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Video Ten Golden Years

Discussion in 'MineZ' started by Majicou, Jun 11, 2022.

Video - Ten Golden Years
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  1. Majicou Retired Staff

    My relationship with Irishkaiser over the years have been weird, to say the least. He was probably one of the very few people who would match the passion I had for the game from the very beginning until I left - with the difference that he pressed on, for so much more time than me... Something I deeply respect him for.

    This is not something I am just expressing now, mind you. There are some things in MineZ which exist for the sole purpose of celebrating him and the Unknown [?] Trading Company given the fervent partecipation to the game: a tomb, a secret room, a sword (long lost unfortunately) and the silent recognition that Aspermont it's actually a owned base and not just a random city.

    I also personally had some very satisfying laughs over time. Over the top humor, changing his title on the forum, seeing him mad when people bought him Silver... Even if sometimes a line had to be drawn (by others) for the sake of consistency with enforcing rules I was never once anything more than amused by our interactions.

    Overall, given what you have built, and the fact you are STILL HERE, I can't help but smile. In the end you shown who the good guys are and how well proper leadership can push forward against any obstacles. I don't know how you all are doing those days but I hope you are still properly heard, just like when I was here, to make this game always better after each update - that's what I always felt after hearing your feedback

    A toast to you, Irishkaiser, and long live the company!

  2. Oraceon Obsidian

    So I guess since nobody else is going to say it, I will.

    I'm glad somebody has been able to have a good relationship with Irishkaiser, but there's a reason he's remembered as one of the most infamous and hated people that have ever touched MineZ. Not only does he have a confirmed history of doxxing people, but he also couldn't tell the difference between a videogame and real life, so he did things to people outside the game that had long and lasting consequences including but not limited to grooming minors in the community and harassing members of the community, both of which he's done on other platforms outside of MineZ and Minecraft, but also in real life. I'm surprised I had to be the one to say this. Maybe most people who remember his toxicity and how awful he was to people have moved on from the game and no longer and even look at the Shotbow website, but let's not forget that this person wasn't a hero or even a decent person. Maybe that has changed now as I haven't even heard of him being active since 2018, but let's hope toxicity like that never returns to the community.
  3. Smartzz Emerald

    Bro what LOL

    This is the dude who is blacklisted to openly admitting in a shotbow lobby to jerking off to a female community member's VSCO.

    This is the dude who literally installed spyware on people's computers.

    This is the dude who got his discord account termed for the amount of racist, homophobic, and straight up illegal shit he said.

    This is the dude who groomed minors.

    This is the dude who tried to use female player's nudes as if they were trading cards.

    This is the dude who has hit multiple people offline and doxxed numerous players.

    This is the dude who helped Mr. PI make looting bots using a custom coded hacked client.

    This is the dude who probably has done a lot more that I don't know about.

    Majicou I don't know how the hell you hold this dude in a positive light. He is undoubtely one of the worst individuals to touch MineZ and one of the worst people I've seen in the shotbow community. This post made me audibly laugh.
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  4. Ole_Byzantine Platinum

    I played MineZ around 2012-2014/5 during the peak of its popularity and I would say became very familiar with the community at the time and Irishkaiser was one of the players always on the server and while I cannot speak on what other people say about him I had a similar experience to Majicou and thought the interactions with Irish were amusing and over the top, and he was also another player who enjoyed the roleplaying aspect of the game, as for me that is all that gave the game life and without that and the players immersing themselves with the people and community such as in the way Irish and the UTC did, its just a block game with uninteresting combat and loot tables to memorize. MineZ to me is some of the best, and most memorable experiences in gaming I have ever had, and part of that reason is thanks to Irish and the UTC for the RP community that we had set up on MineZ server US 11 and then US 10, before Shotbow began cannibalizing MineZ and its servers for other projects. I have recently got back in touch with Irish and the UTC and rekindling our friendship with the history of this game has been a unique and special experience for me, as cliched as it sounds and I echo Majicou's thoughts in respecting the committment Irish has had for this community and the Company.


    I lift my drink and sing a song, for who knows if one's life is short or long Man's life is like the morning dew, past days many - future days few The melancholy our hearts beget, comes from cares I can't forget Who can unravel these sorrows of mine, I know of only one man: the God of Wine!

    Disciples dressed in blue, my heart worries for you You are the cause, of this song without pause Across the banks a deer bleats, in the wilds where it eats Honoured guests I salute, strike the drums, and play the flute

    Bright is the moonlight's sparkle; Will there be a time it can be grasped? Thoughts of you from deep inside, cannot settle, cannot subside. Friends come by the country road, the respect they paid really showed A long due reunion we fest, sharing past stories we possess!

    Stars around the moons are few; southwards the magpies flew Around a tree he circles thrice, but no resting place he spies Mountains do not despise height; Seas do not despise depth The sage pauses when guests call, so at his feet the empire does fall.
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  5. Meifot Silver

    I dunno between Irish attempting to groom underage members of Dawn Brigade back in the day and the fact that I had to explain to him that the holocaust did in fact happen, to see a post like this today really is in poor taste. The man got blacklisted for a reason, and good riddance.
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  6. ShoeCooker Regular Member

    Hey look Ma! I play the homeless person in the video! Thanks Majicou for the post.

    Also the cake was delicious, perfectly seasoned with the tears of the adversary.
  7. Von_Seckendorff Platinum

    Hi, Majicou. I'm glad to see that you're still around to celebrate this milestone with us. You were always a great friend for us to have, and I have fond memories of working and playing with you. In my six-odd years with the UTC, I've met scores of good and talented people and even a few lifelong friends among the Company and her associates, and I look forward to meeting more good people in the future, regardless of what direction we go in the UTC.

    To another ten golden years!

  8. Napoleon_1erZ Emerald

    did irishkaiser hack into majicou's forum account?
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  9. Meifot Silver

    Don't forget Irish is the kind of person that says these kinds of things. Man shouldn't be praised for anything, ever.

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  10. connor564 Platinum

    incredibly unbased take by majicou here

    stay blacklisted irish wehraboo
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