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Guide The Best MineZ Tips

Discussion in 'MineZ' started by Hellomynameis99, Sep 30, 2013.

Guide - The Best MineZ Tips
  1. Hellomynameis99 Emerald

    MineZ Tips

    Please comment with your own tips - I'll add them! :stuck_out_tongue:

    In this guide...

    -Avoiding Bandits
    -PvP Tactics and Weapons
    -Inventory Management

    When fighting zombies, get a height advantage. Even a slab will prevent a zombie from hitting you as often. Standing one block below a zombie will also grant you an advantage. If you can get on a fence, the undead will have a hard time hitting you at all!
    Simply put, get onto a different level than the zombie.

    If there is no height advantage nearby, swing as you walk backwards. If you don't have much room, swinging wildly as you walk forward can work, but you'll probably have to practice this. Jumping as you hit the zombie will also work, and will also grant extra damage in the form of a critical hit.

    Use ladders and vines to your advantage. Climb up two or three blocks, then hold down shift and hit the zombie's head.

    Don't spam-click when fighting zombies. Click once as it comes towards you, then wait for it to run back up to you before clicking again. This can take time to master, but WILL save your sword durability. If it helps, you can still spam-click when fighting players.

    Sprinting is suicide - it will attract zombies from many blocks away.

    Snowballs will attract zombies from a small radius. Enderpearls will attract them from almost a hundred blocks away.

    If having trouble with a horde of zedds, try to hit them while running side-to-side in a zigzag pattern, or just strafe to one side or the other, rotating around the numerous zombies.

    The best way to kill zombie pigmen is from a distance with a ranged weapon such as an enderpearl or bow. This gives you time to pick off the babies and also prevents you from getting hit by the pigman itself.

    If there is a zombie-proof area such as a ladder, vine or ledge, you can round up all the nearby zombies by sprinting around and then jumping up to your safe spot. You can then kill the zombies with ease, earning you XP and also reducing the amount of zombies in the town!
    Until they respawn, that is. You'll have to repeat this every few minutes.


    Keep at least one milk wherever you go. Infection will bring you down to half a heart no matter what armour you are wearing, and you can't count on a friendly player with green dye being nearby. They can be somewhat rare, so you can't really start looking for milk once you are infected.
    Remember that each zombie hit has a 5% chance of infecting you, which is quite high. You can expect to be infected, on average, once every 20 hits from a zombie.
    Logging out to remove infection is a bannable offence!

    Carry foods that will help you heal. Cookies are the best food for healing - they restore 1 hunger and half a heart.

    When looting for health potions, gradually replace your instant health I stock with instant health IIs. Don't throw away a good health II when you could keep it and get rid of a health I instead!!!

    If playing alone, keep 3 bandages. You will be surprised at how many times an unlucky player can start bleeding in a short amount of time.
    Logging out to remove bleeding is a bannable offence!

    If you are playing in a team, you should have at least one full healing kit. This means that each member of your team can free up inventory space as they do not need to carry as much milk, bandages or health potions.

    To heal a player, hit them with a bandage (paper) and then with shears. Hitting the player with red dye before the shears will grant longer regeneration and using green dye in the process will cure infection, just as milk does. Healing another player will also stop bleeding.

    Remember that:
    Potions of Healing heal up to 2 hearts
    Potions of Healing II heal up to 4 hearts

    Potions of Healing III heal up to 6 hearts
    Bandages heal bleeding and 1/2 a heart, and if you aren't bleeding they heal 1 heart
    A piece of food heals 1/2 heart
    Milk cures you of sickness - As I said before, always keep at least one.

    To become a healer, you must heal 16 people in one life.

    To get the most out of your splash potions, throw them up so they splash onto your head instead of onto a block nearby.

    If you log in with slowness, you know there's a player nearby.
    Always crouch when you log in to hide your nameplate.
    If you often need to log out without a player seeing your nameplate, keep your eye of ender on your hotbar and simply right click it in the air.

    Don't hold valuable items, such as health potions or good armour in your hand. People may attack you out of desperation to get what you are holding. Walking into spawntowns with good loot can be a death sentence - newly spawned players have nothing to lose.

    Blocking is a universal sign of peace, but don't shift while you are doing it. It may appear to other players that you are a bandit trying to stay unnoticed. Be friendly, and don't hide unless you believe the player has ill intent.

    Don't trust everyone who does the peace sign. They may be a bandit luring you into a false sense of security. If you are a bandit, make MineZ more fun for everyone and stop doing this.

