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Guide The Ultimate Nexus Raiding Guide

Discussion in 'Annihilation' started by cchiribelea, Nov 8, 2013.

Guide - The Ultimate Nexus Raiding Guide

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  1. Aeriform Regular Member


    It took me a long time... but I did it! I'm on the leaderboards! (well, I've been on them for a while now, but whatever). Anyways, to help others wondering how to get Scout (and just nexus damage), I made this guide!
    cchiribelea's Official Nexus Damage Guide

    Classes are essential to Nexus Damage. If you have Spy, it's almost effortless (well, to me anyways). If you only have Civilian, it may be just a tad bit more challenging. I know most people will just want to do the nexus damage for Scout, so obviously most people won't have Scout, which is pretty good for nexus damage. Anyways, I'm going to talk about good classes for nexus raiding, and how you can use them.

    Miner- Almost everyone has miner, and it starts with an Efficiency I stone pick, which is the equivalent to an iron pick, which will take a good chunk out of a nexus. I got Scout by nooby rushing with Miner on Coastal, but now that you have better maps like Amazon for that, I wouldn't recommend Coastal. Miner's good for beginners, I highly recommend it.

    Scout- So, if you're like me and like to touch nexus, then you didn't stop at just getting Scout. Scout is EXTREMELY mobile, and if you see trouble you can just run away. It's far better than Miner, but you need gold, which I'll explain my strategy for getting it smelted quick and VERY early in game later (gold is for gold picks). Scout allows you to make many rushes, because you can get to the enemy base very fast. A quick word of advice, if you're really close to enemy base, just grapple somewhere where the enemy can't get you, and is in the nexus protection zone (like the top of the tower on Coastal, for an example). Scout is EXTREMELY easy to use in Castles (see 'Castles').

    Spy- Spy is, in my opinion, the ULTIMATE nexus damage class. You can get very close to the enemy nexus without being seen, as whenever you see trouble coming you vanish and the enemy doesn't notice you, or they do, search for a few seconds, and, if you've vanished in a good spot, they won't hit you and reveal you. IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are vanished and someone eats right beside you, they WILL unvanish you. This happens every once in a while and is extremely frustrating. Once you are near the nexus, you have to wait for the guard to leave (if there is one), then you mine the nexus. Something I like to do on Canyons is wait until all the guards or enchanters are gone, and then mine the nexus in F5 mode so I can see when the enemy is heading down and shift somewhere NEAR the nexus, and wait until they're gone and do it again. You can do this with other maps, too. Just mine the nexus a BIT, then run off and hide like the devious person that you are... One last thing; Spy takes EXTREME patience sometimes, so learn to wait.

    Acrobat- Acrobat is a close second with Nexus Raiding. Why? It's like a mini Scout, you can still evade enemies; just not as well in most circumstances. However, Acrobat really shines in the Invisibility potion sector. Because it takes zero fall damage, and you can do a big double jump, it's extremely easy to get into the nexus simply by hopping over a wall, unseen. If the wall is tall, you can jump into the void, and double jump back up on the other side. Acrobat; to put it simply, can get past any defence.

    Transporter- I don't have Transporter (but I really want it), but I know it's a good class to get your team to the Nexus. Once I get it I'll write a detailed section. If I had premium...

    Of course, you need to have experience with these classes abilities to use them to their best potential, so practice makes perfect. Make your own strategies, and use their potential to the fullest!


    You need to know a map in order to effectively do nexus damage. Make your own specific route to get to a nexus, know where to hide, where to check for enemies, where to place a block, etc. Some maps are great for nexus damage, some suck. Be wary of what game you join, and what map you want to play. A quick tip; it's usually easy to nexus raid early in game; which is why I made a section about how to get gold picks fast. Remember, the maps section may be slightly more opinion based from my experiences, some people may think a map I say sucks is awesome. I can't give you my exact routes, because that would take up a TON of space, but I will provide a few pointers!

    Coastal- Ah, Coastal, the original. It's in general a pretty swell nexus raiding map! Scout can come in handy, because it's easy to get to the nexus through the bridge. Someone sees you? Grapple on top of the nexus tower! Even without Scout, it's pretty easy to get to one of the towers, and usually you go undetected. The bridges provide cover and an easy way to get to the nexus. Spy can be deadly in this map. Run across the bridge and when you get to the nexus tower, shift. When you don't see an enemy coming, or anyone down at the nexus, run down and mine away to your hearts content!

