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Class Suggestion The Shopper. (SHO)

Discussion in 'Annihilation' started by Wilconia9_, Apr 23, 2019.

Class Suggestion - The Shopper. (SHO)
  1. Wilconia9_ Regular Member

    You are the greed.
    Use your shopper chest to open
    a new shop, buy unique items with gold and
    unlock new ones every phase!
    However, you have only 1 red heart,
    and 9 absortion hearts (You cannot regenerate them.)

    Killing a enemy gives you a bit of gold nuggets and a heart!

    The shopper is a Righ risk, high reward class, that's very rewarding if you know how to survive, and manage your resources, also has unique mechanics that no other class have.
    The shopper has it's own unique shop, and cannot use the weapon store, and the brewing store.
    The shopper starts with 1 normal heart, and 9 abosrtion ("Yellow") hearts. if you lose a yellow heart, you cannot regenerate them, but you can get 1 heart if you kill a enemy. (Max 9 yellow hearts, meaning you cannot have more of 20 health. 2 of the red heart and 18 of the yellow hearts or more simple 1 Red heart and 9 yellow hearts).
    The shopper buys its items with gold, also you got a 20 second cooldown between buying items.
    You cannot drop the items you bought (To avoid bugs or abuse of the class.) if you change class you lose all the gold and any item that you bought in your inventory.
    Example of the hearts.
    Initial items:
    Leather armor
    Wooden sword
    Wooden pickaxe
    Wooden axe
    Enderchest called "Shop" 20 seconds cooldown if you buy something.
    If you mine iron, gold, coal, or diamond.
    Instead of getting the proper resource ore, you get:
    Coal ore : 1 nugget.
    Iron ore: 2 nuggets.
    Diamond ore :4 gold ingots.
    Gold ore stays normal.
    - You cannot craft iron or diamond stuff by yourself.
    - Killing a enemy restores one yellow heart if you have less than 10 hearts. (You cannot exceed from 10 hearts.)
    -Killing a enemy gives 4 gold nuggets.
    -You cannot drop gold nuggets, ingots or blocks, also neither of your items bought from the shop.
    -On death, you don't drop anything, but you lose your items.
    -You cannot use brewing stands.
    -You cannot use the weapon shop or brewing shop.
    The shop can be used anytime, anywhere, it display its items between tiers.

    Tier 1: Phase 1 items.
    Tier 2: Phase 2 items. (Unlocked at Phase 2)
    Tier 3: Phase 3 items. (Unlocked at Phase 3)
    Tier 4: Phase 4 items. (Unlocked at Phase 4)
    Tier 5: Phase 5 items. (Unlocked at Phase 5)

    Example, im in Phase 3, i can buy Tier 1, 2 and 3, but not tier 4 items yet.

    Every tier has a Special item that has one buy only, so you can buy it once in the entire match.
    Tier 1:
    Iron pickaxe (4 gold nuggets)
    16 arrows (2 gold ingots)
    Bow power I (4 gold ingots)
    Golden leggins (7 gold nuggets)
    Golden chestplate (8 gold nuggets)
    Special item: Lingering Potion of speed I (1:00) (1 block of gold)
    Tier 2:
    Gold pickaxe efficiency I (2 gold ingots)
    Rotten flesh called "Epic Bacon" (Restores all your hunger bar) (4 gold ingots)
    Instant damage I Arrow (8 gold ingots.)
    Chainmail Boots: (4 gold nuggets)
    Chainmail Helmet (5 gold nuggets)
    Special item: End portal frame called "Stinky cauldron"
    (Enemies around 4 blocks recieve 5 seconds nausea effect, also it's destroyed on death.
    (You can place it one time, so choose wisely.) (3 blocks of gold).
    Tier 3:
    Fire Aspect I Iron sword (8 Gold ingots.)
    Potion of Strength I (0:30 seconds.) (Yes, it's the first Class that can use a Strength potion before Phase 4. this to compensate that can't make use of the brewing store and brewing stands.) (30 gold ingots)
    Iron helmet (5 gold nuggets)
    Iron chestplate (8 gold nuggets)
    Iron Pants (7 gold nuggets)
    Iron boots (4 gold nuggets)
    Special Item: Bottle of enchanting called "Level UP!" (Right-click, your level is increased by 15 levels.)
    Example: I have level 10, i use level up and now i have 25 levels. (5 blocks of gold.)
    Tier 4:
    Diamond Helmet (10 gold ingots)
    Diamond boots. (10 gold ingots)
    Diamond Pickaxe (3 gold ingots)
    Special item: Banner of the colour of the team called. "Absortion banner"
    (This banner is used in the helmet slot, revealing a flag in your head, while you have equipped, you recieve 2 points more of true damage (1 heart). your teamates 5 blocks around you will have absortion 2 for 10 seconds, also you don't get affected by this effect.) (6 blocks of gold)
    Tier 5:
    Diamond chestplate (16 gold ingots)
    Diamond pants (16 gold ingots)
    Lingering haste potion (0:25 seconds) (5 blocks of gold)
    Diamond chestplate Protection III and Thorns III (7 blocks of gold)
    Special item: Endercrystal called "Ender Shield"
    (A endercrystal that is equipped in the shield slot, while you have equipped, you have Weakness, slowness and mining fatigue II, but resistance II, protecting you from 40% of any damage, while it's equipped, you cannot recieve any other positive effects, on death causes a massive explosion 6X6 blocks that makes 4 hearts of true damage to all near enemies.) (20 blocks of gold)

    Feel free to put your thoughts in the comments, also
    Any ideas are welcome, i hope this class makes it into the game someday, because
    i see it really unique, challenging, and fun to use.
    Thank you for reading.

