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Annihilation The Life of LegendaryAlex || Part 2

Discussion in 'Roleplay' started by ACringyWeeb, Dec 28, 2017.

Annihilation - The Life of LegendaryAlex || Part 2
  1. jinl3e Platinum

    Hey guys back with another story of LegendaryAlex but in anni :eek:

    Once upon a time a gorgeous young fellow name Alex, but he was no ordinary Alex, he was a LegendaryAlex!
    He would strafe people with his quacking powers and would buy a grapple that would help him scout along at a place called Shotbow.net. He was out in the middle of nowhere, cold. But then one day, he found a shed. He went inside the shed and found a green cloak. He put it on and went out scouting some more.
    He saw person with the same green cloak he was wearing.
    "Hi there, my name is MTrout, yours?"
    "I'm LegendaryAlex."
    "o hey bro I'll help you out with your journey then," MTrout said.
    LegendaryAlex was suspicious at first because wasn't MTrout suppose to be at school?
    But then saw that he was holding strips of beef jerky so why not?
    Then he found a person with a red cloak with a name of Maashg. Then a yellow cloak with a name of ACrispyTortilla Then a blue cloak with a name of ChatBot. They all seemed to follow him around and then they all started attacking him, even MTrout! LegendaryAlex started freaking out! He yelled, "HELP!!" but then right in front of his face it said, Sorry this a team gam---

    Back to the story,
    he died.

    Link to first post! https://shotbow.net/forum/threads/the-life-of-legendaryalex.377596/ It'd be better to read that one first.
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  2. Shark_1234_ Platinum

    Rip alex
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  3. LegendaryAlex Platinum

    Good that that isnt me.
    I dont use grapples!
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  4. jinl3e Platinum

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  5. MTrout Platinum

    What if I told you... I was at school! :^)

    (But in all seriousness I couldn't play in school because the wifi is so bad)

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