    If you see someone's nameplate, say hello. If they don't respond, they are either not friendly and may kill you, or they are a player zombie that you can kill to get loot. Keep an eye on the nameplate. If it disappears, the player has crouched or "shifted". If it moves around intelligently, it is probably a live player. If it moves uncertainly, makes zombie sounds or stays still, shout 'Hooray! Free loot!'

    If you are really having trouble with people murdering you, try a less populated town or server.

    Avoid people in the top half of the map - they are usually well geared and may kill you for items like food and potions, which are rarer up north.

    Don't waste precious time with the peace sign up north. Most people here are KOS, or Kill On Sight. They will probably attack you. Your peace means nothing to them.
    Regardless, it's not a good idea to attack first - Remember that some people can be friendly. :)

    Throwing snowballs at bandits will cause any nearby zombies to swarm onto them. Even better, try a grenade. It will attract zombies from up to 100 blocks away. Just make sure you're out of the way!

    Keep your distance - Stay away from other people if they don't seem friendly.

    Don't spend a lot of time in spawn towns unless you have to. Once you have gathered some loot, escape fast as you can to reduce the amount of time you spend in banditry hot-spots.

    Players have long memories. If you attack someone, next time you meet they will attack you. Play clean and you’ll live longer. Never attack first

    Don't log out in the open. Try to do so in a corner or house. That way, you won't be in plain sight when you log back in, giving you time to plan your next move and allow slowness to wear off.
    Don't keep more arrows than you will use. If you prefer to use a bow, you might forgo an extra sword for another stack of arrows. If you REALLY enjoy sniping, consider defeating a giant for an infinity bow.

    Keep multiple swords, unless you have a diamond sword. If it breaks when you a fighting a horde or player, you are doomed.

    A stone axe is good for fighting hordes. When shifting/sneaking, it can hit multiple zombies in one swing.

    Three grenades/enderpearls can bring a person down to one heart if you land them well. They are the ultimate long-range weapon.

    Remember to repair your weapons, and keep spares. See 'Inventory Management' for more on this topic.

    Use an infinity bow for zombies, not players. You are better off using a power or punch bow for bandits.

    To become a bandit, you must kill 6 players in one life. This status does not save unless you have premium.

    Changing your FOV (Field Of View) to a higher setting (eg. Quake-Pro) will allow you to see players or zombies sneaking up on you. It may save your life!

    Keep a lower tier sword, such as stone (if you have iron) or iron (if you have diamond) for fighting zombies to save durability for PvP battles

    Drink water when you are at level 1 or 2. Many people drink upon the first message, which is displayed when you reach water level 10, which wastes 50% of the water.

    Keep multiple water bottles when traveling. 3 water bottles should let you go anywhere on the map.

    If you reach a town that you plan on staying in for a while, you could throw away all but one of your bottles, providing the town has a water source and you will be able to get more bottles when you leave.

    If you reach a lake, river, fountain or any other water source, drink and refill your bottles. You never know where the next pond will be.

    Sprinting and jumping will decrease your food level faster.

    Farms can be found in many towns. Further north, they could keep you alive in places where food does not spawn. Keep a wooden hoe - it is needed to break the wheat and melon.

    Mushrooms can be found all over the map. If you have a hoe, keep a bowl.

    Stock up on cookies or melons instead of apples. You will be able to heal more with foods that restore less hunger. For example, two apples will heal 1 heart while 4 melon will heal 2 hearts and 8 cookies will heal 4 hearts.

    Try using the number keys to switch to different items in your hotbar - It's much faster than scrolling and can be very helpful, especially in situations which require fast reactions such as when PvPing.

    Keep your eye of ender on the default slot/slot 4. People may warn you of bandits in towns.

    Keep your hotbar stocked with the items you need most. This will change depending on what you are doing. For example, when PvPing, keep your splash potions, a sword and a bow, a piece of high saturation food such as mushroom stew, a bandage and sugar (if you have it) on your hotbar for quick use.

    Repair objects by placing two of the same item in your crafting table. Repairing grants 10% bonus durability. Repairing objects to their full durability can be wasteful, so only do so if you have surplus stocks of the item. Don't forget that repairing enchanted items will remove the enchantment!

    Remove or "Pop" chests after you loot them by left clicking them. This will allow another chest to spawn there with new loot.

    Never keep your head buried in a chest for too long. Zombies or players might sneak up on you and attack.

    Always check the MineZ wiki page for every new location you visit. It is helpful to know what spawns there, what the zombie spawn rate is, if there is water there, etc. Soon you will memorize the features of your favorite locations.

    Use minezwiki.net, the official MineZ wiki to collect your information.

    Use minezmap.com, the official MineZ Map to help you decide where to travel.

