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MineZ The Axis Legion

Discussion in 'Clans & Teams' started by MrJack, Jul 26, 2020.

MineZ - The Axis Legion
  1. MrJack Silver


    The Axis Legion

    Are you looking for people to do dungeons with? Can't find enough people to meet the prerequisites, or can't figure out some of the less intuitively designed dungeons? Look no further! We've all been there at some point or another, a lone MineZ player looking for a group, a longtime PVP player without any dungeon experience, or an old vet who has lost their group from many years ago. Here at The Axis Legion, it doesn't matter how much experience you have or how many dungeons you've done before. We take any and all players with an interest in dungeons to show them what it's like to be part of a greater community and to experience as much of the dungeon content in the game as possible. If any of that seems like a good time to you, you'd be right! So keep reading!

    What it Means to be a Dungeoneer

    Dungeons are some of the most interesting content in the world of MineZ, and they come in a variety of difficulties. Unfortunately, that also means that some of this content is gated behind a lot of prerequisites, whether it be items, number of players, or just the knowledge of how to tackle some of these behemoths. Dungeoneering can be punishing, especially to a new player, and we want to make that process easier. We all started somewhere, and we want to get people to a place they feel comfortable in even the hardest of dungeons.

    Here at The Axis Legion, we host several public runs of various dungeons every single week, with a minimum of 4 public runs per week. With us you'll get tons of opportunity to learn new dungeons, and try as much as you want even if you die a few times along the way (Don't worry, we all do it sometimes!). Additionally, with a current group size of over 100 members, there will almost always be someone online to play with, run dungeons, or just hang out and talk with. If you want activity, this dungeon crew has got it! We have plenty of people, and that means plenty of resources as well. You'll find tons of support in the dungeon community, regardless of your skill level, from a huge range of new and old players. With a breadth of knowledge of tips and tricks, you'll be an expert dungeoneer in no time.

    About Us

    Our Leaders


    The Axis Legion hosts many dungeon runs throughout the week, sometimes every day! A new schedule is posted on Sundays for people to get a glimpse at what dungeons are coming up for the week, with many impromptu ones popping up throughout! Some of these runs are teaching runs, dedicated to teaching people the dungeon if they've never even stepped foot in it. Rest assured, you'll be given plenty of time and opportunity as a member of The Axis Legion to learn even the hardest of dungeons!

    As a member of The Axis Legion, you'll have the opportunity to gain ranks which come with perks, such as eligibility for giveaways, access to private runs hosted throughout the week, and more! All you have to do is join and be active. Here's a breakdown of our current role progression:

    Guest: This role is given to new invites. They have limited viewing access to voice and text channels. Guests will be given Member after 1 week if they have been active in chat, voice chat, and/or MineZ. Guests cannot attend public events without prior permission from an Organizer.

    Member: This role is given to active Guests. Members will be given Dungeoneer if they have attended 2 different dungeon runs across 2 different weeks, and have been active with reactions, chat, and/or voice. Members can attend public events and can view a few more text channels. They can't join giveaways during official runs.

    Dungeoneer: This role is given to Members who are active and attend multiple dungeon runs. Dungeoneers will be given Senior Dungeoneer if they have proven to be consistently active by attending at least 1 run a week for 3 weeks, been active with reactions, chat, and/or voice, and additionally proven to be capable of practicing and understanding dungeons prior to runs. Promotion is also at the discretion of the Organizers. Dungeoneers can attend public events, see more text channels, and join giveaways for loot at the end of successful dungeon runs.

    Senior Dungeoneer: This role is given to Dungeoneers who are more active than most, and provide help/value to runs they attend. Promotion to Dungeon Leader is at the discretion of the Organizers. Senior Dungeoneers can see the most text channels, attend public events and private events, and join giveaways for loot at the end of successful dungeon runs.

    MineZ is a harsh world. But having friends makes it a little more bearable. There's a lot to take in, so why don't you let us show you what's out there? If you're interested in joining The Axis Legion, DM JackW#6744 (MrJack) on discord. We're looking forward to seeing you!

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