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The Weekly Arrow - Changes for the week of June 28, 2015 [Birthday Edition]

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Navarr, Jul 5, 2015.

The Weekly Arrow - Changes for the week of June 28, 2015 [Birthday Edition]
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  1. Navarr Councilor


    Three Years Strong. More than, really. It's always been a little confusing when the Anniversary of "The Shotbow Network" is. Is it the launch of HCFactions? The launch of MineZ? GhostCraft? LMS? When we changed our name to "The Shotbow Network?" When we decided to change our name to "The Shotbow Network?" There are too many possibilities so we've settled on one - July 5th, 2012 - The incorporation date of the company: HCGaming, LLC.
    We didn't have much time to plan this year, but we do have a very fun present for you all! With the help of the newly founded Graphics Team, and Seegercraft in particular, we've put together a Wallpaper Pack! Including some never before-seen renders for some of our minigames.

    It's been an amazing three+ years, and we certainly can't wait for the next three! Make us proud, Shotbow!

    Scheduled Events
    Annihilation Map Testing
    The Annihilation Team plans to test out maps every week on Tuesday! This week we're introducing a new early morning map test, specifically for our Asia/Australia/Oceania players!

    (US/NA - Early) View Details
    (EU) View Details
    (US/NA) View Details

    Weekly Developer Stream

    Every week we plan to stream Shotbow Network Development - whether it's a gamemode, the website, or something else. The stream will start, as always, at 6pm CDT on Wednesday.

    View Details

    Weekly Staff Stream
    Every Friday you can join a staff member as the stream through our fantasticly fun games and host random events throughout the network. The stream starts at 2pm CDT on Fridays and will be hosted at on twitch.tv at shotbownetwork_official.

    View Details

    Annihilation All Classes Unlocked Match
    Every Saturday the Annihilation Team will be running a completely free-to-play match, where you can test out classes you don't have and find out what you might want - while enjoying some time with the Network Staff. Games will begin at 3pm Central Time. (US Central for us.shotbow.net and EU Central for eu.shotbow.net)

    (EU) View Details
    (US/NA) View Details

    Note: The above links are in US Central time by default. Check the Events page for a full list of events. The timezone of that list is then displayed on the lower left of the page.

    XP Code Goalposts

    Congrulations Twitter for hitting 16,000 followers! Redeem the XP code: TWTR16K

    This week showed amazing progress for Player.me which more than doubled its follower count! No doubt due to the new feature we're experimenting with on it. What's really strange is how much the YouTube count has stagnated, especially now that we're releasing more and more videos on it!

    Facebook: 4,000 likes - Like us on Facebook!

    Twitter: 16,500 followers - Follow us on Twitter!

    Google+: 1,000 followers - Follow us on Google+!

    Twitch.tv: 1,500 followers - Follow us on Twitch.tv!

    YouTube: 6,000 subscribers - Subscribe to us on YouTube!

    Player.me: 500 followers - Follow us on Player.me!

    Instagram: 500 followers - Follow us on Instagram!

    Note: Goal progress images will not update throughout the week

    For XP right now, be sure to Vote for The Shotbow Network at PlanetMinecraft!

    • Changelog will be available later today
    Gold Rush
    MineZ 2
    • The builders have started filling in some empty spots in the cave networks
    • Diamond Tools have been added!
    • Enhancement: Room costs have been halfed again, making them 25% their original cost
    • Bugfix: Houses should no longer rollback after server reboots
    Qubion Creative
    • Luxcio has joined the team and is undergoing a trial period
    • A new span has been added to the smallplot world. Together with this, the BuildBattle Arena has been simplified to increase FPS performance around that area.
    • Team Play has been added.
    If we told you we'd have to kill you
    • Lazertester streamed some more work on Gold Rush!
    • A new internal team is gearing up to make the experience of one of our coming games extraordinary
    • An older game is getting a few eyeballs on it to improve the experience
    • Two more internal projects focused on having easy, fast fun with your friends around the world are in progress
    • Majicou continues his secret project for MineZ Classic
    • The build team continued their work on a top secret project
    The Network in General
    • The development team has continued work on Shotbow's upcoming new games
    • The PR Team continued their work across multiple social media sites, and wrote up The Weekly Arrow
    • The Graphics Team introduced a new Shotbow Network logo using our newest image assets - which has surprisingly gone completely unnoticed!
    • The PR Team, in conjunction with player.me, added feature voting pages to the player.me profiles for MineZ 2, Assault, Annihilation, and GG. Read the full post
    • The PR Team assembled a Birthday Surprise for Shotbow's third anniversary

    Shotbow Community Spotlight
    Please click through to view this week's Shotbow Community Spotlight.

    (Last Week's Arrow)

    This week's banner showcases one of several stages of the Alpha Testing Map for Gold Rush

    The "Happy Birthday" graphic is made with love by Aviira

  2. SeegerCraft Platinum

    Avi, I love this grafic! :heart: and Happy Bday Shotbow! Thx, for this awesome Server!
  3. Hughzaz Councilor

    Darn! I forgot to get a burfdai card!

    This picture of a dinosaur I stole will have to do. :3

    I'm also wondering if being killed is so bad when it comes to learning about these secret projects! :3
    Unicycle43, Jackd44, a2A209_ and 4 others like this.
  4. KittensZ Platinum

    :eek: Happy birthday!

    (I didn't get anyone a present. :()
    Unicycle43 and Fluffoon like this.
  5. Fluffoon Retired Staff

    Happy burfday to all Arrows! :D. As always, Avi did great job.
    Unicycle43 likes this.
  6. SnowblindGhost Emerald

  7. JACOBSMILE Jr. Developer

    Happy Birthday Shotbow! :)
  8. ZomBry Retired Staff

    Can't believe that it's three years since I first logged onto MineZ.
  9. Superbob1000 Retired Staff

    Happy Birthday, Shotbow! :D
  10. Aerux Retired Staff

    Happy Birthday! :heart:
    Unicycle43 likes this.
  11. _Lefarsi Emerald

    Happy birthday Shotbow!

    Looking through the renders, I love it, but what is that random "majicou.jpg"? :lmao: It was made on novaskin.
    SquallyTheWally likes this.
  12. InstantLightning Jr. Developer, Web Mod Lead

    Thiiiiiis is our birthday song, it's not very long. HEEEEY!
  13. boogaert Emerald

    I noticed the new logo, the arrows are like the ones in the PR team logo.
    SquallyTheWally likes this.
  14. 8noremac Regular Member

    • Majicou continues his secret project for MineZ Classic
    almost ready right?
  15. Shadow159_ Regular Member

    Happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!
  16. squallythewally Obsidian

    Happy birthday to you!
    Happy birthday to you!
    Happy birthday dear Shotbow!
    Happy birthday to you!

    (Is shotbow male or female)
    For he/she's a jolly good fellow, For he/she's a jolly good fellow, For he/she's a jolly good felloooow... and so say all of us!

    Now stop spamming Squally -.-
  17. Andrew_64_MC Retired Staff

    Happy Birthday!
  18. Majicou Retired Staff

    > browse wallpapers

    > majicou.jpg

  19. ManHeadRambo Platinum

    "New span has been added"
    That typo
  20. Sad Emerald

    Too hype for me.

    I would love if when starting a match you could make a 2v2 specifically (the sign itself) so more people play/know about it, but overall great update.
    Superbob1000 likes this.
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