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MineZ The Secret Project Update

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Majicou, Aug 6, 2015.

MineZ - The Secret Project Update
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  1. Majicou Retired Staff


    That's right, the infamous update is finally here! Mandatory .gif:


    Let me spent a couple of words before you delve into the awesomeness.
    This update is the result of a collaboration between all the people who have worked VERY hard on MineZ, in secret, during the last few months. Let's take a moment of our time to especially thanks the devs I have pestered, the Build and the MineZ teams for their joint efforts into making this update memorable! I would have loved to thank all those people personally one by one with their own names but I would most surely forget someone, so let me just say a big THANK YOU to everyone who participated in a way or another - you know who you are and I love you! :wink:

    There is also someone else to thanks... And that's YOU, for your patience and putting up with the waiting! I will personally make sure that you will have the best experience possible in MineZ with this update! :heart:

    Release Date: August 15th 12:00 US Central Time (both EU and US servers)

    The update is 99% ready, and that 1% missing it's the public testing: I expect everything running smoothly, but in case something will go awry don't worry: bugs will be squashed quickly and efficiently.

    And now, an overview of the upcoming changes. Keep in mind that not everything is listed here, especially Building wise as we all agreed to not spoil all the new stuff, so you can roam around the map and discover what's new for yourself. Sorry, Wiki Editors! :D


    • A completely new and remade loot table. This means new loot types, new items, new rarities.
    • A completely new and remade loot placement. All the chests on the map were deleted and manually replaced, one by one, by yours truly.
    • Introduced the concept of "bad luck" for higher tier chests. This means that instead of rarely getting a good item, you will rarely get a bad one.
    • Introduced the concept of "longer respawn" for higher tier chests. Generally, the best chest type in the area you are looting will require more time to respawn, and you'll also need to be more away from it. This may apply to any chest where I deemed it necessary, as well.
    • Introduced the concept of "location reward". You will be still able to farm any chest you'd like to farm, but generally it will be a waste of time as the more further you push in map exploration the better chests you will find. In other words the more the chest is hard to reach, either by location or obstacles, the more said chest will reward you when you'll open it.
    • Scaled loot on every type of chest, not just military ones. Full list with explanations will be below.
    • Reworked the concept of the "trap chest". By default now almost all chests will have a very small chance to spawn a zombie instead which will try to use the loot to kill you - kill him and he'll drop it. There's a way to tell if it's a trap, if you are paying attention...
    • On the coast, chests will respawn even if a player is standing close to them, to avoid empty cities with no loot to grab.
    • On the coast, the loot will be plentiful but you'll find better items going more north. This now apply for every type of loot, not just military.
    • The number of zombies spawning nearby a loot chest has been tweaked.
    • Chests are now more type-specific. You will rarely find an item not belonging to the type of chest you are looting.
    • Secluded places like iron door's protected rooms and dungeon will have a specific set of loot. More informations below.
    • Graves have been reworked to have loot based on location and, generally, will grant more useful items than before.
    • Generally, buildings have the loot you would expect to find in said building type.
    • Legendaries have been heavily reworked. Existing Legendaries will still work, but will be unobtainable.
    • The Ghost Ship and the Spires, including the one at the top of Floating Islands will have specific loot.
    • You will be able to find Shotbow XP in loot chests.
    • Snowballs stack up to 3.
    • Empty bowls stack up to 3.
    • Fixed some small bugs here and there.
    • The healing text have a more friendly green color.
    • The Golden Apple will give you Regeneration II for ten seconds, instead of five. Also, the extra Absorption hearths will be four instead of two.
    • Hordes of zombies will be bigger the more north you go.
    • The canyons are more dangerous as it was originally planned them to be.
    • The "block glitching can get you banned" message have been removed and added as a more friendly tip instead.
    • Giants have been reworked in damage and mechanics.
    • Sugar will now spawn only from mil_rare and above.
    • Healing someone with Shears will now net a Regeneration II effect instead of I.
    • Tools will spawn with durability now, Shears excluded.
    • You will spawn with only a leather chestplate as armor. It will be colored if you are a premium member.
    • Giants can now drop some new items along with the usual ones. Tried to make it so that an item drop is guaranteed every time you kill one.
    • Buffed the Flash Grenades, fight a Pigman to try obtain one.
    • Zombies and Pigmen have been tweaked.
    • You are now be able to pick your spawn as "region" and not specific cities. There will be 8 different locations you will be able to choose to spawn in, and then you'll get a random spawn in the region you have picked. You can still choose a random spawn if you'd like.
    • The cooldown for choosing your spawn have been left at 5 minutes, starting after you used it last.
    • Bleeding and nausea chance have been tweaked.
    • You can now set a specific order for your spawn kit items by spawning, arranging the items as you want them to be and doing /prefs. The changes will activate after your death.
    • Ointments now stack at 1, as intended.
    • Damage in general has been tweaked.
    • Tooltips have been added to all items to further explain their functionality.
    • Zombies will have a random multiplier for "Speed" and "Health". This can either positive or negative, up to twice and down to half.
    • Added "Master Archery" damage bonus when you hit someone with an arrow from very far away. Buffed zombie headshots.
    ~ NEW ITEMS ~
    • Glowstone Dust: turns your Healing Potion I into a II. Healing Potions III cannot be brewed in any way, remember.
    • Pumpkin Pie: very rare food.
    • Carrot: uncommon food.
    • Raw Fish: coast food.
    • Iron Axe: same as Stone Axe, but with increased durability and damage.
    • Golden Carrot: very rare food.
    • Zombie Head: very rare gear. Wear it as an helmet to be less visible to zombies.
    • Potatoes: grave's food.
    • Spire's Potions: those cannot be brew.
    • Cactus: punch someone for a chance to make them bleed, right click to cover yourself with thorns and have a chance to reciprocate the damage you get.
    • Dungeons will have exclusive items at the end, but they are very rare. I wonder what those are...
    • civ_common and civ_uncommon: Civilian type loot. The main difference, other than item chances, between the two types is the presence of Raw Fish and Wheat and the absence of Water Bottles.
    • tools_common, tools_uncommon: Various tools to help you during your journey. The item chances are raised in favor of Buttons and Cobwebs up north.
    • pots_common, pots_uncommon, pots_rare: Healing Potion chests. You will find Heal III only in _rare ones, and won't find Splash II into the _common one. Generally you'll find _common on the coast and _rare after obstacles such as doors and/or parkour, while the _uncommon will be the most prominent type on the map.
    • food_common, food_uncommon, food_rare: Chests filled with edible stuff to satiate your hunger. The crafted food will be gradually more available, while the _common chest will have exclusively instantly edible food.
    • mil_common, mil_uncommon, mil_rare, mil_epic, mil_mythic: Military type chests.The more you go north, the better they'll get. Usually the _mythic take more effort to respawn as they grant iron quickly.
    • room_common, room_uncommon, room_rare: Similar to _mil chests, but those are tweaked to reward you properly since they are the loot type you can find only behind a closed place you'll need to place a button to enter. Gets progressively better the more north you are.
    • dungeon_in, dungeon_out: Those chests will be found only in dungeons, as the name suggests. The _in version will help you restock during the dungeon, and contain a mix of military gear and healing supplies. The _out version instead is exclusively placed at the end of each dungeon and contains only the best items MineZ have to offer. Those chests pretty much take forever to respawn, and you have to be far far away from them.
    • A million of small fixes. Not even kidding, we didn't roll ANY change in MONTHS.
    • Crafting benches have been added in plenty of places.
    • Water in cauldrons have been removed or added.
    • Gave more wheat and melons in farms.
    • New cities!
    • New dungeons!
    • Prettified builds!
    • The Ghost Ship is back!
    • Almost all the redstone is now converted to a better, more reliable and less lag inducing system.
    • Some changes have been made into existing dungeons.
    • Created a more stable and reliable way to take you out from dungeons.
    • Added a system to prevent server hopping into dungeons.
    ...and more stuff I probably forgot, sorry! Go find out!