  2. IncognitoSausage Platinum

    Wow, just wow.
    Clip likes this.
  3. zoomninja3000 Regular Member

    I don't know, it seems like a UHC thing to me.
  4. Mysterious_Seven Platinum

    Succubus would like to suck your blood.
    Game. Set. Match.
    Ivandagiant and zoomninja3000 like this.
  5. connor564 Platinum

    I dunno, I think a discount card for normal shop would work better
  6. SaltyPasta472 Platinum

    Ok we are not talking about resistance 3? No? Ok, than thats your problem.

    Yes, it costs 20 gold blocks but it still breaks the game. You would be able to reach a damage reduction of more than 95%. With mining fatigue 2 you can still mine with a really good pic I believe. Healing on kill reminds me of bloodmage, which was half a heart per one hit kill.
    We can not one hit ppl anymore but 3 hits on leather is realistic.

    I would rethink the hearts part anddont give him the 20 blocks item
  7. connor564 Platinum

    Yeah maybe the shield instead just gives idk res 1
  8. Wilconia9_ Regular Member

    Okay, maybe Resistance III is a bit overpowered, but keep in mind this:
    Costs 20 blocks of gold.
    Its unlocked at Phase 5. (So, you need to resist at least 50 minutes with your team.)
    Regeneration potions are useless (They are absortion Hearts, they don't regenerate.)
    Also Instant Healing potions do the same, they don't heal absortion.
    Plus, in top of that, you cannot have the strength effect while you carry the shield, and you have weakness, and slowness.
    And it has one use only.
    A immobilizer its a good counter to you, also mercenaries can help, Thor can wipe 2 hearts with it's true damage.
    The shield it's made as a reward to surviving 50 minutes, making the 20 blocks without dying in the process (And lose everything).
    But maybe resistance 3 with protection Enchantments would be overpowered, i will change that.
    Also, i added that you cannot recieve any possitive potion effect when you are using the shield.
  9. Wilconia9_ Regular Member

    No, because your max health would be 1 heart, the absortion hearts don't count.
    The 25% of 1 heart is 0.25.
    So they need to use the skill when you are at half a heart.
  10. zoomninja3000 Regular Member

    Actually you would need 1/4 of a heart.
  11. Wilconia9_ Regular Member

    Yeah, but minecraft dosen't count it, it makes it a half.
  12. zoomninja3000 Regular Member

    That would make it immune to succubus's life drain due to the fact they can't change the values for one class. The value would need to be set to half of health universally for it to do anything but hurt the succubus.
  13. SaltyPasta472 Platinum

    Minecraft counts every damage it just cant show all...
    Ivandagiant likes this.
  14. SaltyPasta472 Platinum

    Fun fact before stating something wrong do the fact check.

    Minecraft registers all damages even would register 0.01 hp so evey 100 hits yoo loose 1 hp.

    How do potion effects work? They stack they usually dont negate eachother so we have a new mechanic. I could imagine that this item makes you drink milk every few seconds and than gives you the negative effects back.

    How useful are all potions in Annihilation?
    I think we did some testing on this and strenght is not strenght. But weakness is weakness? Sounds confusing?
    Ok weakness gives you -0,5 damage. Someone wanna tell ne that you cant kill someone with sharp 5 diamonds minus 0.5which is diamond sharp 4 only?
    Strenght buffes your damage and its still true that you receive more than you loose on lvl 1 potions.

    I think resitance 2 would be still really strong good change. I am actually thinking about lowering the prize now tonmaybe 100 gold. With before the 20 blocks you coud get 2 gapples and make speed and strenght. Merc still doesnt do much here.
  15. Mysterious_Seven Platinum

    Its quite evident that you have no idea what you're talking about, I'll do my best to try and explain. Health is a floating number and it can be a decimal. Thor would damage absorption as normal, where succubus presumably decreases your health cap to 0 (with constraints). The percentages that you have been using are just observations, like how the sun setting in the west doesn't truly disappear. Succubus activates at 25% because 25% is 5hp. Also, even if I was wrong, Bloodmage lowers health cap by 2 hearts. So that would be just as effective in instant killing the class.

    There also is some technical problems with how Absorption hearts work that make the entire idea of having even 2 less hearts untenable as a class passive, I can explain but as it stands the idea needs a complete rework. I pretty much ignored the class because of this mistake the class is based around, can you write up a concept for it so we can move it backwards from technical numbers to more of the idea you want to fill? Maybe we can work out exactly what this class would bring to Annihilation.

    Leave em alone, minecraft doesn't exactly lend itself to intuition, took me weeks to understand how to calculate protection rating.
    Also, it was his birthday.
    Tobi472 likes this.
  16. SaltyPasta472 Platinum

    No way im a monster.
  17. Mysterious_Seven Platinum

    Still waiting on this, I think its a very interesting idea. I don't have the inspiration, otherwise I'd post an reconstruction myself.
    Just tell me what you want it to be able to do and we can work from there. So far I've got two bullet points.
    • Upgradable through a shop.
    • high risk high reward as relating to health.
  18. SaltyPasta472 Platinum

    I actually have 2 class idead in store rn. Dont know when it would be the best time to do so
  19. zoomninja3000 Regular Member

    Yes, bloodmage would be an instakill but like I said you would need 0.25 of a heart to be killed by a succubus. I know this because I tried to life drain a berserker and the value was different. It scales by actual health.
    Mysterious_Seven likes this.

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