    Wondering why I've liked all your posts?
    I believe everyone's opinion is valid.
    This thread has been created with the help of everyone who's posted, whether you've suggested a new tip, asked for changes or just liked it.
    So thank you, and you deserve those likes!

  2. SpeedyAstro Regular Member

    Awesome work on the tips! Looks like it's thoroughly researched, too. Also, jumping when fighting zombies with little room helps, as you get that height advantage without a slab or a block near you.
    tallkids and Hellomynameis99 like this.
  3. Hellomynameis99 Emerald

    ...swinging wildly as you walk forward can work. Jumping as you hit the zombie will also work, and will also grant extra damage in the form of a critical hit.

    Added! Thanks for your input :stuck_out_tongue:
  4. TARDIScrew Platinum

    Great tips... yah.
    tallkids and Hellomynameis99 like this.
  5. Hellomynameis99 Emerald

    What about the tips that don't concern PvP? I've probably told you about them before now, though :)
    tallkids and PickleBoyNathan like this.
  6. CalIMeDaddy_ Emerald

    you did a good job here my friend c:
    tallkids and Hellomynameis99 like this.
  7. Hellomynameis99 Emerald

    Why thankyou!
    Any suggestions?
    tallkids likes this.
  8. W4nted Gold

    You should make another thread for the best and safest starter towns for all the new players. Pm and I will help if u want
    tallkids and Hellomynameis99 like this.
  9. ubdegrove Silver

    My items on the hot bar part of my inventory go as followed: (weapons) > (splash health pots) > (health pots) > (bandage) > (antidotes) > (water/food). Is that helpful? I'm not sure because of how well done this is.. Great job!
    tallkids and Hellomynameis99 like this.
  10. brandonsuter Platinum

    This are nice tips for players that arent pros, Also I recommend only caring 1-2 bandages
    Hellomynameis99 and Jukingg like this.
  11. W4nted Gold

    I agree
    tallkids and Hellomynameis99 like this.
  12. Hellomynameis99 Emerald

    Thats a good point. If you avoid damage, you only really need to carry 1. However, if you are venturing to Agni Ignis, the Floating Islands or somewhere similar, fall damage and zombies (mainly zombies) can kill you.

    Added something similar to this:

    Keep your hotbar stocked with the items you need most. This will change depending on what you are doing. For example, when PvPing, keep your splash potions, a sword and a bow, a piece of high saturation food such as mushroom stew, a bandage and sugar, if you have it on your hotbar for quick use.

    Thanks for your suggestion! :stuck_out_tongue:
    Grammar_Nazism likes this.
  13. smileybrothers Regular Member

    I knew most of these things already, I've been playing for a while, but to the inexperienced player, this is a big help, take this guy's advice, you will not be successful if you don't.
    tallkids and Hellomynameis99 like this.
  14. Razi Platinum

    Good tips
    tallkids and Hellomynameis99 like this.
  15. iVulcan Platinum

    I have many routes... but here is one since most of my routes are very good but very dangerous as well...

    For an easy starter, just go to EU3/4 or US8/9 these are the least populated, always shift when entering a town and look for nametags/nameplates. If you see one then be on your concern that if its a player it's possible that they will kill you.

    Ok for the towns for example you start at the swamp, skip kaocho and go to Somnia. Get food,potions and your common needs. However, you might get low on swords. Next stop would be carnival town but only go there if you are out of swords/bows. Make your way to stillwater motte next, farm there a bit until you have atleast half iron/chain. Then make your way to Outpost adera(Make sure you have a button) and you will get full iron.

    Another way it to start at portsmouth. get food,potions fast without camping for long. Make sure you get 2 bottles and milk. Then make your way to huntsgroove and you will find food there, so getting low food is recommended for portsmouth just for the trip to huntsgroove. then you can make a stop at stonehenge, either stay there or if you want better chances of iron but more risks then go to sundawn observatory.
    I hope these helped.
  16. Hellomynameis99 Emerald

    Those are really good! I rarely spawn in the swamp, so I might try that route sometime soon... Perhaps you should make a thread to share them (-;
  17. TheFlurp Platinum

    Enderpearls don't attract zombies from almost 100 blocks away. 90% sure about that.
    tallkids and Hellomynameis99 like this.
  18. Hellomynameis99 Emerald

    I'm not sure on the exact distance either, but it's still pretty far. To quote the MineZ wiki:

    tallkids likes this.
  19. l4downs2 Silver

    I've always wondered what the stone axe was for.

    Very helpful thank you :)
    tallkids and Hellomynameis99 like this.
  20. Hellomynameis99 Emerald

    Why hello again, and I'm glad it helped! :stuck_out_tongue:
    Any tips you want to share with the community? (-;

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