Weekly Arrow - Changes for the week of May 31, 2015

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Navarr, Jun 6, 2015.

The Weekly Arrow - Changes for the week of May 31, 2015
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  1. Navarr Councilor


    Important Notices
    Premium members no longer have a discount for the XP shop. The existence of the discount alongwith a premium-only multiplier was an overlooked mistake from changes made late last year. Thusly, in order to properly balance our games, we have found it necessary to remove the discount. Premium members will, however, continue to get their individual XP multiplier when playing games.

    In addition to this, most items in the XP shop have been reduced in cost by 20%! Making it just a little bit easier to grab a new class for Annihilation or some spawn items to help you get north quicker in MineZ Classic!

    Scheduled Events
    Weekly Developer Stream

    Every week we plan to stream Shotbow Network Development - whether it's a gamemode, the website, or something else. The stream will start, as always, at 6pm CDT on Wednesday. If you'd like to be reminded, you can watch our twitter or RSVP on your favorite social network:

    View Details

    Annihilation Map Testing
    The Annihilation Team plans to test out maps every week on Tuesday! These map tests will run from midnight-1am BST for US, and 7-8pm BST for EU.

    (EU) View Details
    (US/NA) View Details

    Annihilation All Classes Unlocked Match
    Every Saturday the Annihilation Team will be running a completely free-to-play match, where you can test out classes you don't have and find out what you might want - while enjoying some time with the Network Staff. Games will begin at 3pm Central Time. (US Central for us.shotbow.net and EU Central for eu.shotbow.net)

    (EU) View Details
    (US/NA) View Details

    It's unfortunate that we have yet to surpass it. We've got some exciting updates in the pipeline that should help drive player activity, though!

    XP Code Goalposts

    Good movement on Facebook and Twitter again this week. Those two continuously slowly crawl towards their goals. The rest, not so well, despite perhaps having the largest amount of room to hit their goals. Isn't it easier for player.me to hit their goal than Facebook?

    Facebook: 4,000 likes - Like us on Facebook!

    Twitter: 16,000 followers - Follow us on Twitter!

    Google+: 1,000 followers - Follow us on Google+!

    Twitch.tv: 1,500 followers - Follow us on Twitch.tv!

    YouTube: 6,000 subscribers - Subscribe to us on YouTube!

    Player.me: 500 followers - Follow us on Player.me!

    Instagram: 500 followers - Follow us on Instagram!

    Note: Goal progress images will not update throughout the week

    For XP right now, be sure to Vote for The Shotbow Network at PlanetMinecraft!

    Team Updates
    • SeegerCraft, vampire_toothy, AgentChicken007, and Jonathan03011998 have joined the PR Team as Graphic Artists.
    • Make sure your favorite map isn't removed from rotation! Participate in the Annihilation Map Vote for June!
    • Want to get your favorite map added to Annihilation? Find its thread in Build Submissions and make sure to like it! Maps with the most likes are selected to be tested and potentially added to Annihilation. If you don't like your favorite map, it won't get in!
    • Rotation: Temples has been removed from rotation
    • Rotation: Etna by Team Atlas has been added to Rotation
    MineZ Classic
    • Majicou continues work on his secret project
    • Bugfix: Addressed a situation that would cause players that get kicked on login to cause server errors and performance drops.
    • Bugfix: Resolved the possibility of situations in which two crafty bombs placed appropriate would create a never ending mess of TNT
    • Enhancement: Formatted the round end timer to be pretty
    • Bugfix: The hub sign now properly relocates you to the hub
    Wasted: Control
    • The development team investigated the feasibility of maps for an imminent release
    The Network in General
    • > 8,000 reports
    • The development team has continued work on Shotbow's upcoming new games
    • The build team continued their work on a top secret project
    • The PR Team continued their work across multiple social media sites, and wrote up The Weekly Arrow
    • Enhancement: To encourage community, ease moderation, and assist friends - the chat lobbies have been linked. Chatting in a US lobby goes to ALL US lobbies now, and the same for EU!
    • The Shotbow Network Games on player.me now show "Created by The Shotbow Network". Go check out our player.me game profiles!
    Weekly Screenshot Competition
    • The Winner of this week's Screenshot Competition is quazick1, with this beautiful image of MineZ 2's Madra Ruins:

    In Closing
    I heard a LOT about the secret project Majicou is working on for MineZ Classic this past Saturday, and let me tell you I am super excited! #hype

    (Last Week's Arrow)

    This week's banner showcases Madra Ruins from the game MineZ 2. It was also the winner of the Weekly Screenshot Competition, and was taken by quazick1.

    Mountain Graphic in the Player Peak image designed by Cromagna

  2. Coyn Platinum

    Cant wait for the MineZ update even though im a scrub
  3. Canadian_moose Gold

    All aboard toe hype train.
  4. Jonathan03011998 Artist

    Looking forward to work with the Team :)
    LeMoon, vampire_toothy and roel_LP like this.
  5. Jarrol Platinum

    Hyyyype! Wait, what am I hyping?
    Oh, Wasted: Control!!!
    KoenigApfel likes this.
  6. Stormy Gold

    More advertising is needed for more players. Just saying.
  7. Darth_NihilusVII Regular Member

    and this is the 2nd week ive missed Free class game on anni, can you add two games? One at 3pm and one at 6pm? (Shotbow time is two hours ahead of me: 1pm and 4pm)
  8. MOAB4leader Platinum

    For the screen shot btw....
    I HATED THAT PLACE! Like I want there once with a team and it took us so long to get back together
  9. boogaert Emerald

    All I want is Majicou's secret project...
  10. Majicou Retired Staff

    LeMoon and _Lefarsi like this.
  11. Dr_Bosch Modeler

    Would It be possible to update the PMC page a little? It is rather outdated, and we could put in all these nice screenshots that people have made, rather than pictures of the lobby and a couple of old gamemodes.
  12. Navarr Councilor

    This is not where suggestions belong. It is a project we're working on
  13. Superbob1000 Retired Staff

    I liked this one especially for some reason. :lmao:

    But vampire_toothy is not a graphic artist. He is an Anni Admin. o_O
    vampire_toothy likes this.
  14. KittensZ Platinum

    Those crafty, crafty bombs... (Small typo in that sentence btw)

    I never actually got to play Control, so maybe I'll give it a shot. :)
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  15. Andrew_64_MC Retired Staff

    Great once again!
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  16. vampire_toothy Obsidian

    Why not both? :lmao:
    Superbob1000 likes this.
  17. Superbob1000 Retired Staff

    You are? o_O
    vampire_toothy likes this.
  18. _Lefarsi Emerald

    You forgot to include all of the admins that left! There were tons, and they have done so much for the Network, why not commemorate them?
    Superbob1000 likes this.
  19. Navarr Councilor

    I don't think any left in the last week? We also only mention leaving admins when they are okay with it. We don't want people to hassle them
  20. Edog987 Platinum

    "We've got some exciting updates in the pipeline that should help drive player activity, though!"

    Sure hope so...
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