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The Weekly Arrow - Changes for the week of June 14, 2015

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Navarr, Jun 20, 2015.

The Weekly Arrow - Changes for the week of June 14, 2015
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  1. Navarr Councilor



    This past week we launched Assault, and today is a special day for any VADER fan!

    Scheduled Events
    Annihilation Map Testing
    The Annihilation Team plans to test out maps every week on Tuesday! These map tests will run from midnight-1am BST for US, and 7-8pm BST for EU.

    (EU) View Details
    (US/NA) View Details

    Weekly Developer Stream

    Every week we plan to stream Shotbow Network Development - whether it's a gamemode, the website, or something else. The stream will start, as always, at 6pm CDT on Wednesday.

    View Details

    Weekly Staff Stream
    Every Friday you can join a staff member as they stream through our fantasticly fun games and host random events throughout the network. The stream starts at 2pm CDT on Fridays and will be hosted on our twitch @shotbownetwork_official.

    View Details

    Annihilation All Classes Unlocked Match
    Every Saturday the Annihilation Team will be running a completely free-to-play match, where you can test out classes you don't have and find out what you might want - while enjoying some time with the Network Staff. Games will begin at 3pm Central Time. (US Central for us.shotbow.net and EU Central for eu.shotbow.net)

    (EU) View Details
    (US/NA) View Details

    XP Code Goalposts

    Very proud of the movement on Twitter, Google+, and oddly Instagram! We got some hot tips from teachers that Instagram is super popular with the kids these days, so we're planning on posting more and more to it as possible. Keep an eye on our Instagram for image-sized news!

    Facebook: 4,000 likes - Like us on Facebook!

    Twitter: 16,000 followers - Follow us on Twitter!

    Google+: 1,000 followers - Follow us on Google+!

    Twitch.tv: 1,500 followers - Follow us on Twitch.tv!

    YouTube: 6,000 subscribers - Subscribe to us on YouTube!

    Player.me: 500 followers - Follow us on Player.me!

    Instagram: 500 followers - Follow us on Instagram!

    Note: Goal progress images will not update throughout the week

    For XP right now, be sure to Vote for The Shotbow Network at PlanetMinecraft!

    Team Updates
    • SymyBee and Tezlashock have joined the SMASH Team as Mini Admins
    • Make sure your favorite map isn't removed from rotation! Participate in the Annihilation Map Vote for June!
    • Want to get your favorite map added to Annihilation? Find its thread in Build Submissions and make sure to like it! Maps with the most likes are selected to be tested and potentially added to Annihilation. If you don't like your favorite map, it won't get in!
    • Bugfix: Setting your class to your current class will no longer restart your cooldown
    • Bugfix: Hunter can no longer permanently remove resource blocks using his traps
    • Bugfix: It is no longer possible to create leaderless clans
    • Bugfix: Hunter should now be able to use the boss buff
    • Bugfix: A glitch that allowed players to make invisible transporter blocks has been removed
    • Bugfix: Scout will no longer have infinite speed 2 after drinking a speed potion
    • Bugfix: Players killed through Life Drain now properly drop their armor
    • Bugfix: Firing a bow as Hunter no longer opens the trap GUI
    • Assault launched on the 19th! Congratulations, Team!
    • XP is now rewarded for successful kills. 3 for anyone in FFA, 5 for killing a challenger in KotD, and 10 for killing the King of the Duel.
    • GG is now looking for new arena suggestions!
    • Changelog will be available later today
    MineZ 2
    • Bugfix: Players can once again join the MineZ 2 lobby through the villager
    Qubion Creative
    • CONTEST! We will be running a public contest very soon in which everyone on the server can submit their plot. There will be a general theme that the plot will have to consist of. More information about this contest will be released next week!
    • Bugfix: The player count is no longer doubled when displayed on the website
    • SymyBee and Tezlashock have joined the SMASH Team as Mini Admins
    • Bugfix: ELO now properly appears in chat
    Wasted: GunGame
    • Bugfix: An issue preventing GunGame from starting has been resolved
    If we told you we'd have to kill you
    • Work on Gold Rush was leaked during lazertester's Weekly Development Stream, and he plans to continue leaking Gold Rush during this week's!
    • A new internal team is gearing up to make the experience of one of our coming games extraordinary
    • An older game is getting a few eyeballs on it to improve the experience
    • Two more internal projects focused on having easy, fast fun with your friends around the world are in progress
    • Majicou continues his secret project for MineZ Classic
    • The build team continued their work on a top secret project
    The Network in General
    • Bugfix: Lobby spawn setter now works as expected
    • Bugfix: Subscribers properly receive all particle effects in the lobby
    • Enhancement: The lobby was updated with a new bilboard for Arrow Arcade & Assault
    • The development team has continued work on Shotbow's upcoming new games
    • The PR Team continued their work across multiple social media sites, and wrote up The Weekly Arrow
    In Closing

