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MineZ The MineZ Spook-Fest Makes a Return!

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by JACOBSMILE, Sep 15, 2015.

MineZ - The MineZ Spook-Fest Makes a Return!
  1. JACOBSMILE Jr. Developer

    [IMG] The MineZ Spook-Fest [IMG]

    After much searching, many lives being lost, and several pumpkins later, the sealed documents thought to once have been lost forever, were found. These documents, they told a story. One of immense Spooky Proportions.
    I turned and looked at my friend Matt, and I told him, "We are doing this again."

    Hello Everyone! Today Matt486 and I are proud to announce that the MineZ Spook-Fest event is returning to MineZ for this October! During this event a lot of new and Spook-Tastic events will be rolling your way! Following is a list of events and specific details about them.

    The Halloween Treat Chest

    The Halloween Treat Chest was an event that we used to do back in the old days, and we are bringing it back! This chest will spawn daily on a public MineZ Server that will appear in a random town/location.
    This chest cannot spawn somewhere that is not easy to get to, so it won't be spawning in the middle of nowhere, at the end of a dungeon, etc. However, you may need to do some parkour to get to the chest.
    Here is a sneak peak at what will be inside the first Treat Chest:
    The Treat Chest will spawn every day at 5:00 PM CST on a Public US Server, and every Saturday & Sunday at 8:00 PM UTC+2. (EU Chests will be a double chest will a lot of extra items) Every Sunday an "Enchanted" Treat Chest will spawn with some extra goodies to be found inside, which include a special pumpkin. What? You want me to put a sneak peak of one of those in here? Now where is the fun in that? The location and server that the chest spawns at will be broadcasted every day, so keep an eye on the chat!

    Do note: Times are subject to change until October 1st. Keep an eye on this post, as it may be updated to future changes.

    Spooky Romero

    That's right! Spooky Romero is returning to MineZ to bring back all the Halloween fun it gave us. Spooky Romero will replace the current Romero on the map, therefore on the night of September 30th, make sure that you are not inside of Romero, otherwise you risk being stuck in a block. All of the loot will remain the same, however there may be some extra chests laying around.

    2 Other Spooky Towns

    I bet you didn't see this one coming. 2 other southern towns will be revamped for Halloween, and have some neat other little twists to them. And before you ask, I won't be telling you which towns they will be. That is for you to explore and discover!

    Haunted Events

    Every Friday we will be hosting a special Halloween-Themed Event that will reward the winner(s) with some unique (and possibly creepy) items. These will be every Friday at 6:00 PM CST. The events that we have planned are too scary to put down on paper. So show up if you dare....

    The Halloween Dungeon

    Here we go. Starting on October 1st, a new dungeon will appear on the map. Where exactly? That is for you to find out! This dungeon will include several Halloween themed challenges. There is no telling what exactly will be inside of this dungeon, except for one thing. Some very special gear at the end of it. 3 players minimum will be required for this dungeon, and I would bring some decent gear to it. The location of the Dungeon will slowly become more apparent as the days of October fade away. Will you be able to find it?

    Spook-Tacular Scavenger Hunt

    You may or may not recall some Easter Egg hunts we have previously had
    on MineZ. Well, this is very similar. Starting on October 1st, there will be 20 Pumpkin-Heads placed on the map. The question is, where? You won't be told this answer. These are for you to find. If you find all 20, private message me (JACOBSMILE) on the fourms, with a screenshot of each location, that MUST include you in F5 mode, standing next to the head, and your name be put in the chat and visible in the screenshot. The first 3 people that send me the screenshots, will win an exclusive item, that is unique to this event only.

    In Conclusion

    All of the Halloween Events will begin on October 1st, and end on October 31st at 11:59 PM CST. We all here at Shotbow wish you a Spook-Tacular Halloween, and hope you have fun during the event!

    Thanks for flying Shotbow!

    Graphic Credit goes to: Jumeaux. Thanks!

  2. Viraxy Obsidian

    this is going to be fun, oh man i cant wait!
  3. schiindler Retired Staff

    The loot though... Only Matt will understand.

    I was the loot master. This was tedious.
  4. HonokaKousaka Regular Member

  5. UnqualifiedNoob Gold

    sp00ky sp00ky
    OneZedArmy likes this.
  6. Andrew_64_MC Retired Staff

    Sp00ky Fun!!

    Will the items be renamed so everybody knows where they were received from? Like Spookfest 2015
  7. Deadtoad5 Platinum

    Im excited ^.^
  8. boogaert Emerald

    RIP anyone who has after school sports and wants to get a pumpkin I guess :/
    Ridgevale and GopherAsassain like this.
  9. Keyboard Gold

    blow them off :^)
    I'm actually interested this time around, but the US chest spawns before I even get out of class ;c
    Kelestami likes this.
  10. FreeCookson Platinum

    MIne just happen to start when this event does.
  11. RunningLoot Platinum

  12. SpaceWarp Emerald

    That one pumpkin off alone is me.
    Ridgevale likes this.
  13. Drakonkinst Gold

  14. 1999rocks Platinum

    First of all I am very exited to see the spookfest this year... I don't know if you noticed but the vast majority of the minez community will not be able to participate in the search for the chests everyday because of the time that is set. Everyone on the west coast will be in school and same with middle of the US. Only the people who do not do after school activities on the east coast will be able to attend due to the time.
  15. Bukkit_ Gold

    And a side note: Just used a time converter, and this is horrible time placement for Asians as well. The country with a decent chest spawn time is Australia, with a 7 AM chest spawn. But other countries like Japan and Korea at 6 AM or even earlier. Shotbow, I highly consider changing the time to some time later in the afternoon, by 2 hours at the least.

    PS: Im not being biased to Oceanic/ Asians, for i myself live in California and the time seems very unreasonable for just about everyone but people on the east coast.
  16. Kelestami Platinum

    This looks great! Will MineZ 2 also have similar type events for this occasion?

    The answer is obviously no, but it can't hurt to ask.
  17. Matt486 Obsidian

  18. LightswornKing Regular Member

    Should be fun but a lot of US players who have school with miss the pumkins every week day. :( I do look forward 2 it thou
  19. FreeCookson Platinum

    This update ruined my life. Do you realize how much this spooked me? I had a wife. A family. But this broke me. My boss fired me because my shaky hands mess up my paperwork. Then, my wife left and and took the kids. Why? Because every night I have night terrors of pumpkin men, and my screams scare the children. My life was perfect. Now, I live on the streets with cuts lining my arms. Are you proud? May this be a lesson to NEVER spook people. If you excuse me, I have to look at myself in the mirror and cry.
  20. Cabers623 Platinum

    RIP everyone that is't on the east coast that never gets homework or doesn't do sports/extracurricular activities. No special events, pumpkins, or more! GG to the 15-20 people able to do the events lol.


    1. push the time for the pumpkin back like 2-3 hours like how it was the past few years.
    2. Have the special events be on Saturday or pushed back, because it's supposed to be special, and it won't be if hardly anyone (like 10-20 people) can make it.
    3. Try your hardest to plan to timezones other than your own :)

    Thanks for hopefully reading this, and I hope that you understand why everyone is a tad bit frustrated. :heart:
    OneZedArmy likes this.

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