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Event The Annihilation Spring 2018 Tournament - Brackets

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Murgatron, Feb 27, 2018.

Event - The Annihilation Spring 2018 Tournament - Brackets | Page 3
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  1. ACringyWeeb Platinum

    Oblivion lost, Team turkish won.

  2. LegendaryAlex Film Crew

    Oblivion got a second chance and is in the quater finals. Yeah, I know...
    Gov didn't have enough players so Oblivion took their place in and some gov players joined the japanesesnipers.
  3. Manaea Platinum

    Teams were told to stay on standby during other matches in case of a clan not making it. Oblivion was the first clan to get all their members online, so that's why they were allowed to participate in the match.

    DutchSurvivor likes this.
  4. ACringyWeeb Platinum

    Wait what? Lol is that even fair
  5. LegendaryAlex Film Crew

    Yeah that's a fair tournament.
  6. Manaea Platinum


    Hey, OKS & SKN played twice as well, but I'm not hearing any complaints about that :wink:
  7. LegendaryAlex Film Crew

    Didn't even know that they played twice tbh xd.
    I knew that 2 teams did get second chances but I didn't know which one, thanks.
    The way to make a tournament fair imo is to give: nobody a second chance, every losing team a second chance, the best teams (best game stats) that lost out of every qualifier a second chance or the teams that did the most nexus damage and lost out of every qualifier.

    Better luck next tournament :/
    Goliac and LegendaryDucc like this.
  8. ACringyWeeb Platinum

    Lol the tournament is ruined, why even hype anymore :(

    EDIT: Why couldn't they just make it a 1v1v1? Also what about all the other teams that lost?
  9. G3ko44 Obsidian

    Yo why is everyone mad about the Oblv Second Chance! They won't win the tournament anyway :stuck_out_tongue: :heart:
  10. Murgatron Network Lead

    Hello everyone, I'd like to clarify some matters over Match 4 that happened the other week.

    Unfortunately we had one team that failed to show up for Match 4. Playing with 3 teams means that the team stuck in the middle is often at a disadvantage and the 2 side teams are at an advantage. This creates an unfair balance that we try to avoid to keep the games fun for all. We've seen how these 3 team matches work out and it's not usually a great experience.

    If there are only 3 teams available for a game we will usually try to fill that 4th slot to make it a fair and balanced game.

    To be clear we do not have any official guidance on what to do if a team doesn't show up. Whilst this is not the first Annihilation Tournament Shotbow has hosted this is the first one that this current admin team has hosted. We're still learning how to do things better for the next Tournament and this was an oversight on my part as the event organiser. I'm sorry about that.

    It was by happen chance that Oblivion had reached out to me on Discord the night before to ask about being a cover team in the event that a team didn't show. We were confident this was not going to be the case as we had to re-arrange Match 4 due to technical issues with Match 3 and we had confirmation from all clans about this reschedule.

    As such when only 3 teams showed up and with the clock ticking for one team due to IRL commitments I made the call for Oblivion to fill the 4th space. For future tournaments we will have a documented and stated protocol for how we handle this, again this was something that was not planned for, my bad again.

    Unfortunately there was a misunderstanding about allowing members for another clan to play for Oblivion.

    With all of this in mind I felt it would be only fair to try and reschedule match 4 again so all the original teams had a chance to compete. I messaged all 4 teams via the forums on the 28th of March to get a reschedule of the match done. I have received no reply from any team to this day.

    As such I am declaring Match 4 valid and Oblivion will proceed to the Quarter Finals.

    The reason why I've not posted anything until now was because I felt it would be inappropriate to make a statement until we had confirmation of what was happening and now we do.

    I hope this clarifies what's been going on behind the scenes and you understand my reasoning for doing so. We've made some mistakes and done our best to correct them. We'll continue to learn and get even better for the next tournament.

    All teams for the Quarter Finals have now been contacted by DM on the forums and we are now working with them on dates and times for these matches. We'll post here once match datetimes have been set.
  11. LegendaryAlex Film Crew

    I'm not sure if you are going to use community input for the next tournament but I would like to try to come with solutions.

    1. After 1 week of games, look at the stats of the games and choose 3 or 4 teams that lost even though they had better stats and did most of the work. Talk to the clans and ask them which games they would be able to attend this and next week. If that is discussed, we have those teams as subteams. Oh and MAKE IT PUBLIC. Talk on public forums so everyone sees the stats and sees that they deserve that chance. That Way nobody can call y'all biased towards a team.

    2. When they have 8 till 6 people 5 minutes after the game should've started, they are eliminated for now and they become a subteams aka a team that you can use if other games miss a clan. It's annoying for the stream and the players that are there on time with enough players if a team doesn't have enough people.

    3. If they a team has 5 or less people, 5 minutes before the tournament game has started, they are automatically eliminated from the tournament.

    4. If a team has 9 - 11 people, you can use staff IF the clan is ok with it. So always try to have staff ready, you guys have so many staff members man.

    5. NEVER give a team a second chance if they aren't a subteam.

    Hope you can consider some of these solutions.
  12. FenerHooligans Regular Member

    Dear Murgatron,

    Kaspian and Tobi played twice and we believe that it is really unfair. You could stop them. It is like that, if i lose i will try to win with other clan. If that clan lose i will try other clan etc...

    I think they should not play again in the future because they already joined the tournament as Lineage and Lineage got eliminated from the tournament.

    Whatever it is your first clan tournament (4th on SB actually) you can make mistakes. I believe next tournament will be much better and fair :) good luck to you and your helpers.
  13. ACringyWeeb Platinum

    Your response still makes it unfair
  14. Horst_Frank Regular Member

    The Quarters can be tough for Oblivion, it seem all hate them. Looks like I should not miss the stream :D
  15. TheAlmightyVance Regular Member

    This is Murgatron running it, not surprised what happened! :)
    WWII and LegendaryDucc like this.
  16. connor564 Platinum

    rip again x d
  17. ItzKaspian Platinum

    Redarding this specific incident, there are some more aspects to this, that I want to clarify.
    1. I didn't play for Lineage (Tobi did though)
    2. We were aproached by the Oblivion Leader wether we're availible. We didn't inted to play twice.
    3. We were in touch with the responsible persons, who allowed both of us to play.

    DutchSurvivor and _Swipe like this.
  18. DutchSurvivor Obsidian

    When was the last time you organised an event for the community?

    Ow wait... You... Never did?

    Please stop complaining about things you've no experience with, nor an idea of how to organize :).
  19. Goliac Silver

    You can't expect him (or anyone else) to organise an event for the community. BUT you must expect admins, especially Murgatron to host it. Not because they are staff. Because they said they're going to host one.
    Yes, there is a tournament going on, i'm obviously aware. But stuff like players playing on multiple teams or clans getting a "2nd chance" literally ruins all the fun.
    I myself won't be playing in today's match even though my clan won the last one.
    Like Alex said, better luck next tournament.
    LegendaryDucc likes this.
  20. TheAlmightyVance Regular Member

    I mean.. I'm right though... Murgatron can't do anything right?
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