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The Future Of Shotbow?

Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by chipaton_, Jul 14, 2017.

The Future Of Shotbow?

Would you like to see the people in charge pay a large youtuber for exposure?

No, shotbow is doing fine how it is. 1 vote(s) 16.7%
Yes, i think it would be good. 5 vote(s) 83.3%
  1. onyachina Emerald

    Hello to whom it may concern, preferably Staff.

    Alot of you may know me by ' Mainegor ', if so then the only memory you'd have of me is being an angry, abusive Australian kid who talks sh*t a lot, well beleive it or not i have turned over a new leaf and am changing the direction i am heading.

    This post is about ' The Future Of Shotbow ', basically i just want to let the Staff know what they already have considered obviously, I think whoever is fully in charge, ( I don't know at this point ) should think very hard about how good and positive a advertisement would be. Now i have read the new ' Media/Partner ' topics and i honestly think that it's a great addition to the Shotbow Network, but it's not really growing it as you can tell.. Sure the update brought alot more ' noobs/new players', but there Shotbow itself averages at about 500-600 players, yeah some people may consider that a fair bit of players, and don't get me wrong it is, but the main game mode witch everyone loves and want's to see alive again (MineZ) only averages at about 50-60 players, it sometimes even peaks over 100 players! Yes it is alot of players, but for people to come on and record it and make a old school let's play where you adventure through the map in the middle of nowhere, you need to find people out there so you can make freinds, but unfortunately that doesn't occur anymore, you run into a few players but not nearly as much as we would want to.

    The game (for me) isn't really PvP based, i want to adventure and make some quality content and meet new people and explore the new dungeons,villages ect, and i can do that, but I'd like to run into more players and make the game how it used to be, you guys are on the right path updating because that already makes the game back how it used to be because the PvP community died, and a new community showed up, that's a good thing because now people can focus on playing MineZ for what it really is, not just going to a dungeon, farming a god inventory and going to PvP.

    I am kind of lost whilst writing this, I was never good at explaining what i want to happen, but I'm sure majority of you see what i am trying to get at, and if you do i want you (Staff) to take it under consideration and try and grow the network by advertising it through big Youtubers who's channels are revolved around Minecraft mostly, so it brings a lot of people, so then this network can actually be shown what it actually is.

    The Shotbow Network is such a unique Network, the game modes are really good and it's really really underrated and it needs to change, this Network has too much potential to just average around 400-500 players, it really does.

    I am even considering making a large donation, or paying a large Youtuber myself to advertise the Network because i want to see it shine, i want to be able to record game play with FULL servers so i am guaranteed to run into someone everywhere i go.

    Thankyou for your time, I hope you got what i was trying to say, have a nice day and please leave your opinions in the comments. Thankyou!

    Sorry if there is a lack of punctuation and a lot of spelling errors, i was in a rush.

  2. HungerHealer Silver

    Yeaj only way to keel this sinking ship from drowning

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