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Other The History of MineZ and how it started

Discussion in 'The Network' started by IBlakeI, Nov 28, 2013.

Other - The History of MineZ and how it started
  1. IBlakeI Emerald

    Hello. MineZ has been popular among many people, and it has grown incredibly large over the time and is still growing. Me and my friend, SirJohnny0121, have decided to write a book - Yes, a book - about the history of MineZ. Now before I start to get into detail, I am saying that I didn't post this in the MineZ sections of the forums because it's not necessarily about MineZ's combat, but the history of the cities and how they formed and were infected with the zombie virus. This is totally optional, and you do not have to attend the gatherings.
    What is this exactly?: So you might be wondering what exactly we are saying when we say, "history" of MineZ. We will start from the very beginning; where the first zombies were created. And we will connect the events than happen beyond this point to other cities, and then discuss their history and their infections, eventually creating what's like a circle, and you will see why in the stories.
    Where will this take place?: We haven't decided, for we are thinking of a game server where no players join as a good example, that way other players that don't want in this would not be bothered.
    When will this take place?: We will constantly be updating this thread page, and at the bottom will be a list of dates of when we will gather. As of right now though, we are not gathering just yet.
    What is the first story going to be?: We will tell you this. The first story we are planning on telling will be on Portsmouth and Consilio University. We will not go into detail though, for that is what the gathering-in-a-server will be for. We will only tell the chapters that one time, and possibly two times, if that's what you guys want.
    Dates: Chapter 1: Portsmouth and Consilio Univercsity: Date currently unknown
    Chapter 2: Location currently unknown: Date currently unknown ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Be sure to leave a comment on what you think. :)
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  2. MidKnights Platinum

    Isn't this basically a role play? Shouldn't it be in the roleplay forums. And there is another roleplay server in the works. I'll link to it when I'm not on a phone.
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  3. DiviXion Platinum

    I better be in the ending.
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  4. marco_polo24 Gold

    I like the idea. but it does need to be in the Role play section.

    edit. I need to be in it some where as well
  5. IBlakeI Emerald

    Okay. Hopefully a staff will move this thread to Role Play section then. Either that or I will create a new one and this can be deleted. I can't right now, for I am on my phone and this isn't really working for me right now.
  6. Megaplaylist64 Platinum

    I hate to type on my tablet, it is slow and small.

    Well, you gotta add meh just becuz im part of Shotbow.
  7. pokepeople01 Platinum

    I gotta be somewhere in there. by law. ...ya.
  8. craftykid45 Platinum

    I command you to put me in the character list.
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  9. 100PercentHippo Retired Staff

    This will include all of the Minez backstory already included in the map via enchanting tables, right?
  10. IBlakeI Emerald

    Actually, I was thinking about the people that created some of the maps that exist today and put them in the story.
  11. matjellison Regular Member


    Like Goldblade making me (Other account)?
  12. NikkoTheNeko Gold

    Just sayin man, clear this with some of the higher up roleplayers. They all share common elements for the history of Mine Z, if you make your history book off on some aspects, they will be after your head
  13. IBlakeI Emerald

    I think a book would attract lots of attention.

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