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Announcement The LEFT FIELD update

Discussion in 'SMASH' started by lazertester, Jun 11, 2020.

Announcement - The LEFT FIELD update
  1. lazertester Lead Developer

    Howdy SMASHers, coming at you live on this Thursday afternoon with some patch notes. I picked up SMASH a little while ago and hit some of the biggest pain points I could while updating it to 12.2.

    • New “Quick Menu” which allows for players to: Create Parties + Invite Players, Join/Leave Ranked queues, teleport to the game signs, and modify KO Sound, Particle trail, and pets. In a party, the quick menu allows the host to modify items, lives, time, and pause the countdown, party members can join teams through this menu.
    • 8 New KO Sounds (Villager Grunt, Wither Spawn/Death, Shulker taunt (and Deep Shulker Taunt, my favorite), Creeper Sizzle, Bat Death, Wololo)
    • Moved spawn closer to the game signs for easier access
    • Ranked Matches will no longer become “stuck”. In addition, Admins now have the ability to change the items and maps that are in play for ranked maps, which means you won't be seeing Smashmas there anytime soon…
    • Quitting as a Party leader in a normal match no longer brings everyone with you
    • Being party leader in a normal match no longer gives you reduced XP
    • Kill count after the game has ended is now properly counted
    • Nerfed the Jetpack (6 Uses -> 4 Uses)
    • Fixed Instant Teleporter, before it would force the player to face south, now it keeps the direction the player was facing upon teleportation

    I am still working through a couple of issues, and looking into the reported weird velocity stuff. Hoping to add a new item or two to the mix soon as well. (Thanks to veghetto and jiren74 for assembling the punch list, and veghetto for assembling the patch notes from my hasty scribbles on said list.)

  2. SkeletonXF238 Regular Member


    I never thought I would see this day
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