    Valleys- I don't even bother with Valleys. You have to go through a bottleneck to get to the nexus, and everyone spawns there! Also, the community chests are placed there, and the nexus is so close to spawning that you get hardly any damage in! Just, don't. The only thing this map is good for is strength rushing with a group of people, in that aspect it's good.

    Castles- I find Castles is the easiest for nexus raiding, especially with Scout. It's quite simple. You have to go to enemy base through a certain side, so if you're on Red go to Blue, Blue goes to Green, Green goes to Yellow, Yellow goes to Red. Get to the edge, and pillar up (or, if you have Scout, use the grapple). See if there's anyone guarding, and if not, mine away. Two things to note; one; the enchanting table and ender furnace are BELOW the Nexus, and it takes a long time to get from there to the nexus. Don't mistake the people at the enchanting room for the nexus guards. Two; you can get wool (any block works, but wool is best because hardly any people carry shears around with them) and block off the four access tunnels to the Nexus. I don't usually do this because there is a chance that you could be seen, but you could! And when you do, it works very well. Also, if you're going to do that, make sure that you previously scout out the Nexus base at your own Nexus, because you want to know what you're doing. Scout is VERY useful for Castles, because it's extremely easy to maneuver up and down the mountains. You have to be careful when getting gold on this map, because nooby rushers always take over the gold mine.

    Amazon- Amazon is great for nooby rushing, as an enemy nexus is short to get to. Just climb up the enemy mountain while making sure no enemy is there, head down into the tree trunk, find the ladder that leads to the nexus, and mine away! Of course, make sure no guards are there. It's also good for rushing with gold picks! Any class works!

    Canyons- Canyon's nexus is hard to get to sometimes, you need to take the bridge from the sandstone wall to the nexus room entrance, or the underground tunnel, but those have their own risks of you being spotted. Personally, I take the bridge, because if you're sneaky enough, you can hop off and instantly get into the nexus room. If you have Acrobat on, just jump from the bridge into the stairs, it's highly efficient. Again, make sure that no one's in the nexus room.

    Skylands- Skylands is a map of diverse nexus raiding strategies. Invisiblity rushing works well on it. Also, it takes a while for people to get up to the nexus while you're mining it, and if you use F5 you may even be able to escape sometimes! However, I think Acrobat is the trump card in this map. There is a unique, innovative strategy that I found (credit goes to WildWargasm, spam him with good things!). Get a good gold pick, maybe Efficiency III or so, and equip Acrobat. Take a skybridge to an enemy base (there should be one by now). Try to go to a base that hasn't been attacked much, because it will have a lesser chance of there being guards. Get to the nexus, start mining, and use F5. When a person comes up, jump off the building onto one of the bridges that leads to the ender furnace. There's a big tree to the RIGHT of the ender furnace. Use blocks, and climb and double jump up it. No one should be following you, but there are no guarantees! Get to the very top, and look down! Are there people there? Is there a guard there? If not, then jump off the tree, and when you're close, use your double jump to allow your to reach the nexus. Repeat until there are guard(s) there. If there are guards there, then you can go to another enemy base via the enemies' skybridge (it's easier than you think), and use the same strategy, or, if you have gear, then you can try and jump the guard(s), kill him/them, and mine again.

    Kingdoms- Kingdoms is a good map for nexus raiding. The open area nexus allows for plenty of maneuvering. With Scout, you can get under the bridge that leads to the nexus, and grapple up top to the nexus and mine away! Then, when people come you run away! Acrobat can do virtually the same thing, but it's harder to get to the nexus undetected, although it's easier to escape (because of zero fall damage). Nooby Miner rushing may be harder here because you have to pass through the enchanting tables, shops, and class change portals undetected. However, there is a secret hollow behind the enchanting tables, check it out in YOUR base so you know where to go. A good strategy for this map is using Acrobat or Scout (Acrobat is preferred), and going to the nexus, doing some damage (doing it with a buddy is better), and running away, then coming back. It's kind of like Skylands!

