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Annihilation Ten Years of Annihilation

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Anni Team, Jul 3, 2023.

Annihilation - Ten Years of Annihilation | Page 4
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  1. Goldgorger Platinum

    Not my vid, but a funny 2015 triple nexus takedown I was in back when nexuses were bugged for a short while and had no iframes (was in there as lenny_OD).

    Sadly had not made backups of screenshots from 2014-2017, but here are some random 2018 ones I found:
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  2. KERO_applejuice Platinum

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  3. SmallSpoon Marketing Team

    One of my best memories of playing annihilation was meeting one of my good friends Pinkmoose, we would always have the same ideas when joining a game together whether it was messing around or taking the game serious. One of our favorite things to do was go enchanter on Canyon and get a power 2-3 bow and then minerush as Pyro, bowspamming the enemy mines just giggling and laughing as the enemy couldn't get close to us. The map canyon has become one of my favorite maps because of that fun little strategy we did. Back when multiple people could mine a nexus we would invis rush phase 2 and get a nexus from 75 to around 30 in just a couple seconds with high efficiency picks. Sadly I dont have any screenshots or clips of any of this but Pinkmoose has always been a friend to this day even though we started playing anni together over 7-8 years ago.
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  4. Jean7 Platinum

  5. rnksti Regular Member

    memolable memory was voided 3 diafull rushers by swap trap. destroyed our base, but it was fun! and it after toxiced by 1rusher to me.
  6. squallythewally Obsidian

    Killing the ender dragon in annihiilation

  7. Goldenovski Emerald

  8. AtarayoMizusa Regular Member

  9. PanMelonty170321 Regular Member

  10. Superhornet1 Platinum

    This one was a funny Annihilation moment for me during a playtest after they revamped wizard and Bloodmage. Classes were broken and everyone around me was "dead" but they were still moving across the ground or in a permanent damaged red state. https://imgur.com/a/0tnMoLT

    Also today I officially joined Shotbow 10 years ago.. Wow.
  11. LangScott Administrator, Specialist

    One of my favorite memories of anni is the most recent tournament, we started off with a lot of our players recently coming back to the game and no one really expected us to go very far, we lost our first game, won our second, then we won our third which many people didn't expect from us, then after winning our third game we won our quarter finals match as well. Sadly we lost in the Semi finals, but I had a good time getting to play none the less, and I'm proud we made it where we did.

    (Live stream to our quartal final match: )
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  12. StefanoGG Platinum

    Bueno de los momentos que siempre me quedaré de Anni es la época de 2015 (Tenía unos 14 años) en las que jugaba clanwars pero de las reales clanwars esas de 20 o más jugadores por equipo con los 4 nexus (que jugaba en una notebook del gobierno a unos 30fps xd). Tambien en esa época es en la que entre en TKL y conocí a un amigo que a día de hoy seguimos siendo amigos (Josue300) que nos conocimos recuerdo por qué éramos los únicos que hablaban en español en una partida de cherokee y nos agregamos a Skype y desde ahí empezamos a jugar.
    Eso es con lo que me quedo de Anni y de Shotbow, Felicidades por los 10th!!!

    Aqui unos de los Rusheos de esa época

    y uno un poco más actualizado xd
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  13. MintKirby9 Emerald


    I remember this well... My defense was too much for your team and your str pots were too much for our team. Perfect harmony in defense and offense.

    If this doesn't count towards a memory, I made a meme youtube video here:

    I remember the day anni came out, I played all night with my whole family basically, figuring out what to do as people could build in the nexus, and destroy blocks there too. Nobody had tools and nothing serious happened till all the bugs got worked out.

    I remember when people thought Iceman was underpowered when it came out till I drowned 5 full diamonds as they cried for nerfs to the "underpowered class." I got swapper traps banned then brought back, I pioneered nexus ghosting with spy. I half designed assassin and gave the idea for many other classes.

    Thank you Anni for 10 years, and many more to come!
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  14. 8EHR Platinum

    My favorite memory of anni is having made friends and enjoying late nights while the world around us was worried about Covid. This gave me a way out of reality and kept my mind busy. Since mostly everyone was at home, this allowed me to practice my craft and eventually reach Annihilator rank which had been a Goal of mine. I continue go play consistently and its still my favorite game since ive been in middle school. I am now married and live on my own but this game will definitely be a core memory of my childhood. Thank you :, )
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  15. im_404_not_found Regular Member

    I played the last game before going to bed and miraculously our team won and we finished the bosskill release as it was!
  16. Murgatron Retired Staff

    10 years. A decade of memories and of lifetime friendships made :)

    Trying to pick a single memory is neigh impossible, there are simply too many that make me still laugh and smile to this day :D

    Some of the best memories are from the early days of Anni. A lack of PvP skill along with 30FPS forced me to adopt a defensive playstyle, which I continued to enjoy throughout my years playing, along with another favourite tactic of mine - invis rushing!

    Soon I was playing for hours with friends in Team Phoenix on a daily basis. From highly strategised games, to complete goofy games. From making defensive walls out of cake to haunting enderfunaces with wizard. Dreams of what Spy and Pyro could be in the future, along with foreshadowing the prophecy of the Return of the Golems (along with the Wither!).

    Having a chance to influence and shape the development of Annihilation was an honour - the biggest 3 changes for me being the Class Update, Nexus Update and the Priority Queue.

    Hosting an Annihilation tournament and community sandbox events, such as AllvsRed, will always hold a fond place in my trips of nostaglia as well.

    I cannot deny though that my fondest memories will always be playing with SaxaphoneWalrus. From the earliest days of Anni with Team Phoenix, our Annhilation Challenges and everything else in between. Whilst we don't get many chances to play these days, I will always remember the old times with a smile :heart:
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  17. Nqmeko Silver

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  18. zebra_Cookie Localizer


    Unfortunately, I've lost most of my screenshots of playing Annihilation, so I'll show you one from when I first played this game on my current computer. I remember I didn't have a mouse when I met this game. it was really hard to kill even one enemy, but I was crazy about this game. Now I can play Annihilation with shader.
  19. Sevy13 Annihilation Co-Lead, BAC Co-Lead

    Gosh so many wonderful memories, it's impossible to name one favorite. I lost 12 years of Shotbow memories when my computer died a few years ago, but here is a video that always makes me smile. Made by one of the most gracious and inspiring people I've met playing Anni, WildWargasm, in collaboration with Team Chaos.

    "Never give up on your dreams" :heart:
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  20. sabau Platinum

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