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Annihilation Ten Years of Annihilation

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Anni Team, Jul 3, 2023.

Annihilation - Ten Years of Annihilation
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  1. Anni Team Administrator



    10th Anniversary

    How many years?
    Ten! On the 4th of July, 2013, Annihilation was opened to the public on Shotbow. Over the years, Annihilation fostered a dedicated and passionate community of players, forming clans, organizing tournaments, and sharing strategies on the forums and social media platforms.

    Annihilation's enduring popularity and continued support from the community and Shotbow staff have allowed it to thrive and celebrate its 10th anniversary as a beloved game mode within the community.

    Celebration time!
    For the next 10 days (4th-14th), come and celebrate with us on Annihilation and earn some unique limited edition rewards!

    There will be a TEN TIMES MULTIPLIER on Shotbow XP and Rank Points all day on the 4th. For the rest of the event, both multipliers will be 5x!

    All Classes Unlocked
    You will have multiple days of games with every class unlocked!
    These dates are: 4th, 7th, 8th and 9th.

    Coastal makeover? Of course!
    Anniverstal will be debuting for the duration of this event, along with the following classic maps:
    • Andorra
    • Canyon
    • Villages
    • Kingdom
    • Amazon
    • Castles
    • Skylands
    • Valleys
    Supply Drop & Nexus Cake
    During the event, Builder's Supply Drop will give you plenty of colorful blocks to add a splash of celebration to your walls. If your Nexus is destroyed, it will turn into cake! Yummy!

    Lobby XP Hunt
    Want 10,000 Shotbow XP? Collect all of the letters in the Annihilation Lobby to get your prize!
    Use /hunt to see your progress!

    Exclusive Cosmetics
    These cosmetics are limited edition. You cannot get them after this event!
    That's right, you will have the next ten days to get these unique cosmetics and they will never be given away again. You can check your progress towards each reward in Annihilation matches using /anniversary (/av).
    Here's what they are, and how you can get them:

    Nexus Break Effect (new type)
    Show your enemies no mercy as you destroy their Nexus in style. This new cosmetic type will allow you to throw confetti as you mine the Nexus.
    Requires: 10 Nexus damage to unlock.

    Cake explosion Kill Effect
    Kill in style with this explosion of cakes!
    Requires: 50 kills to unlock.

    Twinkle Sound Kill Effect
    Requires: 25 bow kills to unlock.

    Lobby Balloon
    This balloon is a cake... dripping lava?
    Requires: 10 boss kills to unlock.

    Lobby Party Parrot Pet
    This companion can change color and ride on your shoulder. What's not to love?
    Requires: 10 match wins or losses (but preferably wins, right?)

    Nostalgia Kill Effect
    Requires: Share a memory (instructions below).

    Share Your Best Memories
    To commemorate 10 years of Annihilation, we would love to hear your best memories - old or new. Did you manage to clutch a game, or just have a memorable time with friends? Tell us all about it! All answers that follow the rules will be rewarded with a custom, limited time kill effect!

    New kill effect Nostalgia will be given to everyone who shares a memory and follows the rules!

    • Submission must be one or a combination of the following:
      • Screenshot with a caption - what happened, and why it is memorable to you
      • Video with a caption - timestamp, what happened, and why it is memorable to you
      • Written story - more detailed description of what happened and why it is memorable to you
    • Stories, screenshots and videos must relate to Annihilation
    • Serious answers only
    • Do not use any inappropriate texts, images or videos
    • You may share as many memories as you'd like
      • Breaking the rules with one memory will result in disqualification
    Post the memory of your choice in this thread. Screenshots should be uploaded to Imgur, and videos to YouTube.

    You can share your memories until the end of the event on 14th of July. We will announce on Discord once all the prizes are given out.

