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The Weekly Arrow - Changes for the Week of May 24, 2015

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Navarr, May 31, 2015.

The Weekly Arrow - Changes for the Week of May 24, 2015
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  1. Navarr Councilor



    Announcing the sparkling new Qubion Creative Server identity. This is the same Vadact server, with all of your plots, and the same friendly Vadact staff (who will NEVER accept your trees).

    Everything is completely the same except for the name. Hop on to Qubion Creative and see for yourself! You can read more about why they changed their name on their website - Qubion.net

    Premium Changes Effective June 4th

    Premium players will no longer receive an XP Store Discount starting June 4th. Read the Announcement post for more information.

    Scheduled Events
    Weekly Developer Stream
    Every week we plan to stream Shotbow Network Development - whether it's a gamemode, the website, or something else. The stream will start, as always, at 6pm CDT on Wednesday. If you'd like to be reminded, you can watch our twitter or RSVP on your favorite social network:

    View Details

    Annihilation Map Testing
    The Annihilation Team plans to test out maps every week on Tuesday! These map tests will run from midnight-1am BST for US, and 7-8pm BST for EU.

    (EU) View Details
    (US/NA) View Details

    Annihilation All Classes Unlocked Match
    Every Saturday the Annihilation Team will be running a completely free-to-play match, where you can test out classes you don't have and find out what you might want - while enjoying some time with the Network Staff. Games will begin at 3pm Central Time. (US Central for us.shotbow.net and EU Central for eu.shotbow.net)

    (EU) View Details
    (US/NA) View Details


    Not much to say here. Local school system has their last week this next week. Should see activity slowly picking up while exams finish up and kids get out of school.

    XP Code Goalposts

    Facebook: 4,000 likes - Like us on Facebook!

    Twitter: 16,000 followers - Follow us on Twitter!

    Google+: 1,000 followers - Follow us on Google+!

    Twitch.tv: 1,500 followers - Follow us on Twitch.tv!

    YouTube: 6,000 subscribers - Subscribe to us on YouTube!

    Player.me: 500 followers - Follow us on Player.me!

    Instagram: 500 followers - Follow us on Instagram!

    Note: Goal progress images will not update throughout the week

    For XP right now, be sure to Vote for The Shotbow Network at PlanetMinecraft!

    Team Updates
    • TechnoMaster4 has become a Full Admin and joined the Events Team as co-lead
    • JACOBSMILE has become the Annihilation Lead Admin, with roel_LP as his co-lead
    • svdragster and vampire_toothy have joined the Annihilation Team as Mini admins
    • LeMoon and Aerux have joined the Player Report Patrol
    • barbaricyawp has stepped down from active duty to give more of his time to his real life responsibilities. He has been a fantastic administrator and a huge asset to the team and we wish him the best.
    • Make sure your favorite map isn't removed from rotation! Participate in the Annihilation Map Vote for May!
    • Want to get your favorite map added to Annihilation? Find its thread in Build Submissions and make sure to like it! Maps with the most likes are selected to be tested and potentially added to Annihilation. If you don't like your favorite map, it won't get in!
    • The Bios of the latest Annihilation Admins have been posted. Go read them!
    • Bugfix: Clan leaders no longer have the ability to make themselves officers
    • Bugfix: Riftwalker can no longer rift outside the world border
    • Bugfix: Alchemist brewing stands now return when the enemy breaks it.
    • Bugfix: Hunter traps no longer destroy resource blocks
    • Bugfix: Boots of Grace now take damage appropriately
    • Bugfix: Helmet of Extinguishment no longer prevents all forms of damage
    • Bugfix: Annilobby will no longer crash every couple hours (Memory leaks will no longer sink this ship)
    • Bugfix: Some lag creating issues were squashed, leading to better performance in the game
    • Bugfix: Killstreaks now properly refresh once you're killed
    • Bugfix: Spectators no longer take damage
    • Bugfix: An issue leading to invisible players has been resolved
    • Bugfix: Spectators no longer deal damage
    • Changelog will be available later today
    MineZ Classic
    • Majicou continues work on his secret project
    MineZ 2
    • Bugfix: A duplication glitch has been removed from the game
    • Bugfix: A glitch that would duplicate houses has been removed from the game
    • Bugfix: Players are now able to /report while dead
    • Bugfix: Players can no longer glitch into houses that contain a bed
    • Bugfix: Players are no longer able to store soulbound items in item frames
    • Bugfix: Players can no longer steal items from itemframes without entry to the house
    NOTE: Bugfixes are rolling out now, and I was informed that even more MineZ 2 bugs will be fixed throughout the week :)

