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Suggestion The long game hinders newcomer to join Anni

Discussion in 'Annihilation' started by suimintarazu, Aug 1, 2020.

Suggestion - The long game hinders newcomer to join Anni
  1. suimintarazu Platinum

    As you know, newcomers of Anni basically do not have strong motivation to do Anni.

    Over 50 min games lose the motivation of newcomers.
    This is because they do not know what they should and how they should defeat many experienced Anni player or clan.

    In this circumstances, we need a casual Anni game such as 8 vs 8 Anni, which was run before.
    However, even if we consider 8 vs 8 Anni, it is so long to the newcomers.

    I suggest that 8 vs 8 Anni be come back as 30 nexues Anni mini game for newcomers.

  2. AttackFromTaiwan Platinum

    my suggest:
    At the beginning of the game everyone enters a random team.
    But you can still team up with your friends, but the team limit is 4 people.
    At the beginning your party will be on the same team

    And lift its random team restriction in "SandBox GAME"
    this can preserve the newbie ,solo player and Clan game space.

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