  2. Jakuuube Platinum

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  3. littlepetfrog2 Regular Member

    One of my favorite memories playing annihilation was when I queued up alone one day and found my cousin who got me into the game on the other team. After playing, in the old format where there was no bleed, the game probably took 2~3 hours because my cousin had such good defenses and my team's offence was good but not enough. The game lasted forever and I remember we hopped in a skype call after the match and talked about the whole match in details and where laughing about it. I'm fairly certain I lost that one, but we talk about that match often.
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  4. Weseley Platinum

    The following screenshot is one of my favorite screenshots I have of Anni because this was one of the couple of Clan Wars I played back in the day.
    The teams had so much fun that we made a congo line before the game started and everyone joined! I just love that everyone joined in for some fun before the big battle started.
    So definitely a memorable moment for me!
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  5. munou_bot Media Creator

    Rocket Fireworks Kill !!
    It's fun but hard to prepare !!
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  6. RichRamp Emerald

    [IMG]def w friends
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  7. senoc44 Retired Staff

    So this one is gonna be interresting:
    Let's start of with the team i used to be part of, Phoenix:
    Only a few people are still around but a few people should recognize atleast some of these people.
    (20th, Murgatron, Saxa, Hilnue, Changyeo, Bobble,...) only to name the full admins+

    Some Random screenshots of some unique stuff from around 2014:
    Most of the stuff has long been patched and is no longer possible.
    Like the ender chest...
  8. Sens Platinum


    Good times when you could mess around and there was enough new players to fall for it all
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  9. GrimdaleZ Emerald

    Found a few old videos I uploaded.

    Now I need to find the old texture pack I used.

    My most memorable moment, probably were the 2-3 hour games where each team built up a mid base on Coastal and had OP defense. When I was in team Chaos this one game we had a defense built up, flooded base, and all coastal hills/trees were removed. You could see straight to the water from the iron mine.

    Another was probably finding people who vibed with you. Its always great when you find someone who is on the same wavelength and make it fun. This was SimplyJorge for me, though he may have rubbed others the wrong way. It was always fun.

    I miss those games where each team was full and everyone played a role.

    These newer games where people stack and dia/gapple rush are not too fun.
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  10. shajunghooon Silver

    Memorable moment was making this defense with my team. took us a long time to make it and we defended multiple rushes https://imgur.com/9aeI5nl
  11. SoCloud Platinum


    This video is special and memorable for me because it was the first video I recorded and the first rush and spawnkill I did in shotbow with my brother between 2014 and 2015. It genuinely was a turning point for me and my brother since from that day on we'll be having minecraft installed on our pcs just because of playing some matches of annihilation in shotbow :')!.
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  12. Mistri Network Lead

    Enjoy the cringe video editing :heart:

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  13. 4z Emerald

    The best part of Annihilation for me is the community. Some of my favorite screenshots are the ones I took with other players. Another memory is when I started covering up the water on Canyon's mid. As you can see by the wool colors, some enemy players thought it was cool and helped out. The last screenshot is from one of the many games on Andorra that last hours long thanks to swapper traps. I built a house for KO_KO_KO_

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  14. JanethContreras Platinum

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  15. take306 Regular Member

    This picture shows me using Immobilizer to protect my Nexus because it's durability is low.
    At the time, I thought that using the Immobilizer would keep the Nexus from being destroyed.
    However, I don't seem to realize that I am powerless against the "Diamond-Armed Horde".
    Around this time, I started thinking about how to protect the Nexus, and I still remember the beginning.
    (I am translating using Google Translate. I hope it is translated correctly!)

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  16. KAGAWAKENMINhaha Platinum

    We played AcroReturn, but no one "returned"
    owing to this block.
    We had a ball !!!
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  17. kytzero Regular Member

  18. SnowVi1liers Administrator

    My most memorable memory on Anni was way wayyy back when the meta was to place your tp in the enemy nexus, especially on Coastal just placing the tp behind the enemy bookselves and every game was a huge battle in phase 2 :lmao: the chat spammed with kill messages and my goodness warrior spawning in with a stone sword with knockback 1 was really powerful at the time. So much chaos and fun at the same time and I was 13 years old!.... I'm so old haha

    I still remember moving from Ghostcraft to Anni, wondering what all the hype was about, I right click the signs from the hub and had found an amazing gamemode, and I still am playing games to this day even when I'm older :heart:

    So many memories I could talk about, not just of the game but all the friends I've made along the way too that made playing real fun

    Amazing to see all the memories everyone has posted!!! It really bring back so many memories!! Keep them coming!! :stuck_out_tongue:

    Here was my first clan war with MUSH vs F3 the most thrilling game EVER!!

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  19. korun_YP Regular Member

    5 minutes and 13 seconds of this video is very impressive. I still remember it and tremble with fear.
    The same mistake has been repeated at least five times since then. LOL.

    YouTube :
  20. RichRamp Emerald

    Japanese New year's eve


    and some of our coolest defences


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