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Video The Future Of Shotbow

Discussion in 'The Network' started by SquallyTheWally, Jun 4, 2020.

Video - The Future Of Shotbow
  1. SquallyTheWally Emerald

    A video expressing my thoughts can be found here:

    My opinions are mostly negative, but more importantly honest. I think now is an important cross-roads (global situations/season) and there is no better time for the primary issues to be reviewed. The video will explain most of my thoughts but I want to draw special attention to this diagram which I touch over briefly:


    Shotbow has potential, as I mention: talented developers, unique gamemodes, a very devoted playerbase (when they want to be), but without the 3 components of the cycle being rectified, the network will go nowhere. The promising thing is that when one of these variables is affected, all the others are too. A couple hypotheticals:

    - WiR is fastracked to completion (good decision) and gains some attention, bringing in new happy players and increasing donations which leads to more funding etc.

    - Developers are paid to increase motivation, create more/better updates (think this is synonymous with better decisions) making the players happier etc.

    - A highly infectious virus causes players to return, which increases funding and more updates are pumped out due to the excitement (thanks for the recent gamemode updates, keep it up).

    The spotlight is therefore now on the leadership, particularly Highlife, to see what happens next.

    Please feel free to discuss your thoughts below but keep it on topic so there's no excuse for the thread to get buried or locked.

  2. soto Platinum

    Exited to see the video!! :nope: POGCHAMP
  3. Led Gold

    I look forward to hearing your thoughts.
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  4. SquallyTheWally Emerald

    I'm glad, 30 mins to go :)
  5. Jagram Platinum

    Extremely well done and very straight to the point. Thank god someone spoke out about whats happened to the server that we all loved and isn't afraid of backlash of any kind.
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  6. gewoontoon Platinum

    Thanks a lot for explaining it the way other old player couldn't. this video really felt like I was the one making it but then in a non-toxic, formal way. I 100% agree with the points made in the video and I hope shotbow staff actually does something to make the playerbase happy again. I know atleast 10 old EU players who would love to play on the network again but just can't stand the fact that the server is so..... different, and not in a good way. They also still care for the server but just are super frustrated with all the bad choices made by the staffteam, including myself.
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  7. Axyy Obsidian

    Good criticism, which is meant in a positive way. I agree with most of your points, and I genuinely think changes on how they run Shotbow should be made. - Going back to 1.8 can bring a lot of bugs with it, although I prefer to play on 1.8 I don't think it should be a main priority.

    Also, about the staff team. - Back when I was still on the staff team, full Admins ignored most of the Mini's and it took ages for them to respond in the full admin questions channel. I don't know if it's still like that but it frustrated a lot of Mini's back then, which lead to good mini admins resigning from their position. I have the feeling as soon as a mini admin gets promoted to full, they start to feel more important, and they start being ignorant to people below them, including mini's. Again, I don't know if it's still like that but I still want to point it out, since there's almost no staff member that actually responds to suggestions, questions, or important threads in general. Obviously, there are some exceptions, like Mistri. (I genuinely think Mistri is doing an OK job, since he's the one replaying to certain questions and threads from community members.)

    Anyways, great vid Squally, I enjoyed watching :)
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  8. SquallyTheWally Emerald

    Having spoken to Navarr in the Shotbow Discord for the past hour I have come to the conclusion that nothing will alter Shotbow's future from what it is projected to follow in the video. The only way anything would change is with an input from Highlife but he is absent.

    The only thing we can push for is a response from him, fortunately Navarr has contacted him on our behalf. Highlife's respone: https://i.imgur.com/ayONRGF.png

    Please continue to let me know your thoughts.

    A full chat log with Navarr post video can be found here: http://www.mediafire.com/file/9ey6qludvbxdsfl/Discord_Chat_post-Video.html/file
  9. _Silver Gold

    I'm surprised the topic of protocol support hasn't come up more with regards to the server version. Personally I've always been against reverting the server's base version to 1.8, and I think it's now far too late to do so, but I'm curious how well protocol support would work for allowing older clients to connect, and if the combat would even benefit from it. It has the benefit of allowing the base version to stay as 1.12, meaning nothing has to be rebuilt and all the progress on updating plugins can stay. I can imagine it would have some technical problems, either with anticheat or just the interaction with the current 1.8 combat plugin, and if it did work then players on an older client would have an advantage in PvP, but at this point it doesn't feel like there's a whole lot to lose by trying it. It'd be cool if we could see a test instance of some game (Annihilation or whatever) that supported every version to see how well it would work and get a community response from it, and see if it's worth looking into further.
  10. SquallyTheWally Emerald

