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Discussion The Shotbow Game You Forgot About (Or Never Knew Existed)

Discussion in 'MineZ' started by Oraceon, Dec 31, 2019.

Discussion - The Shotbow Game You Forgot About (Or Never Knew Existed)

Did you know about LMS before my post?

Yes, I played it. 38 vote(s) 77.6%
Yes, I've heard of it. 6 vote(s) 12.2%
No, I've never heard of it. 5 vote(s) 10.2%
  1. Oraceon Obsidian

    Reading this title probably made you open "The Garage," and scan through all the games to see if there was one you forgot about. Any players from 2014+, I would personally consider Veterans of the server, but even most currently-active Shotbow Veterans aren't aware that this Shotbow game ever even existed. What game am I talking about you may ask? Let's get into it.

    L.M.S. What does this mean? Some of you may know the meaning of LMS from other games and even fewer of you know exactly what I'm talking about. LMS happens to stand for "Last Man Standing." Keep in mind, there is VERY limited content of this Gamemode on the Internet that I was able to find and even fewer people who I have contact with who knew it even existed. I'm saying this because while I was around when Shotbow had LMS as a gamemode, I was very young - about 12 years old or so - I'm now 20, so my memory of this game is faint. That being said, if any of you, particularly original players or staff have more details or have correct information when I'm wrong, feel free to correct me in the comments below. Lets get into the details of the game itself.

    You've probably wondered why I've posted this under the "MineZ" section. That's because the LMS I remember had MineZ mechanics but with a battle royal twist thrown in. In short, players would spawn on set spawn locations with limited gear - usually a wooden sword, a water bottle, and a complete set of leather armor. Players spawned relatively close to each other and PvP was active immediately upon spawning, so the start was pretty chaotic. Players, however, weren't your only issue - so were the original MineZ zombies - which were fast and even more difficult to hit then than they are now. Zombies were definitely more deadly back then - whether due to old mechanics or lack of experience with the game as I player, I have no idea. But its not simply a spawn-in and survive game.

    There were also towns and small buildings scattered throughout the small world where players could explore and grab gear. A town I remember relatively clearly was the original build for Arbreton. I made my way here to grab loot whenever I can - usually iron gear and such. After the survivor count got low or a time limit was reached (I don't remember which), thirst rate was doubled which essentially meant you had to camp next to a water source or you'd die within a minute or two. The thirst rate was actually more like 5x not 2x, but that's besides the point. That aspect of the game did ruin it, and I have a feeling that's partially what led to its disappearing. (That's assuming it wasn't patched at some point.)

    Anyway, I just wanted to inform some of the newer players about LMS and/or jog the memory of the original Shotbow players. LMS was eventually completely reimagined with the Shotbow Games, another game that's not in the garage, but that didn't last too long as MineZ and Annihilation had thousands of players and were the bulk of Shotbow's traffic back then. Anyway, I hope everyone enjoyed the post. Don't forget to post any missing information, extra details, or information correcting my wrong statements below. :)

    (This was meant to be a script for my debut back into making MineZ content on YouTube, but I'm getting a new PC in a week, so I figured I'd do something else to debut my return on YouTube instead. Anyway, that's why this is in a script format)
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  2. Oraceon Obsidian

    Somehow I forgot to mention this in the post, but LMS was around in mid to late 2012. :)
  3. GeneralWaffle64 Obsidian

    They also brought back LMS in 2015 and it was an absolute catastrophe. The servers were crashing, the lobbies needed to be completely full for 30 seconds for a game to start, and when an update came through that absolutely slaughtered players' hunger and saturation, Shotbow compensated with higher saturation in foods in MineZ, but didn't reapply this mechanic to LMS.

    Edit: Yes hello, I am indeed still alive.
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  4. Oraceon Obsidian


    Firstly, good to hear from you, my friend. Second of all, I must have been doing something else when that happened because I don't remember that at all. Thanks for the info!
  5. 1999rocks Platinum

    I played in 2012, I've never heard of it before now. Sounds like something I would have given a shot if I had ever heard about it.
  6. Mistri Network Lead

    LMS was probably my favorite Shotbow game besides Ghostcraft. We tried to bring it back a few years ago but it didn't work out. I'd love to play it again someday! :rolleyes:
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  7. lightninge Silver

    Ok that's weird, I swear I remember playing that back in the day but I only started on Shotbow in 2017...
  8. Oraceon Obsidian


    I've heard there was a temporary remake at some point.
  9. Jarool Emerald

    Ah yes, there was a remake at some point. I remember playing it. I never played the original, but the remake had abilities you could buy to apply to yourself. I only remember second wind (you would be revived at the spawn area with, I think, half health and speed for a few seconds?). I actually enjoyed the remake a bit, but it wasn't exactly 'balanced', IIRC. It also only worked like 12% of the time, so... yeah. Had potential to be brought back, but I doubt with this player count we'd see a revival of it any time soon, which is severely disappointing.

    EDIT: In fact, here's the full list of perks!
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  10. Oraceon Obsidian


    Impressive. Thanks for this.
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  11. connor564 Platinum

    They brought it back in the Bowcade, for a little bit.
  12. Groovyy Platinum

    If they brought back LMS even temporarily and Wasted temporarily it would be cool maybe as something like a 'Rotating Gamemode'.

    It would definitely bring back my interest into Shotbow as a whole.
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  13. Beast2x Emerald

    The "zombie waves" game (can't remember the name) where everyone was in Romero and you could buy armor and weapons (think Black Ops Zombies) was awesome as well. LMS was a great time though. Summer of 2012 is when I started playing MineZ and it was better than regular Minecraft in my opinion.

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