    Andorra- Because of the many trees, Andorra allows you to easily and subtly get close to the enemy base. Once you're close to one of the towers, up safe and high in your little tree, you can do a few things. If you have Scout, make sure no one's near, and jump into the moat. Go near the edge of the world, place some blocks, and hide safely behind the tower. Use you grapple to latch onto something (whether it be a windowsill, a ladder, or a hanging fence, and launch yourself up. Check to see if the coast is clear, and run to the nexus and mine to your heart's content. If you aren't using Scout, then do the same thing, but instead of grappling up, make ladders and place them secretively, so you can climb into a windowsill. Remember that the towers are reinforced with bedrock, so you can't dig through them. Then, start to mine. A good strategy (which is similar to the one in Kingdoms and Skylands), is to (0nce you're up at the nexus room), get as far away from the nexus as you can, without losing contact. When you start mining, use F5 to see if anyone's coming up the stairs. When you see someone and deem them too close, jump through one of the windows and make your escape! It's far easier with Scout or Acrobat, so make sure to equip those! Also, keep in mind that you're probably coming back, so don't use a regular gold pick, enchant one!

    Don't forget to create your own techniques for these maps, though! It all comes down to practice!


    This part is pretty simple to explain. When you start, make sure you have Miner class on. Quickly rush to the iron mine and get exactly 3 iron, and go to the coal mine and get two more coal than you start with (you should end up with six). Smelt your iron in the ender furnace, and change classes (to your nexus raiding class). Head to the gold mine, and make sure you use wood to block off the entrance so enemies can't kill you. Get exactly 33 gold ore, and head to the ender furnace to smelt it. Put the gold in there with the coal, and take out three smelted gold from the furnace. Head off to touch a nexus, and when you come back your gold should be smelted, and you can store it in your ender furnace. Make sure you bring necessary materials with you that correspond to a certain map (for example, you'd need ladders for Andorra). Also, always bring food and extra blocks to place, you may need them.

    If you're making potions, the routine may be different, and because there are so many different ways, I won't really cover it. It comes from experience, so find the best method for you!


    So, before I start this potions section, I'd quickly like to say that in my opinion, if you really want to stack up the nexus damage you shouldn't use potions. I'll explain why down below.

    Potions are an important aspect of the game, and they can give you special abilities that would allow you to take a nexus by brute force. The four potions I'd like to talk about are Strength, Regeneration, Healing, and Invisibility. I don't like potions because they *can* take a long time to make, some ass may steal them, you only get three runs per batch, and it's still risky to do (with strength and regeneration potions).

    Invisibility: Invisibility is highly effective for nexus raiding. It's easy to bypass enemies, sneak in, and touch some nexus real good. You have to remember a few things when invisible, however. The particles are quite visible, so if someone sees them they can spam-click and hit you, which WILL reveal you. Also, you cannot break blocks, and this includes destroying the nexus, so if you break it once, it will reveal you. I have four tips for you; one; pretend as if you aren't invisible sometimes, so DON'T walk in front of enemies, as they will see your particles. Don't sprint either, as that emits a lot of particles. Two; remember that you have a time limit on the potions, so don't waltz around wasting time and get to work! Three; remember to TAKE YOUR FREAKING ARMOUR OFF, and four; Potions are OP with Acrobat (explained in the classes section, under Acrobat).

    Strength, Regeneration, and Healing: I put the remaining three potions together because you usually have to use all three of them for a successful nexus raid. When you are close to the nexus, you must use your Strength II and Regeneration II. Mine the nexus with your *enchanted* gold pick (makes the time go by far faster, you really should use it), and when people start attacking you whack them with your beast enchanted sword and Strength II powers. Continue mining the nexus until the mob gets overwhelming, then fight them while splashing (NOT DRINKING, they should be splash) your healing potions on you. When you have killed them all for a bit, keep mining the nexus until this happens again. It's best to do this in Phase 5, when there is double nexus damage, as you'll be surprised at how quick you die. Make sure you bring two Strength II potions with you if the nexus is far away from dying, and bring lots of splash Healing II potions. And remember, it's FAR easier to do it with another person!

    A strategy I used once, but is very effective, is to use Invisibility potions to get into the nexus, and then put your armour on, use your potions, THEN mine the nexus, so you get a bonus surprise advantage. Remember one thing about potions, however. When you convert them into splash potions, the time gets drastically reduced, so don't do that with Invisibility, Strength, and Regeneration, unless you're doing a group rush!