    Qubion Creative
    • Vadact Creative was renamed to Qubion Creative. Read More.
    • Bugfix: An issue leading to invisible players has been resolved
    • Bugfix: Players can no longer glitch themselves back into ranked matches
    • Bugfix: Crafty Bomb TNT is no longer lightable (whoops!)
    • Bugfix: Parties now work as expected
    • Bugfix: The eye of ender no longer creates an Ender chat
    Minimap Mod
    • Bugfix: Coordinates, Menu key, and Waypoint text no longer jumble up
    The Network in General
    • A /ping command was added to the network that will return your latency to Shotbow
    • The store discount premium users receive will be removed on June 4th, with purchase prices simultaneously dropping 20%
    • > 10,000 reports
    • The development team has continued work on Shotbow's upcoming new games
    • The build team continued their work on a top secret project
    • The PR Team continued their work across multiple social media sites, and wrote up The Weekly Arrow
    Weekly Screenshot Competition
    • The Winner of this week's Screenshot Competition is Fridge2177, with this beautiful image of MineZ Classic:

    (Last Week's Arrow)

    This week's banner depicts player houses outside the town of Malin in MineZ 2

    Mountain Graphic in the Player Peak image designed by Cromagna
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  2. Viraxy Obsidian

    looking good, keep up the good work!
  3. DutchSurvivor Obsidian

    We should get some known Youtubers back to shotbow ^.^

    Good job once again!
  4. Wayvernia Retired Staff

  5. demon_peanut Retired Staff

    I think it's safe to say everyone laughed at this :lmao:
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  6. KittensZ Platinum

    Vadact, why did you do this to us?! When you redid your lobby sign you deleted Easter egg #1!
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  7. McJeffr When in Rogue Lead, Developer

    Trees. TREES. TREEEEES. A bunny dies for every bonemealed tree!

    You don't want that do you?
  8. Sollux_Captor Platinum

    aye :) i really hope to see the player peak be accomplished early summer. I've tried to get some of my friends on and play with me. They wont play till summer though. every person counts :D.
    really wish to see this sky rocket. I hope you all are right.

    PS: Hype!!! summer sale?
  9. Darth_NihilusVII Regular Member

    is there a reward for the weekly screenshot competition?
  10. Navarr Councilor


    There is not currently any reward.
  11. Superbob1000 Retired Staff

    Oh, Premiums no longer get the discount? I have mixed feelings about this. . .
  12. SkeletonXF238 Regular Member

    For anyone interested:

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  13. KittensZ Platinum

    There also used to be (still is?) a bug where you could place a craftybomb so that it would cover a block of fire and leave an unlit block of tnt that would regenerate every game.
  14. Boburt314 Regular Member

    Yeah /ping! I'm not sure if this was added because of my suggestion or already planned, but YAAS!

    I am dying to find out what Majcou's secret project is! :zbrains:
  15. _LiangFen_ Obsidian

    Really glad to see the /report in MineZ2 becomes useful:). Also i like the /ping command!
  16. _Lefarsi Emerald

    Woo! Lots of great progress!

    I'm sad to see Yawp go, he was truly amazing. :heart: We will remember you forever, Yawp! :(
  17. SocomX1 Retired Staff

    The /ping command was added entirely because of this thread: https://shotbow.net/forum/threads/ping.308350/
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  18. MangoSmoothies Emerald

    Isn't that picture, uhm... Worthington in MZ 1?
  19. _Lefarsi Emerald

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  20. _Lefarsi Emerald


    EDIT: sorry for double post lol
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