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No Prefix The Bandits have dominated MineZ for too long – the Daini no Kikai is rising

Discussion in 'MineZ' started by LucariosMaster, Jan 4, 2019.

No Prefix - The Bandits have dominated MineZ for too long – the Daini no Kikai is rising
  1. LucariosMaster Regular Member

    MineZ is a special Minecraft survival game with increased difficulty and a vast world to explore – surely you know this. But, the game has enough of a difficulty level to be enjoyed without players roaming around and slaying each other for their gear. We may play on the PVP server, but PVP is not always desired by those who go exploring. Enough is enough.

    We are the Daini no Kikai. We stand for those who cannot stand on their own. Our basic goal is make a small group of people with good armor and past experience to protect and guard those who have newly spawned from bandit attacks, give them knowledge of what places are safest at the time, and explain many things that may help keep them alive, therefore allowing them to enjoy the game more thoroughly. Furthermore, the general idea is not just to protect players, but once they're ready, they may or may not join our cause, according to their choice - this does mean lots of risk for us all, so we will not force anyone to join. We will be an anti-bandit group, and in time, we will be able to hunt bandits together, protecting more of the greater good.

    The outcome of this plan? We hope to have a safer environment for people who are trying to start out in-game, or have just spawned, regardless of skill level or training. The amount of bandits has increased, and we’d like to be able to progress in the game without being killed off for gear, especially when it’s already obtainable in numerous chests. Things will, in the end, be more peaceful. Despite this, it's going to be a rough struggle to get there.

    There are three types of people who we are searching for to join our group at this point:

    A scout, so that we’ll able to get information without putting the leader in extra danger. If killed, everything will go to square one, and they must lead from a weaker position that would not be preferable. Scouts will contact me in-game with @Lunar_Eagle403 when they have found the information that we are looking for.

    A defender who is good at PVP combat, and can think quickly in a situation where we might be attacked by more than one bandit.

    A healer, who carries some food and healing potions, as well as shears, antibiotics, milk, and bandages.

    We are not looking for domination. We are not looking for war. We are not even looking for the removal of PVP entirely. We are looking for a level of peace in which the mobs are the only true enemies of the server, aside from the occasional agreed-upon battle between players, rather than a single high-level player or a group of skilled players slaughtering an innocent. If you are interested in joining us, let me know.
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  2. TeazHacks Silver

    bandits run the game
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  3. Prompted Regular Member

    I am leaving my current group, the Shooters, to join you guys.
  4. shrauger Regular Member

    how can we trust you after we've been betrayed so long!?!
  5. LucariosMaster Regular Member

    I know how you feel. We all do. For what it means to you, none of us would kill an innocent player.
  6. whoopiecow Platinum

  7. RogueFlame1 Regular Member

    New players... in MineZ... in 2019...

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  8. Meifot Silver


    Now hold on a minute there buster. I picked up two new players ( who both had little idea what they were doing mind you) not even three days ago.
  9. Mr_3141592653589 Regular Member

    The natural change in players who play this game shifts to killers. Bartle's Taxonomy of player types shows this. There's limited to achieve in MineZ(with lack of content updates). There's limited to explore(with lack of content updates) and there's limited socialisation(with dropping player numbers), but there's also limited pvp but not as limited as the other 3 categories(due to dropping player numbers). Basically games like MineZ, DayZ and other similiar games naturally tend towards being populated by pvpers.

    There will be people who say there's new players in MineZ but just because there is new players doesn't assess the long term decay in playercounts. There's not really a good solution for this as MineZ hasn't received any tangibly new content in years. The last time MineZ received content was from Origins, but the content only addressed a very small population of players(Those who like dungeons).

    Also just join Dawn Brigade, they loaaarve new players. It's fresh new players to bandit over and over :)
  10. JoshTitan Regular Member

    Hi, angry cunt with internet access. This caught my eye as i run a gang in MTA called "Los Banditos". From what it looked like it was someone complaning about people killing other people...in a minecraft survival game. Which is just retarded in itself. BUT reading into it its just a recruitment article. Dope. Pretty ambishous, but i respect it. You do you. Join MTA
  11. SwineFlu Platinum

    This feels wholly unnecessary for 2 reasons.

    1: There are already clans who do the very same thing and are much more known and experienced. There's a very small chance of anyone coming to you rather than those larger groups.

    2: There are really only 2 dangerous areas in the game: the south, and the canyons. It doesn't even matter if someone dies in the south because you can just respawn and get the same loot, and the canyons make up only a fraction on the MineZ map. Most hostile players (at least experienced ones) aren't going to be wandering around the midmap or the west. Almost no one goes to those places except new players, healers, and dungeon kids, so it''s unlikely anyone we'll need your help in a fight that both matters and that you can realistically win.
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  12. Moliya__Suwako Gold

    I'm banned but count me in omg this is a deal i cannot resist
  13. FreeCookson Platinum

    Imagine applying sociology to a block game.
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  14. MuffinMinister Platinum

    Stay away from the canyons and you will not come across anyone 99% of the time.

    And even then, just loot things and log if you see a nametag
    Smartz_ likes this.
  15. Mr_3141592653589 Regular Member

    Imagine a better block game

    Hytale minez edition
  16. Hollow_Leg Gold

    Is this going to be an official group or more of a casual group?
  17. OmXgaPlays Silver

    the bandit banditing group
    MarzJeff likes this.
  18. Awesome_cookie Silver

    omg yes I would love to join this clan i hate minez bandits they ruin the game for me
    MarzJeff likes this.
  19. xTheAkatsukiCrew Regular Member

    I joined this group cause dang am I tired of dying o-o

    I'm a scout and healer right now, it's cool.

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