    These are just general guidelines for nexus raiding, and I'll probably add more as I think of them!

    Tunnels: Back in my old days when I didn't even have Scout, I would use Miner class to dig a tunnel to an enemy base in Coastal. I would change to Miner class, find a secret location where your teammates won't stumble upon the tunnel (they often give it away), and dig to bedrock. Go one block from the edge of the world. You won't have much light, so turn up your computer's brightness. You don't want to dig right beside the edge of the world because if an enemy looks and sees the tunnel they'll dig to it. Shift whenever you can, that includes when you cross the tunnel to get to the enemy nexus (although when you're on your own side, just run because it takes a long time, and shift when you get to the enemy's side). When you're digging the tunnel and your pick breaks, just do /kill to get another one (you should be Miner class). Use your compass to find the enemy base easier. Once you reach the protected zone, dig up (have a shovel with you), cover the hole, and mine away! Remember that you have to do everything in your power to keep the tunnel secret, unless you want a team Teleporter to set a tp to the enemy in the tunnel. Two major cons about this, however. One; it takes a long time to do, and by then the enemy nexus could be destroyed or have guards, and two; if an enemy finds your tunnel, you're kind of screwed.

    Gold Pick Reparation: This one is very brief but important. If you're touching a Nexus real hard, make sure to RIGHT CLICK to repair your pick! Even some experienced Nexus raiders don't do this, and it's very important to do this when you're using something like a gold pick. When I say right click, I mean do it while breaking the Nexus. So, I would be holding down left click and I would be spamming right click, and it would be repairing my pick, so I would never run out of durability.

    Guard Patterns: An important skill in Nexus raiding is learning about Nexus guards. Sometimes, I can tell when a Nexus has no guards just by looking at their Nexus health. If it's Phase 5 and an enemy team still has 75 Nexus health, or considerably higher than the others, it's actually VERY likely that they simply got lucky, and so they'll have no guards. Also, if it's early in game (so Phase 1, 2, or 3), it's VERY unlikely that they'll have a guard up unless they have been tp rushed, which is why I think it's crucial to get gold fast and head to an enemy Nexus early. The vast majority of my Nexus damage has been done in Phases 2 and 3. If you head to an enemy Nexus and see that they have a guard there, and they still have a LOT of health, just get out. The guard is very likely to be dedicated to Nexus guarding. An easy way to tell if a Nexus has guards is if there is a name at the Nexus or not! You'll be surprised at how rarely a Nexus guardian shifts. Also, don't be intimidated by a name at the Nexus alone. Look for the details! Sit hidden for a bit and see if the name tag is moving! If not; it's likely that they're AFK and you can waltz up to them and kill them, even if they're in full iron! If a guard is moving around a lot in the room, it's likely that they're bored. It doesn't mean that they'll necessarily leave, however, so only wait for about 3 minutes, unless you really want to wait for a long time.

    More to be added, so be sure to stick around!
    Future things planned: Getting Past Defences, Rushing With a Group
    Leave your suggestions in the comments!


    Seriously, I appreciate ANY feedback very greatly. Even saying "great", or, "you made a typo on the [insert section] section" helps. And if you want to ask about another element of nexus raiding that I didn't cover, just say so in the comments and I'll put it up, as I constantly check this thread.

  2. JordanX120 Silver

    Congrats! Also, Nice guide.
  3. Aeriform Regular Member

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    Seems you've put a lot of effort into this, great guide. :)
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  7. Zneak Platinum

    I have 4300 nexus damage...EU though ;(
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  9. Northdark Silver

    Good job mate.
  10. Aeriform Regular Member

    Seriously guys, thanks so much for all the positive feedback, this took forever to compile and is the result of three month's nexus raiding. I may be adding the potions section (not that I have much to write).
  11. Northdark Silver

    I wouldn't on potions, it's pretty basic stuff. Perhaps on potion rushing?
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    You're actually 18th on leaderboards. Even better :)
  14. Aeriform Regular Member

    lol yeah that's what I meant, sorry for the confusion. :lmao:
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  16. Aeriform Regular Member

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    Minecraft login servers are being buggy again so I can't work on my anni map, I'm dying o.o
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    I know, it took me 30 tries to log onto shotbow.
  19. Dwarffff Platinum

    :( i only have 347 nexus dmg :(
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    One of the best anni guides out there, nice work!

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