    Well other servers have managed it.
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  11. SquallyTheWally Emerald

    Just had a long chat with Mistri, his response to the issues raised:
    - Removal of the EU host was not a choice, bankruptcy would have been the ultimate outcome otherwise
    - The host will stay put to avoid isolating the Asian community who are undoubtedly propping the network up (without them there may be no network)
    - Finances won't be disclosed and this is fair enough, most unlisted companies don't anyway
    - The current admin teams are involved in their relevant gamemodes and hints at new admins soon
    - 1.12 is here to stay: Shotbow has to appeal to a new audience to survive. While it is sad, we can't be selfish and need to understand that there isn't really a future for Shotbow in the 1.8 era. primarily from a financial perspective. Perhaps in the future when devs can be paid, more version support can occur.
    - This segways nicely into future investment which will primarily be into marketing to attract a new audience, hopefully boosting the cycle in my diagram positively.
    - New developers just got hired too so that's good news aswell.
    - Anni is very nearly ready for 1.12 base platform

    Ultimately, this has started a very honest dialogue and that's very good news as Shotbow really struggled with it. I'm happy with the outcome and here are some positives that will apply to you:
    + Staff will be more open (Mistri is really trying to encourage this and it shows)
    + A bit more pressure for new updates and transparency
    + Today showed a lot of passion is still present in the community

    I think in conclusion, we can't keep hanging on to memories which are most likely unsalvageable. Most of us who do remember the golden era don't have time for a committed Shotbow career now anyway. When new players eventually join, we can sit back and relax in the knowledge they will never have any idea what the network was forged from.
  12. notswipe Jr. Developer

    Great video, again I think this started a dialogue that dived into some hard topics but ones that needed to be addressed. Excited to work in development to help make the games better for all of us and I share Mistri's drive to be open and honest about where I believe the network is and where it's headed. Let's get it lads
  13. Led Gold


    This is the most important and optimistic news. Let's hope the staff follow their words here.
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  14. SquallyTheWally Emerald

    Well as a community I think we are entitled to make sure this happens :)
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  15. Deadspeck Mini Builder

    we need ghostcraft and LMS and SBG for shotbow to thrive again
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  16. Mysterious_Seven Platinum

    I think I've said all I care to say on this topic, if you're interested you're welcome to look at my history. But i'm slightly skeptical about the validity of all your claims, even if from an emotional [standpoint] they're spot on.
  17. SquallyTheWally Emerald

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  18. Axyy Obsidian


  19. No3is Platinum

    The thing Shotbow really needs is more advertisement and public relations work. Iam hoping that bigger YouTubers and Streamers will join When In Rouge again because it was a game that got played alot back in the days.
    But Shotbow will have to get to them and don't expect them to play and let's play it out of their own interest.

    I talked to the staff team of a big German streamer and they said they will 100% tell him about the Gamemode but they expect Shotbow staff to get in touch with his manager and so on. I passed that information on and hope that Shotbow is getting something out of it especially with the Minecraft dungeon release When In rouge might be a good opportunity to boost playercounts again and get players on the network.

    Sadly there is alot of inconvenience with commands right now as every Gamemode has special commands that got removed or added without changing the others.
    For example /p doesn't work even tho the chat massage suggest using it.. /party is a rather inconvenient command as it's not server wide and doesn't give the opportunity to summon people in the party to your server.
    Those might look like small problems but they look unprofessional which Shotbow certainly isn't.

    If WhenInRouge release brings alot of new players those commands should be fixed so new users don't feel like being on a unprofessional server. In my opinion it is also okay to copy from other networks if it comes to the party or friend system.
    New players most likely played on servers like hypixel or other big networks and it would add alot of convince to add very similar systems to features that are not Shotbow exclusive.
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  20. SquallyTheWally Emerald

    Apparnetly a marketing strategy is on the way. The difficulty is when to time it (although I think during covid could have been best because of huge influx in gamers). Anyway, a budget is prepared so hopefully that does pull thru.

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