    Most important thing is, though, we are aiming to create an actual endgame to MineZ if you want to pursue it. Just like vanilla Minecraft, it is not mandatory to enjoy the game and you will be able to continue after. Let's just say it's a challenge to those who don't feel satisfied completely with the whole sandbox experience!

    ...Uh? How to reach said end, you say? I wonder! Looks like you'll have to find out for yourself!

    That's it! Have fun and let me know your first impressions in this very thread! For the Update feedback I will make a sub-section in the MineZ forum after the update hits! :heart: you all!

  2. mines Regular Member

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  3. FireKnight1483 Platinum

    Oh my gosh, this looks AWESOME!!!
  4. Deadtoad5 Platinum

    Yussss sass :3
  5. Bionic_Prodigy Obsidian

    Can't wait! :D
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  6. Unicycle43 Retired Staff

    Whew thats a lot!!
  7. Very_Gay Platinum

    love it
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  8. MineReepers Platinum

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  9. Artifical_Waifu Platinum

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  10. Very_Gay Platinum

    • Giants have been reworked in damage and mechanics.
    Does this mean the giants will do more damage or less? Will it spawn zombies more often or less? Will it be harder or easier? Chance to 1 shot no matter what you have?
    pls4info about giants :heart: :)
  11. Andren Platinum

    the voice acting sounds like a german wizard
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  12. Eoya Platinum

    This will ethier bring back minez and or kill, lets hope its not the latter.
  13. Hangar_Straight Silver

    Ghost Ship is back! Great!
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  14. Ninja_Bacn Platinum

    *dusts off sword and armor* Looks like it's back to Shotbow for me!
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  15. oposdeo Platinum

    "The cooldown will start after your last death" It's happening! It really is! So ends the reign of the premium banditos! Also I remember seeing that cactus suggestion, cool to see it implemented.

    This update is more massive than I could have immagined. This is going to take over the rest of my summer :D
  16. Andrew_64_MC Retired Staff

    Hype Train
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  17. demon_peanut Retired Staff


  18. Reconal Retired Staff

    Hypeeeee :)
  19. InstantLightning Jr. Developer, Web Mod Lead

    This is the most hyped I've ever been for a shotbow game!
  20. Majicou Retired Staff

    • Giants will do damage as it was intended.
    • Zombies spawn untouched.
    • Personally I find neither, it's just different - it's not going to require you study a new strategy altogether.
    • No, no one shots.

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