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Discussion The annoying stuff about Django...

Discussion in 'Assault' started by demon_peanut, Jul 25, 2015.

Discussion - The annoying stuff about Django...
  1. demon_peanut Retired Staff

    This isn't necessarily me complain that things need to be fixed, just me listing the stuff I've found to cause the most 'bs moments' while playing Django.

    1. Kill steals.
    So often you get 3 shots on someone, then a teammate swoops in, hits them once or twice with the sabre then dives off again and you're left with this exact expression: ._.

    2. No shooting through teammates.
    This links in with kill steals, I'll be just about to get a kill when suddenly a teammate starts running around all up in my face meaning I can't shoot anywhere, because my shots don't pass through teammates. Inevitably they just snatch the kill and move on.

    3. When I shoot someone like 5 bajillion times and they're still not dead.
    Sometimes, for some reason, it's simply not a 4 shot kill like it almost always is. I've shot people up to 6 times and they're still not dead, I've made sure they're not picking up heath, near any medical droids, are chewwie, or anything else that could cause it. Seems to be random and can be so damn frustrating...

    4. Leia.
    Me: "hey lets see if I can snipe that nub over there"
    Leia fires so damn many shots which can deal up to 3.5 hearts. That's a 3 shot kill people! >:c Basically a spammier, higher damaging version of django's gun, pretty much all out better.

    5. Block hitting.
    People constantly blocking and hitting at the same time, you can't deal any damage to them because they're constantly blocking which makes your gun ineffective, but they can quite easily maul your face off.

    6. Lag-back's
    "Quick escape with my jetpack! Phew that was close, only on 2 hearts"
    Lag: "lolnope"
    *Reappears next to 3 Jedi peeps*
    Need I say more?

    Anyone else gettin' annoying stuff like this? :3

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