    The launch of Assault has oddly stabilized our player count, not that I'm complaining. I hope to see it pick up some, too! How do you feel about Assault? Are you enjoying it? Have you told your friends? If no, why not?

    Thanks for flying Shotbow!

    (Last Week's Arrow)

    This week's banner showcases the new Assault & Arrow Arcade billboards in the lobby

  2. Sad Emerald

    Dem anni bugfixes.
    OneZedArmy and Unicycle43 like this.
  3. schiindler Retired Staff

    Happy Fathers Day, Navarr. :eek:
  4. Jarool Emerald

    Anything new with WiR, Wasted: Control, Flappy Chick, UHC, etc.? I've been waiting for you to mention something with them (especially Flappy Chick... NOT)
    Sam_F_Saved2Save and Fluffoon like this.
  5. KittensZ Platinum

    Is there somewhere where this week's dev stream is archived? I missed the first ten or so minutes. :(
  6. Fluffoon Retired Staff

    I wonder if you missed to mention Darn's leaving intentionally....
    Though he was considered by a lot as a jerk, noone can ignore his contribution to the community: either by testing maps or running events.
    Personally, I will miss him...
    JeTi_Brothers and Unicycle43 like this.
  7. McJeffr When in Rogue Lead, Developer

    Yee Qubion Contest hype! No one? Alright. :stuck_out_tongue:

    As always, nice weekly arrow. I myself have not really been able to play Assault yet, probably going to try it somewhere next week.
    Fluffoon, Riky and SeegerCraft like this.
  8. Sam_F_ Gold

    I bet so, but if they said so they'd have to kill us. :wink:
    It oughta be on the Shotbow official YT channel; they usually are.
    I will too -- he sure did a lot for us. Who's going to take his place? Not many can...
    Fluffoon likes this.
  9. demon_peanut Retired Staff

    I call shotgun! =D

    not really
  10. Jeroenhero Retired Developer

    Are the weekly development streams still going to be posted on YouTube? Haven't seen any for a while!
  11. _Lefarsi Emerald

    We normally get a reports count, don't we? :eek:
    KittensZ likes this.
  12. Andrew_64_MC Retired Staff

    Especially good arrow this week!
  13. xSandblast Emerald

    What is Gold Rush :eek:!?!?!
    KoenigApfel likes this.
  14. FireGuyNL Platinum

    A walk by people going to goldrich ground.
  15. Navarr Councilor


    Tune in to this week's Developer Stream to find out!
    Davidss10001 likes this.
  16. KittensZ Platinum

    Is there somewhere where I can re watch the beginning of last week's since I missed it?
  17. Navarr Councilor


    Not yet. I don't have a recording of it at this moment in time.
  18. Jeroenhero Retired Developer

    I live in an EU timezone and watching the streams isn't really possible for me.
    So will they come on YouTube again? They are pretty interesting and educational :wink:
  19. KittensZ Platinum

    Gold Rush
    Resource packs?
    Crafting Mama?
    Cheers? (i.e. friends plugin)
    Such Majicou, much MineZ
    Expansion of one of the MineZ maps? (Since it is such a long-term thing :lmao:)
  20. Gavin1019 Regular Member

    So, I'd like to explain The Shotbow Network's logic in creating this new game, but before that let's go back some months ago.

    "We are removing Shotbow Games because it was unoriginal and imbalanced because of Hulk"

    Then comes this game, "Assault" which is a BLATANT copy of Starwars Battlefront 2. So what Shotbow is saying is that Shotbow Games was unoriginal but this obvious copy of SBF 2 isn't? Please explain to me why you couldn't just remove Hulk kit and keep your best game in my opinion...
    Thanks for listening!
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