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Annihilation Ten Years of Annihilation

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Anni Team, Jul 3, 2023.

Annihilation - Ten Years of Annihilation | Page 3
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  1. Viceroy_Vibiras Regular Member

    One memory of Annihilation I have was participating in a contest where the winner with the best art piece received a rank from someone trying to get to Obsidian. I decided to make pixel art of my favorite pokemon, Vibrava, which would be easiest to do with the materials on Canyon playing as green team. I remember scrambling to find the right lobbies and trying to get on the right team. I never ended up completing the pixel art because I would either get killed or our team would get eliminated or my laptop would overheat and shut off or I just ran out of time getting resources, but I always remember trying that while listening to Paul Saures Jr. Minecraft tutorials in the background. It was a simpler time.
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  2. Azatoi Platinum

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  3. Toscana_7090 Regular Member



    My favorite shot.
    this picture is Rush my first play.
    That time was too cool and enjoy!
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  4. FoggyDay Gold

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  5. yappascream Silver

    We built a pyramid. This stuff is memorable to me because It's fun to sometimes take a break from sweating in the game and having fun by building cool stuff.
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  6. loglpt Platinum

    This screenshot is very impressive to me. Because it was the first time I completed this difficult athletic challenge after practicing many times.
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  7. PixelatedCalvin Gold

    During pandemic I got super back into playing anni for a good 2 to 3 months and in smaller games it was cool to just do dumb things like flood mid and boxing.
  8. Ganzatron Platinum

    First off Thank you Shotbow and Staff for keeping this game going for 10 years and being a person who has played all 10 years of this games creation it will always stay in my heart. Now I wish I had screenshots or videos but since I got a new computer and my old one was water logged I dont have the memories to show. But here is my list...
    *The wall of signs to spam to get into a game(Shoutout to my Anni_08 Lobby gang)
    *Along with the signs to spam to get onto a team, with the original T shape Skybase lobby
    *Running along the bedrock walls to other teams bases and over all their defenses
    *Playing with only the 7 classic classes(might be 6, not sure about lumberjack)
    *Warrior spawning in with a stone sword(That was busted lol)
    *Gapple rushing with Bloodmage or Vampire before that was a thing
    *All vs Red (But just in normal games)
    *Clan wars with the restriction of 1 class per team
    *So much fun with Transporter
    *Invs into teams nexus and place TP behind the bookshelves and then everyone goes archer at the bottom of their stairs
    *TP trolling your teammates into a teams base or into a tree(sorry not sorry)
    *Craftiii4 XP-Giveaway (Challenges) https://shotbow.net/forum/threads/old-winners-for-xp-give-away-challenges.199558/
    *The Defense games building the mega bases, with my boi Sens:heart:(Yes I still fan boy over Sens)
    *Completing Sub 20 minute games with the multiple clans I was on
    *All Clan War Events I was apart of
    *Leaving and coming back to a new Meta every single time
    *xxsaundersxx sandboxes
    *Screenies with pigplayer
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  9. _Spectre_Cel Regular Member

    The best memory for me would be this:
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  10. WildWargasm Platinum

    Every once in a while, I check back on Shotbow to see what the latest news is. Happy to see it's the 10 year anniversary of Anni, which gave me many awesome gaming memories in the past. Time never stops ticking and lives move on, and I'm thankful for all the laughs I shared with the many players who I crossed paths with.

    Lots of memories on my YT channel, but here's one that I thought was a great throwback.
    5:54 in this video:
    This was a time when building elaborate defenses was not common. I had thought of what I was a novel idea at the time, which was making a checkered wool wall that was hidden behind a front wooden wall so people would approach the wall thinking they'd be able to break through with an axe, only to be blocked by the wool hidden behind (as no one carried shears back in the day). This video has a wall that I built with my team of random players against a rival clan at the time, Team Axis, who farmed up a God Apple to rush us at the time, and was stopped by what my group called the "Carebear Wall." Defenses have come a long way since then.

    A memory of a time with lots of active teams of players always competing, constantly evolving strategies, and new friends.
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  11. Mesm Regular Member

    As a casual player that doesn't play that much, i've enjoyed this server a lot.
    I used to play annihilation on another server that ended up dying, but gamemode was so fun that i decided to join Shotbow.
    And for the footage, back in the pandemic i managed to record an average gameplay which i enjoyed.

    the victory is on 3:34
  12. Shin_Minecraft Silver

    Rush with Strong Items

    03/03/23 Rush Movie
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  13. Bruceja Platinum

    Firstly, this event is pretty cool. It seems to have made the server a lot more active recently and it's great to see.

    My favorite memories of Annihilation hands down has to be back when Bloodmage/Succubus were absolutely broken and solo rushing was super easy without gapples. (For the record I do not want broken Bloodmage/Succubus back.) I have many video's from that era uploaded on my channel:

    ...and many more.

    I will also never forget that time I made that Andorra defense with the arrow dispensers:

    Shoutouts to all those teammates that helped me out there!
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  14. Spawky Platinum

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  15. Jarool Mini Admin

    Building the Team Chaos defence. This screenshot invokes so many memories of building defences with my clan, Team Chaos. I will always cherish those memories.

    Also, builder dropping obsidian :lmao:
  16. Hamamatsu_Farmer Platinum


    It was drawn from its base to the enemy's sight.(By Scorpio)
    Now it has been modified and it is no longer possible to go in front of the enemy in 0 seconds on foot.
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  17. DanielM78 Obsidian

    Mi momento especial en anni es de estar en top 20 de los primeros annihilators, y no solo eso en los 8 años que llevo jugando en el server, he rankeado dos cuentas mías, con un poco de ayuda claro.

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  18. Furudee Emerald

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  19. ZinkyBoy Platinum

    One of my best and funniest memories on Anni was chilling in the lobby and watching as players formed a huge caterpillar like line. I obviously joined in, and we just crept across the lobby for a good 5-10 minutes :lmao: was so random but funny

    TS: 0:01 onwards
    Link to video:
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  20. TsunekiHikari Regular Member

    My first video

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