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Thank you shotbow, very cool

Discussion in 'Mine Theft Auto' started by JoshTitan, Jan 6, 2019.

Thank you shotbow, very cool
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  1. JoshTitan Regular Member

    Yep, im back, with another REALLY long shotbow rant. These are surprisingly easy to write, which says something about either how shit things are atm, or just how little of a life i have ._.

    Hey guys, its angry cunt with internet access. So, my brothers account, Massive_Legend__ recently got banned for “Offensive Language”, for those who know who i am, that is such a broad reason. I made a forum post of my appeal, talking about how i wanted more context, but i never got it. Hell not a single moderator contact me with a reason, or my case. For all i know they could be banning me off someone telling them that i called virals mom a whore (which she's a sweet lady, and i would never say something like that) BUT IT COULD BE from what ive been given. Ive never been warned about my lagnuage before, so i just assumed cursing will be tolerated.

    But i assume it was me calling another player, Pufferfish pete, retarded. Now ive been warned on my use of another offensive slang word, faggot, which i now never use the word. But ive been calling people retarded ever since day one, and never was even told it that i could get banned for it. Granted, this is a temporary ban, an is just a slight inconvenience to me. But its still kinda over-kill, just give me a mute, or a warning, dont ban me off your platform. So why am I making this post? BECAUSE NOT A SINGLE MODERATOR REACHED OUT TO ME ABOUT THIS

    The only moderator who gave this the slightest bit of attention, was noobfan, and it was just because i put it in the wrong place, but your forum guide is shit, and i didnt even know that section existed (i had looked before posting my appeal to the MTA forums). But the fact that its been 5 days, and the ban has since been served, and i STILL didnt get a single word on this, is just shit. Thats like putting a criminal in jail, without a trial, not telling him exactly what he did, and then waiting his entire sentence to give him anything. That's just kidnapping at that point isn't it? Which, mods clearly know best, i have NO modding experience whatsoever, clearly. But the fact that a moderator could ban me within MINUTES of getting a report about me, but it takes them 5 days to even look at my appeal, looks to me like shotbow doesn't give a single fuck about their community. They just wanna make the server look good. Want the server to look good? Update a beloved gamemode for fucks sake. It wasn't even an MTA mod that banned me, it was some other cheeky bastard.

    This was just a retarded situation, to be given such little context for my ban and to not even get a response for my appeal. You guys clearly care so much for you players, that you won't even listen to the opposing side, you'll just take their word for it, and be like; Know what? Dont care, outta here you cunt. Oh? You made an appeal? Fuck you, dont care. Thx man! Love what you guys do. What is that exactly? Still would love to have a conversation with a mod about this, Discord Tag is:

    Yeah its a fucking essay, but that seems to be what i have to write to get ANY attention from staff. I still dunno who to talk to about this, apparently this was a big issue, as ive heard “there was a lot of screenshots with that ban”, so if its been a problem for so long, why not confront me about it? Tell me im doing something wrong, because this is a server based on GTA, arguably one of the most mature games to be made, but it apparently does not tolerate the use of certain words. But whatever, you guys made your own rules, and ill abide by them, and if im breaking them, tell me, because I will stop, like the faggot situation.

    In short: This situation tells me, nobody gives a FUCK about the community anymore, and you guys only care about making the server look as good as possible. That's my observations, it may not be true, but thats what im seeing now.

    Ranting about shotbow is such a dead topic, nobody gives a fuck to begin with. But if you wanna read it, here you go
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  2. _Silver Jr. Developer

    When MineZ's PTR update was announced, there was also an announcement about toxicity. The Staff team stated that they were going to be a lot stricter about toxic behavior/chat offenses.
    I suppose it's not so much jailing a criminal without telling them what they did, but jailing someone for breaking a new law that not everybody was told about. I mean, toxicity in the community is a pretty big problem, and I'm glad they're trying to do something about it, but this definitely wasn't handled the best. The announcement came in a very long post that was specifically about MineZ, so a lot of players weren't going to read it anyway (or if they did, they might not have made it that far into the post). How good of a method of handling toxicity this is aside, I think it's important enough that it should've gotten its own announcement, or at least been in an announcement about the network in general.
  3. noobfan Retired Staff


    I locked the last thread because it was it was in the wrong place, and you come and do the same thing again? if you wanted our attention please put it the right area.

    The account Massive_Legend__ was reasonably banned for a chat offence so there's no issue there, however it was a temp ban so there's no need for an appeal, if an appeal was created correctly for that account it would of been denied anyway due to it being a temp ban.

    We are not required to provide a full statement on why a player is banned, especially for a few days.

    If you still have an issue please Pm me instead of filling up the forums. Thanks

    Thread locked!
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