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Discussion The future of Warband

Discussion in 'Warband' started by Mysterious_Seven, Jul 14, 2022.

Discussion - The future of Warband
  1. Mysterious_Seven Platinum

    Say you had 100 players join a game of Warband right now.
    What would happen?

    Beyond the server lagging a couple of things would definitely happen.
    • The world border would shrink at a set time regardless of the amount of players or warbands, pushing large groups of people into a very small space may consolidate teams but the world border shouldn't punish skilled players arbitrarily. As we have all well witnessed, a border that is to small removes much of the skill of PvP from the equation, and thus much of the engagement. This could be a problem for player retention.
    • Some people wouldn't want to be on a team with the person that killed them and may wish to defect. Giving players the option to join a persons warband and keep their current gear or go to the pit and forfeit their gear. Mutiny should also be reworked, giving players the option to munity at any time would be one way to resolve this, but it's far too accessible. Obviously if they die before they kill their warband leader they should be removed from the game or placed in the pit. Mutiny should always be in control of the player, when automatic it additionally breaks apart small teams too easily.
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  2. _Silver Jr. Developer

    Alright, meant to respond to this a week ago, but I got there eventually. Some good points here, but I do have some thoughts.

    The World Border:
    The world border is something we've already discussed a lot in the past, and the plan right now is to have the border size be set based on player count when the game starts. The border always shrinks at the same rate, so this would also have the side effect of making larger games have a longer duration before deathmatch. I think the idea is also to have the deathmatch border stop shrinking before it hits 1x1. Honestly, we could probably test this with the next update.

    As for mutinies, I'm open to suggestions on how they could be better (and some aspects of it need a rework anyway), but the system exists as it does now for a good reason: people having too much control over leaving their tribe was causing problems. All natural deaths used to eliminate a player, so if someone didn't want to be in a tribe, they could just hide their gear, eliminate themselves, and respawn and get their gear back for another chance to be a tribe leader. Having the option to just not be in someone else's tribe made it difficult for some people to actually create a tribe and win the game, because the members would just keep disbanding it. Of course, the mutiny mechanic came about from necessity in the first place, because if you were a member of someone's tribe, you basically couldn't win the game unless the leader died.

    Honestly, I like the mutiny system Swipe came up with. If you want to overthrow your tribe leader, you have to play aggressively and get more kills than them, and the system also puts a lot of pressure on the leader to keep actively fighting people to not lose the game. Having the mutiny trigger automatically when you get enough kills does put pressure on you to actually act on the mutiny, but it's also an important benefit for the leader themselves because it means not every mutiny attempt is gonna be an ambush. They can prepare for it, and you have to be ready to fight them. I also don't really see how changing that would affect small teams that much - you still get to fight your tribe leader, you just have more choice of when it happens. Think you could explain more what your thoughts were on that?

    Realistically, the issue with mutinies is probably more symptomatic of gear balance. Players with significantly worse gear than their tribe leader might struggle to even get enough kills to trigger a mutiny, and even if they do, overthrowing that person with better gear is a whole new challenge. Loot progression is a whole separate discussion though, because it can easily have a lot of issues if it's not done well (powerful tribe just becomes even more powerful, good gear disproportionately benefits larger teams, etc).
  3. Mysterious_Seven Platinum

    I'm walking this back.
    Imagine giant fights as you would experience them. Only chieftains would need to be protected between warbands. Classic "get down Mr. President" content, while at the same time the chieftain is the only player that can make kills to resolve the stalemate. I don't think I can accurately depict how players would react without extensive knowledge of small unit tactics and player psychology. I do know however that the pit or any system that is implemented should work to solve this problem. I don't think it should be solved till then however since I can't even correctly identify the problem yet.

    The world border should still obviously have a minimum range. :lmao:
  4. Mysterious_Seven Platinum

    I think that there should be scaling XP rewards based on time spent in the winning team and damage done (assists). The final player getting hunted like a dog at the end of the match, especially with a skybase just serves to waste time better spent on the next game.

    I think storms, random wind gusts and lightning should be used as a world hazard against skybases. Maybe not prohibitively, but more of a phase transition in later game when the border shrinks to it's minimum.

    I'll respond to munities when I come up with a good idea, meanwhile I'm getting lunch. I'll be thinking about it.
    Personally I think that all loot should be dropped on every death. Risking your loot is apart of the PvP experience, and also a great distraction for players to balance. Warband leaders should either give out loot piecemeal style or have an entirely different system that automatically gears their underlings from their enderchest or something. People put in a pretty critical health investment to killing others, the absorption is a start but perhaps too powerful.
  5. hiddenbun Retired Staff

  6. Mysterious_Seven Platinum

    Easy, this has happened on several recorded occasions. If you're a two man team then the warband mutiny basically means the chieftain goes to the pit if you win, or you lose your gear to your wb leader. Mutiny with only the warband leader with you can only serve to destroy the warband. This denies you your diamond banner and chieftain effects you would otherwise have. I do not want to have a mutiny if I do not stand to gain from it.
    One time another team "won" my mutiny for me (they weren't a chieftain in order to convert them) so instead of him respawning on me, he was sent to the pit and left me high and dry without my buffs or the gear I could've gotten from him. Mutiny of a 2 person team should be impossible. It's just messy and there's nothing to lead after you win.

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