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Annihilation Team Risk | Official Recruitment Thread

Discussion in 'Clans & Teams' started by Axyy, Apr 16, 2021.

Annihilation - Team Risk | Official Recruitment Thread
  1. Axyy Obsidian


    Welcome to the official Team Risk recruitment thread. Team Risk is a semi-active Annihilation clan which was originally founded by Unicycle43 and Axyy back in 2016. Now almost 4 years later Team Risk is making it’s grand return to Shotbow, and is looking for new fresh players to get back to the top!

    ⚔️ Clan Information⚔️
    We always prefer to join Team Red
    Strictly following The Shotbow Rules is a must for our clan members
    Toxicity is disallowed while being a member of Team Risk
    All of our members should be in possession of a Discord account
    Team Risk is brought back to have fun together, we are not interested in any competitive games as of right now.

    ⚔️ Clan Roster⚔️
    Clan Founder

    Clan Veteran

    Clan Member

    New to Annihilation

    Discord Guests

    ⚔️ Recruitment⚔️
    Intrested in joining TeamRisk? Feel free to start a private conversation with me HERE.
    NOTE: You may also join our Clan as a Guest, you will still be able to join our Discord server and play with us!

    Team Risk will also be the place where we teach new players how to play Annihilation, hence the New to Annihilation role. So don't worry, your Annihilation experience doesn't matter at all, everyone is welcome!

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